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The Yuri Squadron Episode 50: The Doomsday Zone

Leonard had gotten quite far in his game. He was not going to lose. Never let the game know your fear. Although in this case that seemed kinda silly. Who's to question Leonard's logic? Debora was hovering over him, silently watching. Leonard didn't hear her at all. He was focused on the game and nothing more. Debora waved her hand in his face.

"Hey woman, do not block my vision. I am trying to achieve great glory."

"Since when is there glory in beating a video game?" Debora asked.

"When there's no health regen." Leonard answered.

"Oh, I see what you did there."

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Leonard grumbled a bit, wishing he could ignore it. Debora was going to go for it, but Leonard had already gotten up. He walked up to the door and poked his eye through the little seeing hole in the door. He could see familar faces on the other side.

"What's the password?" He asked.

"I'm gonna kick this door into your skull." Amanda said on the other side.

"You don't have to be an ass about it."

Leonard opened the door, Jennifer and Amanda both walked in. Amanda noticed the game running and sighed to herself. Leonard was always on that thing. Amanda quickly noticed Debora.

"Who's she?"

"A friend. She's hanging out I guess. Wanna join?" He asked.

"Why is that one staring at me?" Debora asked, looking at Jennifer.

"Is Mischa here?" Jennifer asked Leonard.

"Yeah, he's in the bathroom. He'll be out in a minute."

"Leonard, can I speak to you?" Amanda asked.

Leonard simply grunted and nodded. He had no idea what she wanted, or why Jennifer was here as well. He figured something happened if they both decided to show up. So Leonard was half expecting something bad. He followed her into a separate area.

"Don't be too loud in there!" Debora called out.

"Oh don't worry, you won't hear us over your own noise." He retorted.

Leonard had entered a quiet room, which was really just the kitchen area. But it was sizable and was rather quiet so, it didn't matter. Leonard walked over to the counter and leaned his back against it. He took a big sigh as Amanda walked up to him.

"Leonard, I need to ask you. Are Mischa and Debora...."

"What? Doing the horizontal mambo? I highly doubt it. Mischa is much too closed off from that and Debora, to be quite honest, is a brat. Their personality traits are far too different."

"Then does that and her are..."

"What!? No! That's absurd Amanda. I might be crazy, in fact I might be the craziest person in the club. And I might be the kind of person who would drive a flaming car into someone's window for laughs, but there is nothing in that girl, that would make me want to put her in any bed of mine. If you think we're doing that you got another thing coming."

"So you and her aren't doing anything?" Amanda asked again.

"No Amanda, I've not touched her at all. And neither has Mischa. He has zero interest in that girl."

"Oh...Jennifer thinks they might be hitting it off."

"That's because Debora took the phone and said that crap. If I'm the person who says the wrong thing at the wrong time, then Debora would certainly fill my spot if I wasn't around to do it first. She doesn't think about who's listening on the other side."

"You're right. I think we might need to fix this." Amanda stated.

"Oh of course. But uh...when you asked me if she was doing anything with Mischa you were fine, but when you asked if I was doing anything with her you seemed concerned. What's up with that?"

"Oh uh, you see Leonard, I knew the kinds of crap she put you through. And I know as a man, you would never hurt her. I just figured I'd have to punish her for abusing you again, that's all."

"Somehow I highly doubt that." Leonard replied. "But enough love gossip, we should set this right before Mischa steps in a big one."


"Um, Jennifer, nothing at all happened. I'm not sure why you find this hard to believe. We're playing a game." Mischa said.

"You two are defiantly playing a game with each other." Jennifer said, a bit angry.

"What is wrong with you? Why are you acting this way?" He asked.

A moment later, Leonard and Amanda came out of the kitchen. They both took a quick look at the situation and saw Jennifer confronting Mischa. Leonard sighed.

"Nevermind, Mischa stepped in the crap already."

"Oh hey you two," Debora said. "Glad you could join us. I see you both clean yourselves up rather fast. I'm impressed."

"We. Did. Nothing. Nothing! Notzing!" Leonard shouted. "Besides, you caused this mess. Why don't you fix it? You're the woman, you should explain your situation with him."


Damn, this defiantly went south real quick. How is this going to be resolved? And why are Debora and Leonard accusing each other of sleeping with someone? It sounds like a bad romantic comedy. Find out next time!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 48: Free Will? What Is That?

