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Wii Will Rock You

    Alright, so yesterday I went to the Nintendo Fusion Tour (no, not entirely for the Wii, I like PWT's, Relient K, and The Sleeping). Anyway, I got the chance to play the Wii. WarioWare, Excite Truck, and the Wii Sports' tennis game, to be exact. Before this event, I was a hardcore PS3 supporter, and an (almost) Wii hater. But now, I have to admit, I have been drug into the all-consuming awesomeness of the Nintendo Wii. I don't know what the hell happened! Whatever Nintendo is doing, it's working. The only thing I can compare it to is heroin. Once you try it, you can't stop and want more.. it's insane. I thought at first the controller was a gimmick and overall just a bad idea. Boy was I wrong.. the controller's motion sensing is unbelievable and undeniably fun. There are so many ways to use the damn thing! Hold it at your waist and jump to jump-rope on screen; hold the controller horizontally on both ends to use it as a steering wheel. It almost seems as if the possibilities are limitless. The Wii is truly "Revolution"ary.
    The point of all this? Well, finding you're s***-poor, and can't afford a PS3 makes you want to consider other options. So, I have officially conformed (for now) to Nintendo's side and am planning on camping for the Wii on the 19th. With a price tag of $250 and games priced the same as the previous gen, you can't go wrong!

Zelda being a launch title doesn't hurt either: [video=dic6kmOo5bgIujbY]

PS3 Viral Code Cracked; Reveals PS3 Goodies!

Earlier in the week, the "Play B3yond" promotional PS3 website was updated with an incredibly confusing set of clickable symbols. What they did? We had no idea. Note I say "had"
It seems somebody cracked the code, unveiling a heap of videos and exclusive wallpapers! (cool..)
Anyways, here's the code:

Clicking out any of the words shown will reveal a nice little PS3 goodie for ya!

Original story found at
A little more info can be found HERE. (Complete with descriptions of what each code unlocks..)
UPDATE: The cool viral-code is now non-existant, as Sony has apparently updated the site with some pretty neat new commercial-esque videos. Go check em' out!

Rant of the Day: KH3 on Wii/360

I'm tired, bored and pissed. So enjoy reading my opinion on the recent rumors about the Kingdom Hearts series turning multi-platform:

    Just off the top of the head, bringing KH3 to ANY other platform other than Sony's is an incredibly bad idea financially. Think about it. The KH series started on PS2, so it's only natural that Sony fans/owners know and love the series. Why bring a 3rd game to Wii or 360 when most of the owners have never played a KH game (with the exception of CoM)? It makes NO sense whatsoever. All the raging M$ fanboys calling the games "kiddy" or "childish" just goes to show how much lower the consumer percentage would be. Sure, people own multiple platforms, but sticking with Sony is the only sure way to get great sales.
    I mean, just look at the newly announced KH2 Final Mix +. Square is obviously milking the hell out of the series, and guess what? The fans buy and demand even more. It's a win-win for them. So why take a risk losing that by trying a new market, ones who have stated before that "I would never play this game cuz Zelda rox and KH looks like crap" or "pssshhh.. KH is for kiddy f@gz who like Disney, so I'll stick with Halo cuz it teh pwnzorz"(no fanboy puns intended)? That's the (multi-)million dollar question, isn't it?

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + KH (AND FFXII!) DS Game on the Way?

Although it would seem the KH team is hard at work on Vs. XII, it may not be the case. Japanese magazine "VJUMP" revealed what looks to be a KHII: Final Mix and a strange KH themed DS game. You just have to see for yourself:

Am I the ONLY one who thinks they need to just make KHIII!? Hell, the FM most likely won't hit state-side anyway.. but I would like to have a COM-esque game for my DS. :D

UPDATE: It seems DS owners will get some FFXII love in a followup of the soon-to-be-released PS2 epic. Little is known, except that you will be playing as Vaan, trying to protect your lady friend Panello. The game MAY be a prequel, as the characters look MUCH younger (yes, the two on the right of the above scan are Vaan & Panello's DS counterparts). To get a bit more info, check out IGN's ARTICLE.
There you go, dennis.. :wink:

RIP Steve Irwin.. We Will Miss You

Earlier this morning, Steve Irwin was fatally wounded by a stingray while filming a documentary. His death was sudden and very shocking to the world.

~You were the best at what you did, Steve, and you always will be.~

To get more info about this tragic event, visit HERE.

Nothing can compare to what his wife and children are going through, and we hope them all the best.

"My Videos"

Alright, I've FINALLY uploaded a few user videos.. some of them you may have seen already, but you never know. Either look to your (lower) right, or just click HERE.
Thanks! :D
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