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The Yuri Squadron Episode 26: Mushiness

The dance was going rather smoothly. Kody was enjoying himself, Kitty and Melaine were having fun together, and even Mischa has a little someone waiting for him. So why was Leonard on the verge of a panic attack? Leonard's heart was racing, and his breathing was erratic. Amanda took one look at him and put up one eyebrow.

"You feeling alright? I never seen someone so tough freak out."

"I-it's f-fine."

"You're stuttering, no it isn't." She said folding her arms. "You are gonna tell me what's wrong, or I'm gonna twist your arm around until you do."

"I'm bad with women!" Leonard shouted bluntly.

"...Really? I thought you were Mr. Hot Stuff? I see you flirting with some of the girls. Why is it me that you freak out over?"

"I'm fine with the flirty stuff, it's natural for a guy to be able to do that. But...the really romantic stuff is where I lose my cool. The sheer magnitude of it, the atmosphere. It hits me like a brick wall."

"You're afraid of being romantic?" She asked.

"I'm afraid of making a girl upset." Leonard would not make eye contact. His pride would not let him look at her when he said that. He had no idea what kind of face she was making, or what she was doing. He'd rather not look.

"You're a rare breed." Amanda responded.

Leonard slightly turned his head. "Excuse me?"

"Most guys I've ever seen don't give a damn about a girl. They're very judgemental, stubborn, and some are big womanizers. On top of that, some of the more dick heads treat us like dirt, and some of us are stupid enough to stay. But you don't have that air to you, I can tell simply from your confused face."

"D-don't give me too much credit. I'm sure Mischa shares my thoughts. He's a good guy, I live with him so I should know."

Amanda chuckled a bit. "I'm sure he is. But he's somewhere else, and you are right here. Why can't we just enjoy ourselves for now, hm?"

In his head Leonard was trying to kick his morale in gear again. After getting paired up with Amanda it went to rock bottom. But after her compliments, it was starting to rise again. He knew thathe just had to make the best of it. Screw everyone else, their opinion means nothing. Leonard knew never to let others cloud his way of life.

"Damn straight." Leonard said with full confidence. "Who cares what this does to my reputation, I'm awesome, I can keep any guy in his place that dares defy me, nothing is gonna stand in my way!"

"You have a reputation?" Amanda asked.

"Don't take away my moment." Leonard glances at Amanda. "So what now?"

Amanda sighed at his lack of foresight. "I wanna see how well that morale stacks. Kiss me."

"No prob- WHAT!?"

"I'm calling you out on all those words you just spouted. You said you don't care what anyone thinks of you, so get to it." Amanda said pointing at him.

Leonard was mouthing words, but all that came out was fizzled oxygen. No big words, no cocky attitude, no muscle to back him up. His friend was calling out on him, and Leonard had to defend his pride. Leonard took a deep breath, and got ready for it. Amanda wasn't going anywhere, and she wasn't going to let him get away without doing this. He leaned over to her and kissed her. For someone so unwilling, he did it for a good 15 seconds.

"Well well."

Leonard opened his eyes and looked to his left. He quickly broke away when he noticed Melanie looking at him.

Melanie smiled. "Never knew you'd fall for Amanda."

"No no no! It's not my fault! This was all her idea! Hers!" He looked over at Amanda, who's expression had not changed since before he kissed her. "Right?"

"I was just enjoying the moment. You kissed me."

Leonard's expression was now of annoyance to her. "You are an ass, you know that?"

Kitty walked up to Leonard and smiled. "I'm happy for the two of you."

Kitty made him feel a bit better. He could never be mad at her. "Thanks, I guess."

"Now you are coming with me." Amanda said snatching him up. "You got a kiss from me, so now you do what I want."

Leonard sighed. "Yes, my lady."

The Yuri Squadron Episode 24: Getting Ready

Leonard was pacing about. He was wondering what to expect at this dance. Sure it seemed the perfect way to show the club don't care about who you like, as long as you are true to each other. But he had a feeling a certain someone was going to make a scene. Leonard sighed as he began to head out.

On his way there, he ran into Kitty, who was pretty dressed up. "Hi Leonard, I was hoping to run into you. I'm a bit lost. I kinda started talking to someone and lost track of where I was going."

Leonard chuckled. "Same old Kitty. Hey, you look cute today. Trying to impress your girlfriend?"

Kitty started to turn a little red. "I-I'm just trying to look my best. There's no reason really."

"Mmm hmm. I know, you can't lie to me. Your face says it all."

