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The Yuri Squadron Episode 92: Possible Cover Blown

Mischa grew a bit worried. He wasn't sure what to do if that was really Kody or not. Although it did look like him. He was justing hoping he wouldn't ask any questions.

"Crap Mischa, what if he notices us?" Deborah asked.

"He's gonna notice us if you keep freaking out. Relax yourself."

"But we were going to keep this hidden I thought?"

"Well we can't really do that so well with Kody here now can we?"

Mischa was hoping deep down Kody didn't see them. However, luck was not on his side. Kody had glanced over and had noticed them, though he didn't make it known that he did see them. In fact he wasn't doing much of anything in response. What he was actually thinking was another matter all together. Did he know they were on a date? Or was he thinking of something else?


Meanwhile, in tomfoolery land, Amanda was trying to be as awkward as possible to Leonard. She was playing the part of one of the characters in Leonard's show, which was one of the girls who pretty much had Yuri stamped on her forehead. However, since Leonard was not a girl, this actually made him feel awkward.

"Woah Amanda, calm down there. I don't know how to react properly to this."

"But Leonard, I'm only expressing my love to you!"

"You are expressing the best way to make me feel uneasy. BACK! BACK I SAY!"

"Oh calm down. You know I'm only acting."

"Yeah sometimes I wonder." Leonard replied.


Well, Leonard is still not doing anything useful. But boy oh boy, I think Kody saw what's up. Or did he? What is going on in that brain of his? Stay tuned!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007