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The Yuri Squadron Episode 68: Stop! Study Time!

Leonard's eyes had been recovering for a while. Amanda had to forcefully remove him from the game by grabbing his body and dragging him away. It's a good thing Amanda has always been aggressive, or handling Leonard would be near impossible. Everyone was going to meet up for a nice study session, for old times sake. Leonard hadn't been doing really anything but gaming, and dying, and Amanda thought it'd be a lot healthier for him to stop, at least for a little bit. She afterall didn't care if he won or lost, but she did care about how much time he was spending on it.

"I had the weirdest dream last night Amanda. I dreamt I was going to be eaten by toast. The only thing that saved me was Pac-Man, who came and ate them all."

"Easy there Leonard." Amanda replied. "You are suffering from too-many-video-games syndrome. You need to relax and join the others for a while. That, and you hardly spend any time with me anymore because of this damn contest."

"But it's the only thing I'm good at! You want me to spend my time in that university without winning anything?"

"You'd win something if you actually put more effort in your work." Amanda said disgruntled.

"Hey I pass. I may not be Mischa, but I pass. There's no wrong there." Leonard replied.

"That's the problem. You never try and attempt to do better, you just do enough to be like your everyday rank and file student. You don't strive to actually be someone."

"If I actually get my book published I will be someone. Someone who doesn't follow what the mainstream crowd likes, someone with more variety."

"IF, you get it published."

As the arguing continued, they came up to a nice quiet park-like area. It was sort of a park, but at the same time not exactly. It was just really tranquil. Kody was already there with Mischa and Debora, Debora was making a concerned face at the two.

"Leonard must have stepped in something today, because Amanda looks unhappy."

Mischa nodded. "As a roommate, he's a swell guy. As a boyfriend...he is a bit awkward to be around."

Leonard noticed Melaine, but no Kitty in sight. He scratched his head in confusion as he looked around. When he was about to open his mouth, Kitty flew out of a bush and scared the crap out of him.

"MAN KITTY! Gonna give me a heart attack one day." Leonard said, finally sitting down.

"Stop being such an old man." Debora said. "What kind of tough guy gets scared by a girl?"

"I've been on edge since these weird dreams I've been having. They just don't sit right with me and I can never understand them."

Kitty sat down on a chair, with a usual smile on her face. "Someone has been playing too many video games. You are gonna blow up your eyeballs if you keep staring at the TV."

"Yes mother." Leonard sarcastically replied. He too sat down after calming himself from the shock.

"He doesn't seem very motivated." Kody said.

"Don't worry, wait until the orange soda he drank kicks in." Amanda replied.

Almost as if on cue, Leonard's eyes widened up. "OKAY! I'm fired up and ready to roll! Let's do this son!"

The entire group was slightly surprised to see how quickly Leonard changed his attitude. But then again, there's something about him and caffeine that causes him to shoot like a rocket. Amanda thinks he has some sort of caffeine withdrawal, but Debora thinks she's being a bit ridiculous. Either way, the study session could finally begin, and maybe Kody could finally have some with the group. He hopes they can resume normal club activities very soon.


The study session is underway, everyone is together, and Leonard isn't acting like an old man ready to be buried. All is well right? Well as long as nothing between here and later happens to cause a problem that is. Find out what ktulu might have in store next time!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 66: In Full Force

"So Amanda, still think I'll fail horribly if they bring in a puzzle game?" Leonard asked Amanda.

"I don't know, I'll admit you did pretty well in the puzzle games you did, but you still aren't the same skill level in things like platformers and shooters. I think you need more work."

"More work would be delightful, but I don't really have the time since the next round is creeping up on me soon. I hope it's not a puzzle game, but knowing my luck it will be."

"Just gonna have to wait for your impending doom I guess." She replied.

"Thank you supportive girlfriend, you've been a big help." Leonard said patting her shoulder.


Meanwhile, with teh maths, Kitty was going to request help from Debora, seeing the last time she asked Mischa proved fruitless, as everything went over her head like a frisby. Melanie wanted to assist her in any way she could, but the formulas they had to deal with would require someone who was more favored to such a subject. Someone who wasn't going to lead her in circles was also a nice bonus.

"Does Debora hang out around Mischa and Leonard's place a lot?" Kitty asked.

"Since she became a part of our club yeah. You don't think there's something up, do you?"

Kitty smiled at Melanie. "Well, Amanda does ever since she fell in love with Leonard."

"I still can't believe that happened." Melanie said. "I mean, Leonard is all rough and tough, and Amanda is...well, kinda similar but, she's a bit more dignified about it. Leonard acts like your typical man. Gets angry, throws himself at the problem even if the solution was right there in his face."

"Don't say such mean things. Leonard is not that stupid."

"So you admit he is slightly dimwitted?"