Kitty lightly pounded on his head. "You big meanie!"

Amanda was elsewhere, waiting at the door to be precise. She wanted to wait for the rest to catch up first. She didn't feel like having to have everyone search for her in a crowd of people. She began to yawn while she waited.

"Common Leonard. You are supposed to be the quick one Mr. Sonic nutball. So where are you?" Amanda began tapping her foot, something Leonard did when someone wasn't going fast enough. It's a habit he acquired mainly from how Sonic reacts when you don't move him anywhere.

"You forgot the line."

Amanda bolted around to see Leonard doing a finger waggle. "There you are. Where the hell were you?"

"Directing Kitty around. You know she never pays attention. She's just lucky I ran into her or we might never see her."

"Indeed. You look pretty by the way. I like it." Amanda said with a smile.

"Well Mischa and the others will get here when they get here. If I see them I'll wave."

Just as they were about to head in, Melaniefinally showed up. "Ooooh. Kitty, you're..."

Kitty simply blushed. Amanda elbowed Leonard, who was chuckling.

"Shall we head in then?" Kitty asked Melanie. Melanie nodded as the four headed inside.

The place was filled with people. Plenty of which were probably not straight, which was perfect for the club's new formed couple to enjoy themselves. Leonard was the only one who felt awkward however, and hoped nobody decided to hit on him.

"What's wrong guy?" Amanda asked.

"Seeing all these guys who might try and flirt with me bothers me. I'm not anul like Tracy is, but I am straight, so I've no intrestin any of them. It's one of these times I wish Kody was here as my shield."

"We could tell them we're taken."

"By who?"

"I'll be your girlfriend."

Leonard raised an eyebrow. "Eh, what? Why?"

"Well it'll keep them off you if they know you're with a woman."

"I guess it could work. I know you are the most casual person in the club but man is this gonna feel weird."

"Well it's either me or no one." Amanda said.

"Fine, just make it convincing."

Amanda nodded and cuddled up to him. Leonard's pulse was becoming rather quick.

"Where the hell is Kody when I need him..."

Well this is awkward. Our four heroes have made it to the dance, but only two of them will be able to avoid being pestered. Leonard has had to settle with Amanda, which is both weird and awkward for him. And where the hell is everybody else? And does Tracy know of the event. Find out next time.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 22: The Random Episode

I'd open this episode with something clever, but I don't feel like thinking today. Leonard was playing Sonic Generations, trying to beat Planet Wisp without screwing up right at the end. Even in Colors, he thought that level reminded him too much of Eggmanland, which constantly beat his ass. Pain to play that was.

"Bulls***! I hate that f***ing buzzsaw!"

"Manners Leonard." Kitty replied. "No need to be mean to the game."

"Games don't have feelings." Amanda said.

"Still, he doesn't need to rage at the game. It's bad enough when he blows up at a normal person, but a game is meant to be fun. What happened to the fun?"

"I keep asking this generation the same thing." Leonard shot back.

Mischa hunched his shoulders. "Most gamers are ignorant these days. They prefer the games that looks more like someone s*** all over the background than a game with personality."

Melanie looked at Kitty. "What's with him?"

"Mischa doesn't like things from America. At least, not a whole lot. Most of their stuff ranges from unappealing to insulting. Very few things he enjoys, but when he does, he values it greatly."

"I would too." Leonard butted in. "Considering all the crap I have to endure I stopped watchingTV. Only thing I do now is hunt around DBZ episodes, play some Sonic, bust out my Transformers movie and DVD 1st season, or watch some Ika."

"Is...Ikathe tentacle thing?" Kitty asked.

"It's not what you think. They make ONE joke about that, but the show is very, very manageable with it's jokes. It knows when a joke is pushing it, or when it's being overdone. It has the right balance of funny and originality. And to top it off, none of the characters feel like they exist to exist. Even some of the background characters have personality."

"Not too fond they auto-tuned the opening slightly." Mischa said.

"Eh, maybe, but it was fun. Though I had to WTF that flying segment. Then I learned Ika pulls a Shadow and has bracelets that do things. The whole balance system with her makes sense from a viewer stand point, but how she can do that anyway is where science just says no."

"Anime is often unexplained." Amanda said.

"All the better. The fact her bracelets do it is good enough for me. If I was told how Goku can shoot an energy beam I'd probably not want to watch any more. It's better for the viewer to do the thinking so the show doesn't have to."

