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The Yuri Squadron Episode 86: Hazard Approaching

Melanie glanced over at Kitty's ex. She wasn't quite sure why she was here, nor was she sure how they just ran into each other like this. Kitty seemed a bit worried she was around, probably because she didn't want to really talk to her at the moment. In fact, Kitty, was trying to get them both to keep moving.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. Before Kitty could get anywhere, her ex called out to her, which froze her in her tracks. She didn't make eye contact for a few seconds before she slowly turned her head. She sighed to herself before acknowledging her.

"Oh, hello..." She said a bit weakly.


Leonard was at home with Mischa still writing stuff down. Even though he was used to this sort of thing, he was wondering why he was writing so much. Leonard if often lazy, even with his own writing. By lazy, it would be Leonard's lack of keeping up with his own story. Leonard would probably write a chapter's worth of writing every 4 weeks or so. Leonard was never good at keeping up with anything unless someone actually told him to do so.

"Leonard, is there a reason you are writing? I don't think you've ever written this much."

"If you'd like to know, old buddy old pal, old friend, there is a chance I might actually get this stuff published. I heard that they were actually looking for people to submit work, and I wanted them to try out mine."

"I find it amazing you can write so well considering you don't read as much as you write. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't even read your own story."

"Hey now, I do read it. Mainly because it's mine, but you also gotta proof read all this." Leonard responded.

"Since you often confused words for other words." Mischa teased.

"Hey! That's happened like, once. I'm not that awful at writing."


I sense a train crash approaching with Kitty. And it seems Leonard is actually being productive for once. Will he publish his story? Will Kitty avoid a bad end in this slightly real life not-quite-a-dating-sim situation?

Main Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007