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The Yuri Squadron Episode 96: Potential New Recruits

It was another glorious club day. Well at least for some people. Mischa was still a bit on edge about his little secret, but everyone else seemed to be enjoying the day. Kody, Leonard and Kitty were playing a game together, while Amanda had a strange look on her face while talking to Leonard.

"What on earth have you been doing in your spare time to have something like that on your mind?" She asked.

"What's on my mind? The Goddess who's a jerk, or the big tsundere snake lady that does things to me?" Leonard asked back.

"Snake lady?" Kitty asked.

"Don't even bother to decipher that Kitty, it's not something you need to know about. Leonard has just been playing...odd games."

"Odd games? Isn't that what he always does?" Kody stated.

"I don't know Kody," Leonard started. "If the liam woman who falls in love with you isn't odd, you've not seen the 8 headed liam with the freakishly long tongues."

Kody, after a quick mental image based on how he's been describing this game, thought it best to never speak of it again.

"Mischa, what are those guys talking about?" Debora asked a bit concerned about them.

"I've not been paying attention to it too much, but it sounds like something only Leonard would play. Why he'd play it is another matter entirely."

Debora quickly shivered at the thought. "He's a good guy, but he has creepy tastes. Anyway, I take it no one still knows of us."

"No not really. After Kody didn't speak of it our only hope of being able to come out with it was destroyed. So unless we say anything, it'll remain this way."

"I see," Debora replied. "By the way, who were these new members I've heard about that Kody said?"

"Oh, apprently new people got interested in what we do. They said they'd actually be here to introduce themselves sometime today. They just never stated when."

"I guess we just wait for them and see how it goes."

Mischa nodded. "I hope all is well, I kinda wouldn't mind some new people."

"Getting bored of us already?" Debora teased.

"No, although Leonard might be why we don't get new members. His interests just either don't match ours that much, or they scare others away."

"Well maybe they know Leonard. How else would they join knowing he's in this club?" She said.


So, new people are coming. And Leonard proves he's capable of being really creepy. So what will happen when these new people arrive? Will they stay, will they run away in fear? Depends on what ktulu feels like doing.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007