"Like how you write Unholy Crusade?" Mischa said.

"Would YOU like it for me to explain every little detail on what Danial's power suit is made of, or how Lennard slashes beams from his sword? Or how Sara got dark powers and passed it on to her children who try to kill the heroes on a daily basis? Because I ain't doing it. No one cares, they just want a good story, with some explosions. And proper explosions, not EXPLOSIONS!"

"There's a difference?" Kody asked.

"Explosions are real ones like in Godzilla. EXPLOSIONS is what Bay does."

Kitty was skimming through some of the pages in Unholy Crusade. "So why is Sirvanna half British. And why the other girl is half German? Are you appealing to someone in Europe?"

"Well Lennard is a knight, English knight. So in modern times he would be British. Since he went to the future and had a baby with Sam, Sirvanna is a British-American. As for Stephanie, her father was a German scientist travelingto America to expand his knowledge of science withother nations, and eventually during his stay, had a baby, making a German-American. It's all explained pretty well on why they are part European."

"Okay so who's the mother?" Melanie asked.

"That would be a spoiler. You'll just have to read on."

Well, nothing happened at all in that chapter. But it was about time for the Yuri Fan Club to just longe about in their club room for a change. And yes, that was Kody's only line. Will anything happen beyond this point? Will I stop plugging my stories into this? Find out next time.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 20: Joyful Couple

Twas another day in the yuri club room. Bickering, raging, gaming, and anytime Leonard wanted to be an ass. But something was up. Something never before seen, something so outrageously different, no one was used to it. I bet you are wondering what that could possibly be. I'll give you a hint: it happened last episode.

Kitty and Melanie flaunted around the club room, a whole lot happier than they normally are. Kitty was constantly playing with Melanie, occasionally getting her ears pulled out of annoyance from the constant shenanigans. Leonard was very confused. Not because they were lesbian, but because they were both his friends, and now risks having to sit through what they may bring to the club unknowingly.

Kitty smiled and hugged Leonard. "Hi Leonard. How are you doing?"

"Kitty, please. Gaming, must finish level."

Leonard was trying to ignore them via Sonic 3 & Knuckles. He didn't want to get in their business, nor did he want to know what they do together. So he played with Kody somewhat, who was controlling Tails. Kody proved useful getting those giant rings, as Leonard could use Tails to carry Sonic to a high point. It was only a matter of time before both Super and Hyper Sonic would be his.

"Tails is so cute!" Kitty said with glee. "Can I play next?"

"If it means you calm yourself somewhat, then yes." Leonard replied. All this excitement was becoming too much.

After much trial and error, trying to get Kitty to concentrate (especiallyon the required co-op on the Marble Garden Zone boss), and Kitty resting her eyes after every Special Stage color pattern had her squinting at them, they got all the way to Doomsday Zone. This however would be the end, as Tails was not usable at this point, so Kitty just watched the ending.

"Damn, that was harder than I remember." Leonard said, breathing deeply.

"Perhaps you are getting old?" Mischa said.

"HEY! I am not old. Just because I didn't do as hot as I did back when the Genesis first came out, doesn't mean I'm old."

Mischa chuckled. "Maybe not, but it does mean you suck."

Kitty and Melanie were quietly laughing, even though Leonard already heard them. He groaned at them, which caused Kitty to jump on Melanie, exclaiming "Save me" to her. This instantly caused Leonard to back off, as he was worrying this was getting a bit too intimate for the two.

"Okay, I'm going to stop before you two do something that you don't need the presence of the club for."

Kitty turned red. "HEY! I'm not that kind of girl! If you wanna insult someone, go trash on that religious brat for a while." Kitty paused for a moment. " unlady-like of me. That came out of nowhere."

"You were just being provoked by him, it happens to all of us, and causes us to flare up a bit." Melanie said with a smile. "He just doesn't usually do it to you."

"Speaking of religious gits, how will she react if she learns you two are together?" Mischa asked.

"That my friend, is the key word. IF she learns of it." Leonard replied. "All you two gotta do is play it cool when around others, especially other women who may not be attracted to the same thing, and have your relationship either in privacy, or in the club. No one gets yelled at, no one gets mocked, everyone's happy."

"Until someone wises up to what's going on." Kody said.

Leonard turned to him. "Silence! You no doubt my words, for I have the insight of a....a....uh...."

Kitty began to laugh at Leonard's inability to finish.

