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The Yuri Squadron Episode 98: Imaginations Run Wild

"So Leonard, why were you running into the library?" Amanda asked Leonard, who was sitting around thinking about something.

"Because I had places to go. Gotta follow my rainbow." He answered almost expectantly.

"How many times are you going to sing that?" Melanie questioned.

"As much as possible! I never tire of it."

"That's some dedication," Debora replied.

Leonard wagged his finger. "If you silly people must know why I have gone into the place of words, it's because I was checking up on my writing of ultimate....uh....need an adjective...." Leonard pulled out a dictionary and began to skim through it.  "Extravagant....ness! Yeah that's it!"

"I'd say extravagant is pretty accurate considering how wasteful Leonard tends to be with paper," Mischa commented.

"Wait...did I pick the wrong word?" Leonard replied.

Amanda gave him a hug. "There's something cute about your total obliviousness. Especially when you have a face of being utterly dumbfounded."

"Not sure if compliment, or stealthy insult..." Leonard replied upon examining the statement.

Kitty smiled at Leonard. "Don't worry, we all love you for who you are. I like that you don't try to act like a poser, even if you end up driving people away with your outlandish behavior."

"You guys suck. Now I'm becoming interested in the war on ants," Leonard said annoyed.

Leonard began to have a thought about insects becoming mutated abominations that would continue to mutate into horrible creatures. Such creatures that could potentially kill all life, or worse, their mutation begins to create the unthinkable....

"Zombies!" Leonard shouted, upon sharing his daydream with everyone else.

"Ants and....zombies? You watch too many B-flicks." Melanie replied.

"Come on now Leonard, even for you that's ridiculous," Kody replied, his face showing it. "I mean I know you are a pretty wild guy, but even you have to see how dumb that sounds. My suggestion is to think more about your own stories and not drifting your imagination to such heights. It'll show in your work if you do."

"Yeah, and then you'll write horrible stories because you can't focus on what it's supposed to be about. It happens to a lot of unfocused writers," Mischa stated. "Trust me, I've read enough of them. I prefer the guy I live with to have the ability to not make me cringe, and not be able to enjoy my own friend's writing, especially since I do enjoy reading."

"Okay....I'll try to behave," Leonard said in a defeated voice.


Well that was...interesting to see the kind of things Leonard thinks about. Although at least his friends can set him straight. Mostly. But will Leonard ever find out about the war effort? Will the ants become our new overlords? Will I stop referencing my own writing? That all depends.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007