Normally around this point in time, Melanie and Kitty would be kissing, cuddling, doing something fun together, or all of the above. Sadly however, there's a bit of a thorn that got stuck in them at the last second. What is that thorn? What ruins all relationships of course: her mother. Her mother was going to finally come see her, despite her not liking the idea of being gay or a lesbian. Which was actually part of the problem, at least for her.

"So what are we going to do?" Kitty asked. "It's not like your mother accepted it overnight."

"I know that Kitty, which is why we're going to probably have a bit of a fallout. But I don't care what she says at this point. I don't care if my mother hates me for the rest of my life. She no longer cared about me once she tried to force me down a set path."

"That's mean..." Kitty said.

"But it's true. If she can't accept it, then I don't care if I never see her again."

Kitty was pondering those words. She doesn't like when people have issues with other people, and she doesn't like breaking up families either. But it seems she would have no say in the matter. It's not her mother, so it's none of her business. Kitty could only sigh and hope for the best. Preferably one that doesn't splinter relationships.

And before long, the mother in question had arrived. Melanie had already invited her in. She didn't speak for a while as she examined her surroundings. And then she saw Kitty, who smiled at waved at her. She didn't seem to respond at all. After a while, she turned to her daughter.

"Who is this exactly?" She questioned. "Is this a friend of yours?"

"Yes and no. Yes, she is a friend, but she's a bit more than that." Melanie responded.

"What does that mean?" Her mother asked.

"I'm her best friend!" Kitty said with a smile. "I'm pleased to meet you. Me and Melanie always get along fine."

While her mother smiled a bit, Melanie could only frown at Kitty. That was not what she wanted to tell her mother when she said she was more than a friend. In fact that was the perfect time to admit that they loved each other. However, Kitty's kind hearted attitude prevented her from allowing the truth to get out. So she somewhat lied.

"Oh, I didn't know how friendly everyone was here." Her mother said in response to Kitty. "I see my daughter has finally straightened up. I'm proud."

Melanie gave Kitty a death glare, implying that what she did was against what Melanie wanted. Kitty felt the death glare and quickly lost her smile. In fact there was a bit of fear in her eyes. She knew what she did, but she couldn't really take it back now. She hoped that Melanie could somehow fix this mess, even if it was Kitty's fault.


Leonard was at home playing a video game, as per usual. The game in question was Revenge of Shinobi, seeing he recently learned the makers of his favorite RPG apparently made that game as well. How he managed to get the catridge for his Genesis was quite a hassle, one he prefers not to go into. Debora was kind of looking over to see what he was doing.

"And how much was that game in this day and age?" She asked.

"Too much." Leonard replied.

"How many women did you sell yourself to?" She giggled.

"Hey! It's not like that. You know I can save money. Perhaps that's how I got?"

"Debora, please don't bother him while he's playing a game." Mischa butted in. "The last time I tried to talk to him while he was playing, he screwed up and blamed it on me."

"I knew what you were going to ask me Mischa, but you distracted me anyway, and I hit that damn red sphere. That emerald was almost mine and I screwed up."

"Yeah well it's all said and done. Stop complaining and play the damn game already, we're busy." Debora replied.

Leonard chuckled. "I bet you are."


Well this is a pickle. Melanie's mother thinks she's gone straight again, all because Kitty couldn't leave well enough alone. And what exactly are Debora and Mischa doing? Can Melanie set things right? Will Debora be a hit for tsundere fans everywhere? Will Leonard ever beat all the levels of Blue Sphere? Find out next time.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 46: Gentlemen, Take Up Arms

Leonard had to listen to Tracey blab on about random things about God, what he would have wanted, yadda yadda. Basically to him, unimportant things. But generally, that's always been his view on the subject. He glanced over at Mischa, who had his hand on his face. He looked like he'd fall asleep. Debora looked about the same, but a bit more alert.

"That's why with the student body's approval, I vote we separate ourselves from these people, so as to not confuse other generations of such an odd act of human nature."

"Son of a- HEY! THE HELL IS THIS CRAP!?" Leonard had blurted out in outrage at such an unreasonable act. "Who the hell do you think you are? Separate ourselves from those who are different? Are they god damn diseased?"