Leonard brings up a good point. What would happen if others outside the club learned of this new lesbian attraction? Would they mock them? Or would they cheer them? Would it get the club a bad name from naysayers, or will it garner more positive outlooks? Find out whenever ktulu decides he wants to continue on this arc, or if he wants to do something different. I haz no idea, I'm not him.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 18: Triangles, Nature's Inconvenience

Melanie couldn't believe her eyes. It was Jenny, the very same she's been trying to image Kitty as. Or was she? In fact, is she seeing Kitty as herself, or her past? The thought process was going into overdrive.

"You okay?" Jenny asked Melanie.

"Y-yeah, I'm good. It's just, so many years have passed. And I thought you were gone for good. I mean your parents were hell bent on taking you away from me because they're the uglyhomophobic head that likes to rear up."

"Well, a bit harsh, but yeah."

"I'm sorry Jenny. I guess I'm just angry at them." She replied.

"Oh I know your feelings. You always make them quite clear. That's why we were so fit for each other. You always know how others feel, so I always feel like you understand me. That is the quality of a good relationship."

"Yes...yes it is."

"Something bothering you?" Jenny asked.

Melanie just came to a very bad outcome. Jenny's back, and wants to be included in her life again. But she just kissed Kitty. Not a little peck either, but full on face nomming. She kind of expects something out of Melanie after she pulled that one.

"Oh, nothing Jenny, really. I'm just too shocked to really think."

Jenny leaned up against her. "So. Did you miss me?"

"Of course I did. I just never expected you to come back." Her voice slightly cracked.

"Getting nervous are we?"

"If only you knew....really. I just uh....need to get to my club pretty soon. Can't keep Leonard waiting, or he chews your ass out."

"Say! Why don't I join you? I've been meaning to meet any new friends you've made." She said smiling.

"Uh, sure. Why not?"

Oh boy, she really didn't want to bring her in the presence of possibly Kitty. But she couldn't deny her. She'd just have to keep her from revealing anything. That's the plan: keep Jenny too occupied to spill the beans. No one gets hurt. So she headed out with Jenny in tow, until she reached the club and opened the door.

"Did you break your leg on the way here?" Leonard said.

"Perfect timing, as always." Melanie said with a sigh. "Uh Jenny, this is Leonard, our sarcastic prick."

"I'm not always a prick just when I'm grumpy. Or when someone does something stupid."

"Hello Leonard, good to meet someone who understands and accepts my friend." She said shaking his hand.

"Sure? I guess. As long as no one hits on me I'm good. Males anyway."

"Yeah yeah, I already hit that freight train." Kody said.

"You tried to kiss me dammit! You skipped a few bases."

Jenny only chuckled. She turned her head to notice Mischa, typing something. "And what are you doing?"

"Just typing a story I thought up. I call it: The Gauntlet of Zues. It's a really fun story if you actually pay attention to it. A bit grim sometimes. And maybe a bit bloody. But still good."

"I do enjoy my side of violence." Leonard butted in.

"You like anything with killing. If you didn't like well written stories as well I'd almost not like you. Almost anyway. You got some traits that others don't."

"Like not being afraid to criticise people for retarded actions? And the fact I'm not a fanboy?"

"That's part of it yes." He looked back at Jenny. "My apologies, I got side tracked. I'm Mischa." He said shaking her hand.

"Well met. I assume the man over there is Kody, gay I presume?"

"Yeah, you're right. If Leonard didn't make it obvious."

"And this..." Melanie said, swallowing hard. " Kitty."

Oh noez. One wrong move and this goes to Hell. Can Melanie keep Jenny's mouth shut? Find out when ktulu feels like it.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 16: For Whom the Bell Tolls?

Twas another day in random land where our hero Leonard was disposing of some fools who dared question his authority, who were swiftley dealt with. Leonard was on top of everything, and everyone obeyed him. The problem? He's lost in his video games again.

"Leonard...." Kitty sighed. "Why are you always killing something in that game?"

"Hey, they attacked me first. I'm retaliating. There's no reason I should not defend my life."

"Yes but sometimes you will kill something for the fun of it. Like those poor wolves."

"They tried to eat my face." Leonard replied. "Don't go all PETA on me now, dogs are one thing. Wolves that eat you is another."

Kitty simply shrugged and walked off. She still can't quite get Leonard's pattern, or if he even has a pattern. Kitty always assumed he's like the way he is because he's got no one to "snuggle with" as she puts it. It almost kind of reminds her of her past love. But she tries not to think about what could have been. It usually only upsets her when she knows it's forever lost. Still, despite this, she tries to keep a happy face for everyone.

