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The Yuri Squadron Episode 94: Potential Reveal

Leonard was at home the next morning, typing away at something he had written down. He kind felt though that something was off about Mischa, though he didn't outright say it. Mischa would occasionally glance at Leonard, only for him to turn his head away.

"What?" Mischa asked.

"Oh nothing."

Mischa slightly glared back. "Constantly looking at me is not nothing."

"What? I can't look at you?"

"It's not the fact you can't look at me. It's how frequently you are doing it."

Leonard felt stupid letting himself get caught like that, but it didn't really matter since he would have noticed pretty soon anyway. Leonard ended up giving him a half baked excuse before going right back to writing. Mischa didn't even bother to question him at this point, because he knew how stubborn Leonard was at telling the truth.

Later during the day, the club was doing all kinds of tomfoolery. Mischa and Debora however had no part in it. Mostly because they weren't sure if Kody blurted what he may have seen to everyone. Kody however seemed to be messing around with Leonard, and didn't seem like he knew anything at all. Or was this all an act?

"Kody, keep at it, I'll get behind him!" Kitty said, approaching Leonard from behind. She quickly glomped him, which caused him to almost stumble.

"Hey! No fair! I didn't say you could get reinforcements!"

Kody simply chuckled at Leonard's predicament.

Based on all this, it would seem maybe Kody really didn't know anything. But Mischa was still uneasy. Either Kody knew nothing, and he was being very paranoid, or Kody knew something and just hasn't said it out loud yet. Why he would be doing such a thing is something only he knows. If Kody did know something, he might have told everyone to share what he might have viewed as good news. Good news to them at least.

Debora whispered in Mischa's ear. "Are you still suspicious?"

"A little, but that's only because I know Kody had turned around when we were together. I don't know how long his head was turned, but he could have saw anything from us talking to each other, to us kissing. I just hope it was the former."

"I kinda do too, but we can't hide it if he saw it. It's just something we'll have to accept if he does know. Although I wish he wouldn't blurt it out to everyone."

"We can't really stop him without revealing it to everyone anyway, so we can only sit back and watch. Not like Leonard isn't already suspicious."

"He knows!?"

Mischa shook his head. "No, but he might sense I'm a little uneasy right now. Leonard may seem like he has the attention span of a small infant, but he seems to know when someone is feeling bad or upset."

"For someone who acts like a kid all the time, he sure has a lot of hidden talents."

Mischa nodded. "The problem is the fact he doesn't use too many of them because he's always acting so silly. I kinda wish he'd have some sense already."

"Eventually Leonard will grow up. It may take a long time, but sometimes people discover at some point of their lives all the dumb things they did, and realize how stupid they were. Alternatively looking at his personality, he may never have such a discovery and may act like this until he's too old to move."

"That's a bit mean."

Debora glared at him. "Coming from the guy that says he has an infant's attention span."



Leonard is currently messing around with Kitty and Kody, but does Kody actually know something? Is he waiting for the right time to spill the beans. Or is he truly oblivious to the situation? Only ktulu knows what's really going on in his head.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007