"Hey, we do not use God's name in vain." Ezekiel said in disgust.

Leonard only glared at him. "I'll use it however I damn well please. Unless you want to see how much he interfears with me, when I come over there and snap both your arms."

Amanda stood up against it as well. "We support a club that isn't just because we like it. We also support those who may not be the same as everyone else. You can love anyone, there's no rule set for who you have to love. You act like you are still in the dark ages where marriage was determined."

Ezekiel only sighed to himself. "You people are already fond of them, you wouldn't understand. This is why we have to split them apart, to avoid confusion of everyone else."

"Those are my friends you speak of." Mischa stated. "Kody, Melanie, and Kitty are all my friends, and none of them are straight. If you do this, you will be breaking us all apart just so you can be religiously correct. I will not allow this." Leonard nodded in agreement beside him.

Ezekiel shook his head. "I don't care if you agree or not, those people are a plague on society. I mean one of your members is so confused, she wears cat ears. She needs some serious help."

Suddenly, burning hatred filled Leonard. "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT HER?! I'M GONNA RIP YOUR EYES OUT OF SOCKET!" Fortuantly for Ezekiel, Mischa, Amanda and Debora had to grab Leonard to avoid him breaking his bones, among other things. Not very easy when your friend's rage causes his strength to be immense. He pulled all three of them until Debora managed to use a solid object as a support to keep him back.

Ezekiel jumped back a bit when his rampage came short to him about to climb up on the stage. Especially when he started reaching for his legs, even when he was being held. The only reason he stopped at all was because a staff member walked in after hearing the bomb go off.

"ENOUGH!" A rather tall man with a shaved head said. He looked rather intimidating, and while Leonard has never actually been affected by fear of others, he stopped out of respect. The three holding him finally let go, to which he walked up to the man.

"My good sir, surely you are not in support for such outrageous demands such as these?"

The man glanced at the two on stage for a bit before giving an answer. "I am neither in support or against what they are saying. I have always been neutral for a reason. I need to look at both sides of the story before I can pass judgment fairly."

"But sir, how can you even think of something like that? I have friends who aren't exactly straight you know. If this happens, they are taking them away from us."

The man sighed. "I said I have not made a decision yet. I know what this will mean, so you don't have to tell me again. But I ask that you not do anything that may cause sever damage to other students. I rather not have to call an ambulance, Leonard."

He knew how Leonard would fight others who did wrong to others. The only reason he was never blamed was because his actions were never out of revenge, rather to protect others. But he still rather not have a fight on his hands, especially knowing his foe would never have a chance against Leonard, who is not easily stopped once he gets going. And knowing full well Ezekiel has never fought anyone, serious injury was possible.

Leonard let out a huff. "Of course sir. But know I do not agree with this one bit."

The man glanced up at the rest of the area. "If the business is done here, I suggest you all pack up. There's nothing more that needs to be said. Is that understood?"

Everyone inside let out a unified "yes" before the man departed.


Well, things could have gotten a bit bloody there. But this is crazy. Split everyone up, like diseased animals? What is this I don't even... Find out how ktulu decides where to take this one.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 44: The Rebel Alliance

Leonard sighed to himself. He's not sure how this event was going to go. Was it going to be fine and it was all in everyone's head, or will it be probably the biggest fight waiting to happen? Leonard hoped it was a harmless thing, but deep down he knew Tracey better than that. She always tried to screw them over, though she had seem to stop bothering the club for a while. Perhaps she learned they are not easy targets. Regardless, he had to attend.

"So Mischa, how do you expect this crap to go down?"

"I kind of expect it to be something we need to rise against. I can't see Tracey letting this one slide off as normal." He responded.

"My thoughts exactly."

"The question is, how do we go about doing this?"

Leonard thought for a moment. "Well, Amanda can beat Tracey's ass. I'll hit her little buddy over the head with my Genesis. It may be an old console, but that thing is hard as hell. Ever drop this thing on your foot? They don't make em durable like this anymore."

"Maybe Debora was right about you...."


"I'm kidding Leonard."


Leonard and Mischa joined up with everyone else so they could prepare for the event. The two were still expecting something bad to happen knowing those two. There's just no way this would just be another normal outing. Still, Leonard had some slight hope it wasn't what everyone thinks it will be.