But Melanie...what of her? Leonard simply doesn't show anything to anyone. He's too stubborn in his own self-righteousness. Mischa doesn't seem interested in anyone either. Kody is gay so that puts him out. And she's uncertain of Amanda. That leaves Melanie, and the experience, be it short, she had with her. Of all the men and women in the club, she really felt Melanie, kind of coming on to her. Was it a mistake? The club is too smart for doing what kids do these days, so there wasn't any outside interference clouding her judgement. Which must mean that it was real.

Thousands of thoughts clouded Kitty's head. It almost gave her a headache. What is her true intentions? What will the others say? Will this all blow over?Were all theevents that have happened the past few days with Tracy actually deep down have driven her insane? Kitty is not one to try and think on such things from a massive scale, and it was a bit overwhelming. She stumbled a bit as it took it's toll on her mind.

"You okay?" Kody said turning around from watching the game.

"Yeah, I just need to....sit down." Kitty took a seat, breathing a bit deeply.

Mischa only brought up an eyebrow. He stared at her for about 10 seconds before going back to what he was doing. Amanda tried to offer assistance, but Kitty kindly brushed her off.

Melanie was looking at her from the corner of her eye, not bothering to turn around. She was thinking of something. But what?

After a few more minutes, the club began to pack up. Leonard stretched and yawned rather loudly. "Dammit. I never sleep anymore. I feel my joints are all bunched up."

"Well you buffoon, if you stopped staying up all night playing games, you wouldn't be like this." Mischa replied.

"Yeah yeah, you always say that."

"Because I'm right."

As the club members left, Kitty got ready to leave. She however couldn't go any further. Upon inspection, Melaine was holding her back. Kitty gave a confused look. "...What?"

"Kitty...please, I didn't mean to scare you, or confuse you, or even worry you. My mind was...somewhere in the past."

"Your old love?" Kitty asked, almost already knowing the answer.

" just, reminded me of her. It's just, so annoying that despite how close we were, religion is what tore us apart. It's why I have trouble accepting it when they claim it's "purity" is in all of us, or something. Obviously, that wasn't the case when they learned we were in a same-sex relationship. Rather ironic actually. It stands for love and peace to all, but it doesn't include love to those of the same gender..."

"I'm sorry you went through that pain. I'm not exactly happy either. It's almost funny how similar our situations are right now in terms of affection towards another, that complications destroyed. I'd laugh if it wasn't so depressing." A tear began forming in Kitty's eye. This entire moment was bringing a lot of sad memories back.

Suddenly, Kitty felt something warm hit her. Melanie, during Kitty's sign of depression, had planted her lips on her own. Kitty's eyes widened a bit in the sensation. After a while Melanie pulled away.

"....I'm sorry Kitty. Please don't tell the others." With that, Melanie bolted out, shock and confusion forming in both girls.

OH SNAP SON! Bet you didn't see that coming. Or maybe you did. Who cares, it happened. Now that Melanie, in her act of depression has implanted the sign of love on Kitty, what will befall everyone? Will this be forgotten as a sign of weakness she suffered from her lost love? Or will something else happen? I don't know, but only one person does. Find out next time!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 14: Dawn of Peace

The entire group had finally returned to their club. It was quite the hassle the last few days. Them getting blamed for things they didn't do. Being protested against to shut them down, and almost full on war happening. Leonard was playing a game, but his leg was still messed up. It was partially out of his stupidity, but the girls felt a little bad for him.

"You think he'll be okay?" Kitty asked.

"Relax, you asked this all the time." Amanda replied. "He's not dying, he just can't move that fast."

"You think he's not emotionally troubled? He seems agitated." Kody asked.

"I think it's because you guys keep disturbing him about it." Mischa said walking over. "He honestly does not care about himself in the way you would if you were wounded. If it didn't impede his walking, he'd never even know his bone was hurt. Leonard ignores pain, and he won't let people try and help them because his body heals fast anyway."

"I know, when I took him to the hospital, he didn't want anyone touching his leg. He said he can heal fine without any support." Amanda said. "Leonard is stubborn with assistance. He's always been a solo guy. He doesn't like it when people get so worried about his injuries. But I don't want him killing himself because he refuses medical help."

" you love him?" Kody teased.

"Shut it, or I'll break your leg. I just don't need him getting killed over something dumb. Would any of you want him dead?"

Kody shook his head, followed by Kitty, Melanie and Mischa.

