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The Strange Tastes of a Crazy Guy

So while I don't watch a lot of anime, and I certainly don't watch what is vastly considered some of the greatest anime (anything from Fate comes to mind simply because I'm just not interested), there are anime that I do enjoy. They might be highly overrated, hated by the fandom, or maybe on acid, but I enjoy them. And that's what's important. This won't be like my last like...two blogs mentioning my top 5 favorite anime, but more what I've been checking out.


Haiyore Nyaruko-San


If you are like me, you'd be going "Wat" at this choice. Currently booming in Japan, this is an anime about Cthulu mythos. Or at least, it's supposed to be. I think. While it does use the mythos as a basis, it doesn't seem to be a big focus. In fact after Season 1 it seems to just go into another direction, although it does keep it's source material in check just in case you might be wondering if they're going to reference anything from it again. All the characters, barring the humans (who in this shot are the characters that aren't color coded, as in silver, red, blonde and green hair), are various creatures from Cthulu (the green haired woman actually IS Cthulu. Who would have thought?) mythos. It is silly, it's not serious beyond the first couple episodes and only in the first season, but damn if I don't enjoy it. Plus it has Yuri AND Yaoi, fanservice for both sides of the fence. Talk about thinking of the fans. And, there's a loli at some point who wants the male lead's babies. Who says they don't think of everything?


Sword Art Online


"BOO, YOU SUCK! BOOOOOO!" I can almost hear you shout. But to that I say BLEH! While SAO has a very divided fanbase, I am one of those people who thought it was fantastic. In fact it's one of my favorites. I mean really, a video game turned into a literal game of survival? Some might argue Accel World does the same thing, and is a bit more favored than this one, but from what I've read (yes I've never seen it, so sue me), you just get your memory wiped. You don't die like this one, which makes it all the more tense. I think the introduction of death is what made it interesting. That and it was a video game. Some might argue the Asuna fluff thrown in is a bit forced, and I'd kinda agree, but I found it a tad cute. I will admit the Fairy Dance Arc got a little weird and more focused on Asuna than what was originally a survival game, but I still enjoyed my time anyway. I pretty much like all the characters in the anime barring the bastard in the second arc. Never have I detested someone so much before.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 


I can post this right? There's no naughty bits showing, and with GameSpot's more relaxed rules, I think this is okay. ANYWAY, this show is quite crazy. And funny. Actually it can be downright hilarious. So what happens when you are alone, people are scared of your pudding hair, and you run into a girl talking to her air friend? WHY YOU MAKE A CLUB OF COURSE! They literally make a club to get more friends, although the only people that join are also anti-social or they have no selfesteem. But hey, they themselves all become friends, so it's all good. At least until NEXT comes along and takes the anus that is your expectations for more comedy and ravages it. While the first season is really funny and the 2nd can also be funny, around the halfway point it jerks you like a leashed dog and throws you into unfamiliar territory. You'd have to watch it to fully understand it. My one question is if an air friend can shred a mean air guitar....


Ore no Imto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai


I can't stop with these images can I? Anyway, besides the long winded mouth full that is the title, it's pretty much called: "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute." And if that didn't scream incest undertones, I don't know what will. You got your typical male lead, Kyousuke Kousaka, harem hero, butt monkey, and more of a man than Pu$sy-Senpai (aka Kodaka from Boku wa). When he's not getting caught up in Eroge thanks to his little sister, he's either ignoring his childhood friend, or hitting on Kuroneko, the token loli, or Ayase, the Yandere route. Or he's getting yelled at. Or punched in the face. Who knows what the day has in store for our lady's man, but it's probably something he doesn't feel like doing. In fact I wonder why he even bothers to get out of bed. He's usually in for some sort of crap to happen. But there wouldn't be a story if he never got up every morning so, plot be damned.

Did I mention it's made by the same company as Boku wa?


Sailor Moon


Yes, I bet this came as a shocker. I have been watching and enjoying what I've seen of Sailor Moon. I decided to watch it since I've seen the dumbed down dubbed version when I was a kid. But what did I know back then? Now that I'm older and more knowledgeable of the Japanese, I wanted to see what the original actually was. To put it bluntly, it's a lot better than what we got. I honestly don't know why they shifted from Tokyo to America. That makes no sense. It's Magical Girl, but I think it's one of the best entries in the genre. In fact Sailor Moon is what got the genre super popular again to begin with, so good on them. I have not finished it, but I intend to watch every single episode of this anime, and continue on with the other season(s).


So with that, that's the new anime I've been watching. Some of it you may agree with, some may not, and some might say harsh names at me. But I don't care, because I'm not you, I'm me. If you wish to show your opinion in a well thought out manner, then do so.