"So guys, you ready for whatever crap she's trying to pull this time?" He asked the group.

"I say we cause a scene if it is what we think it is. It'd be an attack on anyone who isn't straight. And we have quite a few members of our club who aren't." Amanda replied.

"I agree." Kitty said.

"Chances of it hitting the fan?" Mischa asked.

"I'd say quite high." Leonard replied. "This is also if we start complaining to them about it. Tracey is gonna pull random crap out of her ass to make it seem like it's justified. Then we start countering how wrong she is. From there it could go anywhere."

"I hope we don't attract any staff attention. This kind of stuff can get out of hand to the point we all get punished for it." Amanda said.

"No man can bring me down. I always am confident in my abilities to make things right, for I will not back down. Nothing can stand against me." Leonard gloated.

"I bet I could bring you down." Amanda said. "I just need to kick you."

"No time for games. I know what we must do. We can't stick around, we have to keep moving on. It's the only way we advance as humans."

"That was cheesy Leonard." Amanda replied.

Regardless, the club was about ready to head off to this event. Knowing full well what could happen, they had to meet up with the Gay-Straight Alliance to formulate a plan. Just in case things go a bit out of hand.


So, everything appears to be underway. Will this event be a normal time out, or will it be another plan of Tracey to rid herself of those who do not love the opposite gender? Also, is it obvious who the chessiest member of the group is? Find out what happens with ktulu.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 42: Brains vs Mental Instability

Twas another club day. Another day of playing video games, ranting at things, and Melanie and Kitty making out as if they were the only people there. Leonard was playing Sonic 4 for some reason. He decided he wanted to try it out for a bit. Kody was playing as Tails, but it was hard keeping up. Thankfully the new call back feature rid themselves of some of the annoyance Sonic 2 and 3 had with waiting for Tails to respawn. However, now they share lives, something Leonard wasn't counting on.

"Gah! We died! I told you we share lives. If you keep wasting them that means I'm screwed if I get killed."

"It's not my fault SEGA changed the rules." Kody replied.

"Whatever, it's about time to leave. Good thing this thing saves. Alright, I'll see you lot tomorrow, hopefully Kody is prepared now that he's memorized the stage."

As Leonard headed out, he bumped into Debora, who seemed annoyed that he ran right into her.

"Hey you bafoon, watch it! Oh, it's you Leonard."

"Is that suppose to mean something?" He asked.

"Just pay attention to where you're going. I've already heard rumors that you are dangerous enough as is without running into people."

"What bull rumors do you spout?" He said a bit demanding.

"Just the rumors that you are crazy. Maybe borderline psycho. I'm amazed you have not killed everyone in that club of yours."

"Hey hey, I may react a bit strange to certain things, but I am pretty sane. I can be just as smart as anyone, even if I do things differently."

Debora smiled at him. "Tomorrow, we shall see." With that she walked away, Leonard only watching her take her leave.

The next day, mostly everyone was in class. Kitty and Melanie were still very much together even though they weren't supposed to be according to how they were originally roomed up. Leonard was listening to lectures, twirling his pencil around his fingers, looking half asleep. Kody, Mischa, Amanda and Debora were elsewhere at this time, but he was sure to run into them sometime.

By next period, sure enough, Leonard ran into Debora again. She again had that same smirk. At this point Leonard found it a bit creepy at all the smiles she gives for no reason. He thinks she does this just to keep him on edge.

"I have some tests for you to do later in the day, something to really see if you are crazy or not."

"I'm not crazy, you evil thing. I just said I'm a bit different." Leonard said.

"Different enough to strike me out of anger? I know your aggressive tendency, you like to feel on top."

"I would never." Leonard asserted firmly.

"Really?" Debora walked slightly beside him, and within a split second, gave him a charlie horse.

Leonard staggered a bit by the sudden jolt of pain and the position he was struck, almost giving his leg out. Almost immediately he glared at her with the usual face he gives when something annoys him.

"What the hell!?"

"See what I mean?" She said. "You get angry really fast. You are far more dangerous than anyone here. No one knows when you'll snap." Debora eventually kicked him in the knee, which caused Leonard to fall back a bit.

