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The Yuri Squadron Episode 90: Strange Tastes

Leonard had taken a break from writing. His head hurt, words are annoying, and his anime was subbed so he had to watch it. Amanda, being within watching proximity, also sat through it as well. They watched the whole episode before Leonard actually began to say anything again.

"What on earth have you been watching lately Leonard?" Amanda asked confused.

"Very very strange things. Things that I may be viewed as crazy or immoral. But hey, there's yuri."

"I could tell there was yuri when she asked to have her babies, despite them both being women. And did I see some yaoi in there?"

"Between the two boys? Yeah, and the boy kinda looks like a girl so the yaoi thing almost seems like an illusion until you see a scene of him not wearing a shirt. It was actually that scene that I was 100% certain he was a boy."

"Doesn't help he's voiced by a woman." Amanda responded. "I hate that, always makes me question their gender. Especially if they are feminine looking."

"But isn't Nyaruko adorable?" Leonard said with a smile.

"Is this what's been causing you to act like a cutesy girl?"


Mischa and Debora had found a nice, but not too fancy restaurant close by, just in time too. While Debora was happy, Mischa simply hoped the people there weren't incompetent. He's had to deal with that before.

"What's with your wandering eyes? It's like you are sizing people up or something." Debora asked.

"I'm simply predicting how competent or stupid these people are. You can always tell by watching their actions."

"You don't have much luck in these places do you?" She asked.

"My track record is pretty unpredictable. You can never tell if the person you talk to is paying attention or will actually do what they're asked of in a well paced manner." He replied.

"I agree, but I like to at least make sure this isn't a total waste, even if they end up being stupid. Besides, you have me around to keep you company. Isn't that worth it?" She said with a smile.

"I suppose this situation does have it's positive side."

"You don't have to make your response sound so robotic. We're on a date after all."


Mischa and Debora are....not very lovey dovey right now, and Leonard is exposing Amanda to....what ever the hell he watches. But what are Kitty and Melanie doing? Find out next time when ktulu posts more words on his blog.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007