"If Leonard died, who the hell am I supposed to mess with?" Mischa said. "I rely on him to entertain me, since everyone I've ever met outside this club and a few people, are dips***s. As fun as it is messing with the overly stupid, I do require an intelligent friend. Without him, I'd be living alone, bored."

"I think he's a sweet guy." Kitty said. "Overly hyper and a bit too dramatic, but he has a good heart."

"Has he done anything for you Kitty?" Kody asked.

Kitty nodded. "Some mean guys were teasing my cat ears. I mean really, they're cute. And Leonard came and shut them all up."

"He yell at them?" Amanda asked.

"No, he punched one of them. It was enough to scare the other guy because the punchee was twice Leonard's size, and he was on his back."

"Typical Leonard." Amanda sighed. "His little: 'If words don't get through their thick skull, my fist will' motto he follows. Sometimes I think he's a bit too violent, but sometimes a good wack in the head is the only way they listen."

Amanda looked at the group. "I feel we should do something for him. I mean he's always there for us. He helps us when he can, he hates anyone mean to us, hell he helped some random person in the hall who was being picked on. And he was the first guy to greet Kody, and most guys don't like to be around gays. No offense."

"Oh no, it's fine. I like being accepted for once." He responded.

"Maybe we should give him a party." Kitty suggested. "Just all of us thanking him for his noble deeds. And for being a good friend. I can get some help from some of my other friends and get some stuff together. Like decorations and food and stuff."

"What!? I heard food being mentioned." Leonard turned his head almost a split second. "Wait...are you guys messing with me again? You know I don't like being teased."

"Oh shush you, we weren't even talking about you. We were saying how much ass the food in my old school tasted like."

"Oh, right, school food. Taste like s***. I know, mine did all the time. At some point I thought it tasted like cardboard. God damn school and their in ability to cook."

Amanda chuckled a bit as he turned away. "I'm a good liar as you see. Just don't say the f word out loud. You know him."

"Got it." Kitty said with a playful wink. "I'll probably ask around once we get ready to close up."

Now ain't that sweet. They really do care about each other. If only real people could be that kind. And ZOMG peace in an episode. After that almost war I bet you'd never see it again. Will Leonard continue to shrug everything off until that fateful moment they surprise him? Find out next time.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 12: Anime Riot

And so, Leonard, with Amanda in tow, went on an epic journey to get back to the parade and assist his loyal comrades in battle. Over mountains, across deserts, through snow, and even Rebecca Black. This would be very exciting, if it were actually true. Nope, he just took a bus. How unoriginal.

Back at the parade, thing were looking a bit crazy. People who believed in true love were waging war with Tracy's goons, people who like anime in general were going at it, and even some religious people were fighting. It wasn't going to be long until crazy s*** was going to be set aflame. "Ika Musume" as she calls herself for some reason even though it's only a cosplay, really started to push it to the limit. Her tentacles, which apparently moved via mechanical device quite advanced, were moving about, constantly beating the ground near Tracy's people's feet. Those things were actually made of steel.

"How dare you decide what's best for us! We have our own free will. We get to choose who we are going to be with. It is our decision and our decision alone! If we have to, we will fight for our freedom of choice."

A crowd behind her cheered, but in the distance Mischa was getting worried.

"I sense something bad approaching if we don't calm her."

"But how? She's like the living incarnation of Ika. She's hot tempered and will not back down."Jennifer stated. "I'm afraid to get close to her with those tentacles flailing about."

Almost as if jinxed, her tentacle flung across the road and took down a street lamp. Tracy was caught in shock.

"What are those things made of?"

"Do you like them? I made them myself. Took a bit of work to get them to move by themselves via remote control, but my partner is controlling them as we speak. They are made of solid steel, as Ika's true tentacles would be insulted if they weren't super strong."

"Whoever built those must be a genius." Mischa said in the background.

Another tentacle speared forward, nearly hitting one of Tracy's people trying to approach her. "You stay back you ignorant drone. I am an all powerful squid, and a mere mortal is not going to stop me in what I believe is right! Surrender immediately!"

"No, you big fool." Tracy responded. "You see what all this, Japanese nonsense has done to you? Turned you all into beasts who destroy anything they come into contact with. Our God does not condone savagery."

"Your God caused hundreds of years of killing in the crusades you hypocrite! Innocent lives of both man, woman and child were taken. And the women spared were raped after the ordeal was over!" A voice shouted behind the anime group.