Leonard growled a bit, his anger clearly showing now. "Son of a-" Leonard looked up at Debora, who kept smiling at him. Deep down she was slightly scared. She was putting a wager on if he'd hit her or not, just to demonstrate his stability. If he did hit her though, it was going to hurt a lot. She eyeballed his fist, her heart rate starting to climb. She looked back up to see Leonard staring her right in the face, about 3 feet from her.

However, Leonard did nothing. No matter what she did to him, it was part of his honor. He would not strike her, even his rage would not allow him to strike her. While his fist was clenched, he did not raise it.

"I may do nothing to you, but my friends will not take kindly to you being an ass. Even if I won't hit you, I can't promise none of the other girls won't for abusing me like this. All this crap for what? Just to prove I'm not like the others? So you have a reason for people to hate me? Are you trying to get back at me? Are you trying to get Mischa's attention for some reason? If anything, I think there's something wrong with you."

Debora's smile quickly faded. That little comment made her a bit unhappy. She continued to stare at him, to which he did the same. People in the background just stood there, partially out of fear of Leonard when he's actually angry. Some of them just wanted him to hit her. They continued to stare at one another until the next period shifted, prompting Leonard to walk away.

Debora stood in place, not moving at all. She just watched him leave. What she did afterwards, he doesn't know, as she went out of sight once he rounded the corner. Eventually he found Mischa. Mischa tilted his head in confusion, as he knew when Leonard was angry.

"Who did you pick a fight with this time?" He asked.

"I should say Debora wanted to fight with me."

Mischa was a bit surprised. "What? Why?"

"If I knew, I would have told you. I don't understand that woman. I don't know if she's your rival, my enemy, or just a public nuisance."

Woah....what the hell? Debora just gave Leonard a good leg beating, but Leonard's willpower was too great. He did not succumb to hurting her, like he always vowed against. But why did she do it? What was her purpose for annoying him? You will have to find out next time.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 40: Two Girls, One Room

Twas another fine day. Leonard was....sleeping. And that was about it. He didn't get much sleep since he wanted to mess with some new game he got, and never went to bed like he was supposed to. Amanda wacked the table he was on to awaken him.


"I'm sorry, what?" Amanda asked.

Leonard looked around, taking in his surroundings. "Woah. I had a dream I was being shot at. I had an M4A1 and was shooting a few guys, when all of a sudden someone throws a grenade at me. You were in it too, you were a sniper."


"Indeed yay, I love women who can handle big guns."

"....Why does that sound dirty?"

Leonard chuckled. "I don't know, where's your mind at?"

Amanda turned red and got a bit mad. "Hey! Don't do that! That's not funny."

"You are far too easy."

Mischa and Debora were in a pickle. Their next opponent had been doing rather well. It would be a great challenge to defeat them. Thankfully, Mischa was all set for victory, and Debora was not about to taint her reputation with a loss. They eagerly got to it.

"I think we can take him." Debora said. "We've been doing well thus far. As long as you don't put us in a bind I think we can manage."

"Hey, likewise for you. I don't need you saying something to put us in a bad position. Just watch what points you make and try not to make us sound contradictory."

Kitty had creeped out of her room, without anyone seeing her, and began sneaking her way to Melaine's room. She opened the door and bolted inside, shutting the door behind her with her back.

"Hey there, awfully stealthy today." She commented.

"Yeah well, I don't need anyone getting ideas of what I'm doing."

"But we're both girls. Guys get in more trouble for this kind of thing. As if they know about our relationship."

Kitty groaned. "Now you tell me."

Kitty sat on a little couch, somewhere off in the middle of the room, where a TV was stationed. She sat on it, and scooted practically on Melanie.

"Not very subtle are you?" Melanie asked Kitty, who appeared to notice she was not very good at the whole, subtle romantics when trying to get close to someone.

"I...I'm just seeing if you were getting a bit cold. This room is a bit chilly."

"But it's nowhere close to winter. It's like 80 degrees out there."

Kitty didn't say anything back. She just covered her face. She couldn't look at Melanie without becoming embarrassed and wanting to hide herself again. She's not very good at facing someone she loves with confidence. It's somewhat difficult. However, it wasn't really an issue. Melanie got in a quick kiss on the cheek before going back to watching TV.

