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The Yuri Squadron Episode 88: Please Don't Take the Yandere Route

Suzy's face quickly turned into a glare. She wasn't quite happy that someone was trying to take what was once her girlfriend away from her. Not one bit. Kitty stood behind Melanie, not sure what to do, while her true girlfriend stood against her ex still. However, her ex started to form a slight grin.

"So, you think you know everything about Kitty, right? You think you can just scoop her up just like that without any kind of worry? Without ever knowing everything you can about her and her feelings? Oh, I see exactly how this will turn out."

"What are you saying?" Melanie said.

"You have no idea what you are doing do you? Have you ever been in love with someone? Someone of your own gender?"

"In fact I have." She retorted.

"And how did that go?" She said with a smirk.

"...There were circumstances I could not prevent."

"And do you think you could also prevent them from breaking you and Kitty apart? Do you think you are prepared for everything and anything that would split you both up? And should the time comes where your decision would show if you could keep her or not, would you be able to pick the right choice?"

"S-stop this! What are you going on about? You lost Kitty yourself."

"I admit, I was foolish in my actions. But I have learned from my mistake. In fact, I've improved myself in every way. You on the other hand I doubt has done anything to improve upon your past failures." She said, still with the same smirk.

"Melanie....let's go." Kitty said, nudging her.

"I'm sorry Kitty, I know how insecure you must feel with her. I bet you both have already hit some bumpy roads along the way."

"That's none of your business!" Melanie shouted.

"Am I wrong?"

Melanie could not form any words. Because she was right, they had hit a snag once before. But they had patched it up, with no sign of them ever splitting apart. There was no way she was going to ever lose Kitty. And yet, this woman was making her paranoid. Her determination and her ability to dig under her skin was getting to her. She had to break off before she lost her composure.

"Common Kitty, we're leaving. I've had enough of this."

She grabbed Kitty by the hand and dragged her along, Suzy sitting there, grinning.

"You can go, but I'll be waiting for when you screw up. But don't worry Kitty, I won't let you fall. I'll always be here to catch you when you need me."


Leonard was still writing. He really hated stumbling over words so carelessly. It wasn't so much the spelling, rather it was words that looked similar to him. He continued to groan to himself as he grew angry. He was tired of his brain constantly telling him the wrong things.

"What's a guy to do? This is driving me so....AAAAAHHH I CAN'T TAKE IT!"


A loud thump was heard while Mischa and Debora were outside of the room.

"What was that?" She asked.

"I think Leonard just threw something. I hope it wasn't electronic. Or contained glass."

"Why do you let him have his temper tantrums?"

Mischa gave her a look as if she was out of her mind. "I'm smart enough not to stand in front of a stampede. Leonard does not think logically when he loses himself to anger. He's controlled by rage at that point. Otherwise he's a bright mind, just quick to explode."

"Anyway...." Debora said, changing the subject. "Why don't we use this time to beat it. You know, actually do something together?"

"While Leonard is focusing on his writing? I suppose we could, he's probably going to be a while."

"Then it's a date." She said with a smile.


I smell bad news, and it's not the eggs Leonard forgot to throw out. What is Kitty's ex planning? What naug- er....loving things does Debora have planned? And can someone get Leonard an aspirin? Until next time!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007