"You are saying your God allows rape of women?" Another voice blurted out.

"We women have rights you know!" A woman in the back yelled at Tracy. "If you think rape is acceptable, then maybe all the men in your group should just rape you, you heartless scum!"

Mischa could only facepalm. It was short lived once Leonard got into the scene.

"Holy s***. No pun but, what the hell?!"

"Glad you're back. WW3 is about to start."

Amanda sighed. "Why must the good stuff happen when we leave?"

Jenniferlooked at Leonard. "You have to end this! You started this incident, it's your responsibility to end it before there's violence."

A tentacle swung near Leonard, but thankfully his agility which never failed him, allowed him to lower his head from the swipe. "Damn! Those things are real!? Guess I better step in."

"Wait Leonard, let me assist you. The people need more than one perspective to truly listen. Let's work together."

"Gotcha, thanks for the assist." He said with a thumbs up and a wink.

"You've been playing Sonic Generations haven't you?"

War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Singing aside, looks like all hell has broke loose in this parade, and it's effectively Leonard's fault. Can he and Amanda find a resolve for both sides? Or will it end in blood? Who's side is truly in the right? Find out next time.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 10: Crossing You Out

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

As Leonard and the club were walking down the street, m****ive floats were seen p****ing by. It was obviously religious, considering there was one that was a m****ive cross the size of a small house. On it was random p****ages of the bible, and something about gays being bad. Leonard simply groaned at Tracy's ignorance and inability to accept others.

"There goes that...b**** again."

"My word Leonard, manners." Kitty stated.

I don't know." Amanda started. "I kinda agree with him. She only looks down on people who are like this because she feels it's betraying her faith. She doesn't consider other views, nor does she care. In short, she's an **** hole."

"Yes, but why go to extreme lengths?" Mischa pondered.

"I don't know, but we've got to end this. For Kody's sake as well." Leonard finished.

Leonard, who would be automatically targeted by Tracy's followers, did a bit of recon. He ran to a mailbox and summer salted to it, duckingbehind it.As he peeked over, he could see quite the cult behind her. He wanted a better look, and bounded to a tree. He jumped up a branch and flipped backwards while hanging, setting his feet on it and sitting on it like an eagle.

"What is he doing?" Amanda asked.

Melanie could only sigh. "I....don't know."

From his new vantage, he could spot everything. More floats were on the way, and more people. How many people are stupid enough to believe this nonsense? Leonard started to feel a bit of a tactical disadvantage. He needed reinforcements, and his friends are not enough. He quickly went into action, dropping own in front of Tracy, which spooked her.

Leonard pointed a finger at her instantly. "You heap of filth."

"Oh god...he's angry, I know it." Kody said. "This is gonna get ugly."

Leonard continued. "How dare you treat these people like you are their betters. Do you not understand the concept of comp****ion? How many times must I drill it through your skull? People who fall in love, regardless of gender, are happy. Restricting their free will in favor of your...bulls*** religion is against human nature. You have no right to decide their future."

"What did you say, heathen?" Tracy responded annoyed at his insult. "How dare you treat the Faith like it's some, ball that exists just to kick around. Or belief is our right, fool."

"But your actions are not. You may be allowed to believe in what you think is right, but you cannot force your will onto others. Others are allowed to live their lives the way they see fit, not to listen to outside influence. That is my belief. Yours is nothing more than a regiment of control over the minds of this and the next generation, just like a dictator. You are no better than politicians."

"What? You think I'm comparable with them? I carry God's will. God is not just some random person elected to be in power. God is power. He controls us all."

"I control myself."

"No, you follow your path because He wills it." She countered.

"Enough of this crap! I'm tired of you using religion to twist my words around. Does God also will it that I call him a fraud? What mercy? Has he put an end to war? Has he stopped crime? Has he given the peace of mind back, or even saved, any woman who has ever been raped by scum who need to die? The short answer is: no, he hasn't. If he had, this entire world would not need police. Nor armies, nor guns. If this truly is God's will, then I think Hell is already here. Don't you understand? Earth, IS Hell. It is Hell because we shape it to be that way. Every murder, rape, theft, and war is caused by the horrible beings that live on it. Demons are not in us, WE ARE THE DEMONS."

Amanda from afar, took a moment of p****. "My god...he's right. I've never looked at the world like he does but, I think he actually is right."

"What are you saying?" Kitty asked.