Kitty poked her eyes out from between her fingers to look at Melanie, after feeling that kiss. Her eyes were fixated on her, unable to be moved. She removed her hands from her face and tapped Melanie on the shoulder. She turned her head around to see Kitty jump on her. Kitty had locked lips with her and could not be moved. All of Kitty's senses had gone blank, and she couldn't remove herself from what she was doing. Despite being shy, she was the one being the aggressor, perhaps from bottling it all up for so long. Melaine could do nothing but try and counter attack, which she indeed did do.

WOAH! They are going at it. Will this cause more intimate reactions? Can Mischa and Debora defeat their foe with ease? Why is Leonard such a jerk to Amanda? And why is it that dogs do weird things when there's peanut butter in their gums? Find out in the next segment.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 38: In Your Base

Leonard was yawning in the club. Apparently he did not get much sleep due to the fact he was ambushed by Mischa's dog, who decided to share it's spit with him. At least he knows how to wake him. However, Leonard's prempted nap was cut short when he heard a loud thud. He looked up and noticed Debora. But why was she here he wondered.

Debora didn't say anything. In fact she was silently staring at everyone. She glanced at Kody, Leonard, Kitty, and anyone else present within the group. Leonard however was a bit sick of all this silence. Mischa was just curious why she was here.

Leonard let out a whistle. "So, you gonna say something?"

Debora smirked. "As expected. You couldn't possibly be this good on your own. You have a little group of cheats and hackers helping you out have you not?"

Mischa glared a bit at her. "I'll have you know I don't need someone to cheat for me just to make myself look smart. Because I can be intelligent on my own. I'd advise you not accuse me or any of our members of such deeds."

"Really?" Debora asked hypothetically. "I bet I could get someone here to admit it." She walked on over to Kody, and gave him a smile. "You wouldn't lie to me would you? I know the guilt is probably gnawing at you. Especially since I find you rather cute, and I wouldn't want you dragged down with everyone else here. What do you say?"

"Firstly, I did no such thing." Kody said. "Second, if you are trying to flirt with me, you are flirting to a brick wall."

"I don't understand." Debora replied.

"He's saying he's gay Replied Leonard. "Always has been. So your femenine trickery is getting you nowhere. That's the upside of that, you aren't swayed by pretty girls."

"Was that a compliment?" Debora said, smirking again.

"Don't think I'm flirting with you either. I don't like women who bring my friends down. Now if you are done antagonizing my pals, I'd advise you beat it."

Debora smiled at Leonard, which he was confused by. "What are you going to do about it? You seem like the type who's a brute, judging by your physical appearence."

"I will not hit a girl, but I can sure send Amanda after your ass."

Debora was silent for a while. Her expression had not changed. She looked over at Mischa and grinned. "You sure have quite a strong group here. Good willpower and fighting spirit. But you will have to slip up some time, and I shall be at the top, as I always have been. I'll be keeping an eye on all of you."

Mischa's glare had not changed. "You better not be planning something against us. I don't take kindly to that."

"What, I desearve my fun too." Debora said, shrugging sarcastically.

Before she left, she turned her head one last time for a final look at Mischa and his friends, ending her glance with Leonard, who she grinned at. She then left without another word.

"Why is she staring at me?" Leonard asked once she left.

"Well it appears Mischa is her self-proclaimed foe." Melaine said. "But I have no explanation for you."

"Well, Kody isn't interested, and Mischa is her foe. Leonard is the only male left." Kitty said, with her usual smile.

"I hope you aren't insisting she likes him in some odd sadistic way." Amanda replied.

"Fear not." Leonard replied. "She is not the type of woman I could love. Not with that attitude."


PLOT! Debora has intruded upon the club and caused a bit of a ruckus. Looks like Mischa has a new friend to play with, but will he be able to defeat her? And what is Debora so interested in? Find out next time!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 36: Stairway To Heaven

The marathon was going rather great. Everyone was having a good time, playing video games or, watching stuff, or Leonard being a total hipster about that Genesis. Amanda tried playing Altered Beast with him, but got killed not very far in the game, then complained it was too hard.

"You know Amanda, Nintendo weren't the only ones with hard games. SEGA had some difficult games too."

"What ever, I still have two lives left." She responded.

"Remember when there were lives in video games? And actual health? How things have changed." Kitty said.

Leonard chuckled a bit. "Yeah, now you hide in a corner and wait until your screen stops having high blood pressure and the screen goes back to normal. It's as if you never got hurt."

"I think that's kind of stupid." Kody butted in. "That is the most cheap way to stay alive. I can understand grabbing health, but just regenerating on the fly takes away all form of danger to you. It's crap."

Leonard nodded. "Back in the day of Doom, you had to know how to dodge to stay alive. Your health wouldn't go back up. If you had 10% health for the next level you stayed that way."

"It is rather stupid." Amanda replied.

"Yeah well, I've been playing nothing but Sonic these days. He has the best health bar ever: rings. If you have rings, you are god, and if you drop them, you can always grab them again. As long as you keep grabbing one, you cannot die."

"I thought you could die if you fell off a pit or got crushed?" Kody asked.

"There's also drowning." Mischa added.

Leonard hunched his shoulders. "Recently crushing doesn't kill you anymore. Sonic Generations I got flattened a few times, but I never died. Kind of baffled me, because my instinct was telling me I was going to die."

"At least SEGA still has not forgotten about old school gaming." Kody replied.

The marathon continued for quite a while. In fact it was probably the best one they've had thus far. Mischa seemed to be enjoying himself, and he's usually the one who's emotions are hard to spot. Leonard was always having fun, but mostly when he was playing a video game. Kitty was eating a few cookies. She just loved the stuff. Melanie and Amanda were just sitting with Kody talking about the kind of questions you could only get from someone who liked the same gender. Leonard figured they bonded the best because of that reason.

Once it started to become late in the day, everyone decided that the crazy times would be coming to a close. Leonard was beat from all the crap he did. He also felt a bit sleepy for some reason. But then again, eating cookies and doing nothing but playing video games relaxed him a bit too much. Kitty had fallen asleep on Melanie's shoulder, which Leonard thought was adorable. Kody, Amanda and Mischa were just cleaning up, so Leonard figured he'd help.

"Boy Mischa, I think this one was crazier than the last."

"The fact you wasted so much energy cursing didn't surprise me." He replied to Leonard.

"Hey! Eggmanland is a pain in the ass. It can go burn in hell."

After getting everything back to normal, the club decided they have had their enjoyment, and eventually set off.


Well, it seems this marathon was wonders. Everyone enjoyed themselves, Leonard remembered the good old days of gaming, and Mischa survived having a sugar rush. What will happen next? I don't know, next part is not mine to decide.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 34: You May Commence

Leonard was juggling between crap he had to bring, and video games. The problem with Leonard is that he was always the odd ball. His video game taste was quite unique, in the sense that most others never played, or wanted to play anything he's ever enjoyed. This in turn always meant he had to find something everyone could like, which was always difficult.

Leonard was tossing games around, looking for something. "Let's see...Red Faction. Mischa doesn't like shooters. This one's too violent for Kitty...AH HA! There's my Genesis."

Leonard wiped off some dust, revealing his most favorite system in the entire planet. It may be old, but it's games were legendary. He scooped up some old Genesis games and grab the PS2 with a few him and Mischa usually play and headed out.

Leonard had finally, after a good deal of travel, made it to the club room. He got awkward looks along the way, because he was singing to himself in a light voice random songs. He was still doing it as he pushed the door open.

"Rolling around at the speed of sound. Got places to go-"

"Do you gotta follow your rainbow?" Mischa butted in.

"God damn! Don't startle me. And yes, I do."

"How many times are you going to sing that song?" He asked.

"Best. First level. Of anything. Ever."

Leonard and Mischa decided to set what they had up, so they could be ready when the others arrived. Leonard hoped someone also brought something to watch as well, as he is mostly the game provider. He had also brought some chips and everything else he said he would. Because Leonard loves that stuff, even if Kitty says it'll make him fat.

"Also brought some munneh for that pizza just so you know." Leonard said.

"Good, good. I think we're set for now." Mischa replied.

"Not without me you aren't!"

Kitty had barged in with Melanie and Amanda, who finally showed up. They brought some stuff with them as well, as well as something to watch, just as Leonard hoped. Now it was time to wait for Kody, who for some reason was taking his sweet time.

"Anyone seen Kody?" Mischa asked.

"He's probably flirting with some guy. I know him." Leonard said.