"Think about it. When we die, we go to Heaven, if we are pure. Hell is your attitude going backwards. What if Heaven and Hell isn't after death? What if our home is Hell, and death is our chance to escape?"

Mischa suddenly came to the realisation. "Of course! Do any of you believe in reincarnation?"

"I do." Kitty said, raising a hand.

"Then I think, that if we fail to enter Heaven, we are reborn in Hell once more, forced to stand trial before the torments of Earth once more."

Suddenly, the same clapping was heard again. Leonard was the person, as before, but this time a small crowd who heard him was also clapping.

"Bravo my friends, bravo. You've finall figured it all out. We do not die and go to Hell, but maybe, Hell is already here. And it will always be here, for years, maybe even thousands of years later. And humans will always be here to endure it's suffering, till time stands still."

Woah, loads of crap going on. Angry Leonard is angry, and this is the outcome? Didn't know anger made you smart. Now Leonard and his friends have liberated a few minds from the tyrant known as Tracy. But she still has quite a few followers behind her. Will they stand firm? Will they fail? Where do I come up with this stuff? Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe YOU'RE crazy. Stay tuned.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 8: I Should Care Why?

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: Ktulu007

Leonard had went to the bathroom after a quick game of Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2, which he had been playing since he awaited the release of Ultimate Tenkaichi. As he returned however, he noticed a large sum of people. Seeing his friends were still playing, probably beating on poor Kitty seeing she's not used to fighters, he went into this battle alone. Why does he think it'll turn ugly? Tracy, leader of the Cross Tards was up on a pedestal of sorts, bellowing something or other.

"You all know about the lesbian group that exists here. How they recruit innocent women to be part of their sickening twisted games, trying to turn their minds into mush so they can have their way with them. I say it isn't right. The Lord gave us different genders for a reason. He did not say we should love the same sex. Such a thing is simply a disgrace to what He intended us to be. Everyone knows that same-sex relationships are simply awful things people commit because they have been confused by these people. Well I won't stand for it. I will make sure this sickening display is wiped out. No more women will be tainted by this, 'fan club' as they say."

Suddenly, clapping could be heard in the distance. It was Leonard, slowley clapping his hands together.

"Very impressive speech. I'd say I was moved but, I'm not religious. Bit of a spike in your railroad however, because it's not a lesbian group. That would require it to be an all-woman club, which everyone knows I and a few other men go there. Also, there is a straight woman there, you just never bothered to get facts."

"You dare spit on the Lord's will?" Ezekiel stated a bit alarmed.

"You, shut it. I wasn't talking to you, so sit your ass down."

Ezekiel seemed a bitintimidated and quited up.

"Anyway, your logic and reasoning is flawed. Women don't become lesbians because people twist their brain around. They become lesbians because they find that sometimes, the one they love, is actually a woman as well. You cannot define love as anything less, than a passionate attraction to the person beside you, regardless of gender. I mean look at one of our male members. He's gay So not only is it not all lesbians, but there's a gay there as well, someone who would have no buisness being around women. So your all girl club is even more flawed."

"He's like that because he doesn't embrace what the Lord taught him. Your members have turned him into a shell of a man he once was. Your kind only corrupts and confuses our children."

"Confuses and corrupts. Pfft, you are the dictator here spouting nonsense on how everyone should be straight, even if they love the same gender. You know what, I applaud Bioware for not being a bunch of wankers who are afraid of backlash if they put in same-sex relationships. They've got balls. They obviously believe that gays and lesbians do exist in this world, they don't pretend they don't exist like every other company."

The people of the group were now starting to see Leonard's points. If being straight meant being pure, was it worth it if your true love was actually not a straight one. A woman's girlfriend could become her literal girlfriend if she truly loved her. Who cares if you can't reproduce, it's not about children. It's about the person with you.

Suddenly, a large sum of people stood behind Leonard, who was folding his arms and grinning. Tracy did not like this, and made a tactical retreat.

"Don't take this as a victory Leonard, I will return, and this time I will address this to the whole school. Be ready for it, and the shut down of your 'club'.

"You do that Tracy. I'll be here to shoot you down, every time." And with that, the legendary man walked away, through the crowd of people now behind him, to return to his friends. News of his victory will defiantly make his friends happy.

Will Leonard be able to take down Tracy so easily a second time around? Will the school consider the Yuri Fan Club a bad influence? Will Leonard ever find that special someone? Will I ever stop asking you rhetorical questions? Probably not. Stay tuned.

This story part brought to you by The Yuri Fan Club. We've got doughnuts.