Almost on cue, Kody came rushing in. "HEY! That's not fair."

"I see you work, don't lie to me." Leonard said.

Kody sighed. "Fine. But are we all good?"

"I sure think so." Amanda replied. "And Leonard...what pile of dust did you bring?"

Leonard gasped dramatically. "You monster. How dare you insult the Genesis. It's okay Genesis, she didn't mean it."

"And you live with him?" Amanda asked Mischa.

"I find it amusing to see his reactions."

Within a few minutes, everyone had everything ready. Everything was set up, all the food had been brought over, and everyone was here. Although the fun part was trying to properly hook up an ancient 90's console to a modern TV. Leonard always hated hooking the Genesis up.


Finally, the party has started, everything is ready, and Leonard has probably raged a few times. Sounds like a good start. What shall the club do in their time together? And how badly is Kody going to be beaten by Leonard on the Genesis? Hey, he's always trying to best him at Sonic, which everyone knows is impossible. Find out next time.

This episode has been brought to you by GS, where everyone is required to bring their own bug spray.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 28: Trouble In Not Paradise

Leonard was attempting to use that big head of his, which is constantly cluttered with useless gaming info, to try and figure out a solution to Mischa's problem. Only problem was, he about collapsed under the weight of Amanda's....girlness so to say. So he didn't think he was going to be much help. But knowing Leonard, that wasn't reason enough for him to give in.

"This is sure taking you a while." Mischa said to the still thinking Leonard.

"Shhh, I'm trying to think. This isn't easy you know, women are strange beings that are flat out not what you expect of them that try to twist your will into pudding. I know, it's happened."

"Some woman got the best of you the other day?" He asked.

"Silence! Nothing happened. There were no straight people anyway."

"Lies." Mischa said. "You, Amanda and myself were there, and I know you didn't hit on me."

"SHE is the one that hit on me, so don't try and confuse me!" Of course, it was now he realised he flat out blurted that something happened between them. Leonard is not good with this kind of thing, he always seems to get twisted around due to his blunt behavior, who never likes to be accused of things and will often spill info he didn't want to spill.

"So, that's why you were grumpy." Mischa said, a slight grin.

Leonard glared back. "Quiet you, this is all her fault anyway. But we're getting sidetracked here. Just what are you trying to do, just tell her you aren't interested?"

"Yes, but the way I end up saying it makes me look like a jerk, seeing I normally like to speak my mind on situations. But this is the one person who's feelings I do care about and do not wish to hurt."

"Your behavior is better than mine. I just try to put people in their place, so I'm the ass here." Leonard stated. "Maybe you can try and comfort her a bit, let her down easy. But try not to do it too fast, kind up on it."

"Build up? I don't understand."

Leonard sighed. "Try and be nice to her, don't just crush her in one fell swoop. You gotta kind of ease the pain by not hitting her as hard."

"So, the nice guy breaking up cliche?"

"....Pretty much. Still, I may come up with something as we go along. So I may hang around when the event in question is about to pop in, just for backup in case you need it."

Mischa raised an eyebrow. "But why do I need your backup if it's my issue? Wouldn't that be a bit odd that someone is there helping me?"

"I'm moreso there to lighten the load. I'll go in first and kind of cheer her up. Once I leave, wait a few minutes, don't just walts in or it'll look set up." Leonard replied. "You gotta be sneaky when planning, you can't let anyone know you have this all planned out. I think this may work in my honest opinion."

"And if it goes up in smoke?" Mischa asked.

"Well s***....I'm not sure. Usually if my plans fail I have a backup, but this is something you can't really do that. One time deal. Screw this up and it sticks with you."

"Great..." Mischa said annoyed.

"If people didn't take risks, some of the things that exist wouldn't. Resident Evil 2 wouldn't have, since the creator wanted to scrap everything they did to start over, and it made a better game because of it."

"Anything to relate to gaming."

"Gamings fun dammit, better than watching movies these days."


The plan is set. Leonard will move in to secure, Mischa will come in later to execute. Sounds simple enough, unless something goes down. But will this actually work, and what will happen afterwards? Also, Leonard is a god damn nerd. Find out in the next part where we will see if Murphy's Law applies here.

Also as an added tidbit, Murphy's Law did apply to my story. Thank you copy paste.