Kitty covered her mouth. "...A little. B-but he's still smarter than all the people who were mean to me. I think Leonard is smarter than you let on, he just has trouble showing it."

"You just stick up for him because he defended you for so long."

"Well, this was before we even met you, so Leonard has always been there to keep me out of trouble. That's why he always considers me his little sister."

"I'm surprised you didn't get the hots for him." She remarked, a little jealousy in her voice.

"Oh no, we would never. Leonard knew from the start that I wasn't..."straight" as he puts it, so he respected that. Besides, he has his own lady..." Kitty kissed Melanie on the cheek. "...And I have mine."

Melanie smiled. "Alright then, let's go see if Debora can help us."


"Are those tears?" Debora said, looking at Leonard playing Tetris.

"I'd say about 5% are actually tears. The other 95% are because he hasn't closed his eyes in the past two hours." Amanda replied.

"He's been playing a video game for two hours without blinking!?"

"It's a weird trait he has that allows him to keep his eyes open, he only suffers slight irritation. He says it allows him to focus if he doesn't blink. Leonard logic, as usual."

"Leonard always makes up his own logic." Mischa said. "It's actually kinda how I grew fond of him."

"I thought you hated people that make up crap on the fly?" Debora asked.

"Oh I do, I still do. But Leonard isn't always wrong with some of the stuff he makes up. He's not the same level as you or I in terms of wits, but he can be resourceful. Although I still question his more bizarre methods. He's probably just worked up about losing to that girl that he wants to retain his pride by beating her."

A knock was heard at the door, Lina being slightly startled from her nap and barking a bit softly.

"Who goes there?" Leonard said, not even moving.

"I'll answer the door ya stump." Amanda said. "Oh, you two. Hello there." She let Kitty and Melanie in.

"Hey Debora, we could use some slight help with some maths. Wait...where's Leonard, I just heard his voice?" Melanie said.

"If you are asking about the husk on the chair, that'd be him."

Kitty was startled as she glanced over at Leonard. The intermission in the game he was playing allowed him to turn his head to see Kitty staring at him, albeit turning it a bit zombie like. After that, he turned it back to the screen.

"Right, well, shall we see what you guys are working on?" Debora asked.


Poor poor Leonard, he's destroying himself, but if that's what he wants. Hopefully Debora can explain the maths in a sense everyone can understand it. Will all this training pay off, or will it wreck Leonard in the end? Does Amanda have a zombie for a boyfriend? Actually that reminded me of that awful movie, so until next time, I need to erase my brain.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 64: Impending Doom

The tournament was going smoothly. Leonard had made sure he was in one of the top spots, although being nearly defeated in Sonic Adventure 2 really urked him. He was going to claim victory. He was going to beat everyone here. And there would be no one who would stop him.

"I shall reign supreme. This will be my legacy! I will become the ultimate being, a god among men!"

"Leonard, what the hell are you on?" Amanda said. "You are monologuingagain."

"Oh, was I? I lost myself for a while. I might need to sit down and take a rest."

"Considering, that games for today are actually over. Remember, this is a long term thing. They aren't going to do every match in one day. You are crazy if you think that."

Leonard sighed. "I guess my decision had been made for me then. Very well then, I shall accompany you back."

Leonard and Amanda both left together, as today's rounds were over. The girl in the back was watching them both, pondering something in her head. She stayed silent, but thoughts could be read on her face quite easily. She was plotting something, but what, is left to theory.

Amanda and Leonard soon joined up with Kitty, who was busy doing something.

"Ah! Brain hurting! Amanda, I thought I asked for something to ease myself, not destroy my mind."

"Oh come now Leonard, you exaggerate. You always do this. If I were any other girl I'd leave your ass for being such a stupid ass sometimes."

"Oh but you don't." Leonard said, giving her an awkward stare. "My Amanda isn't a shallow jerk now is she? She is superior, a woman that men only dream of having. The very kind that are very much a rarity."

Amanda blushed slightly. "I'd be more angry at how you act if you didn't always say such things. You may be socially awkward, but you can charm women."

"Well, except these two, but that's mainly because they aren't interested any more. Speaking of which, what are you two doing anyway?"

Kitty smiled. "We are doing formulas together. How did your match go, is it over?"

"Yep, so for today I can rest my fingers. Both rounds went by easily, as to be expected of this universities' gaming god."

"EXCEPT, you almost lost round 2. Remember that girl? How she kicked you to the curb?" Amanda said, folding her arms.

"Hey, I pretty much beat her in score. I beat everyone in that FPS, and I only lost a few matches in Sonic. That is no way beating me."

"Well you better train yourself in every genre from this point on." Melanie said, butting in. "They like to keep it random for the sake of being fair. If there's a genre you falter in, you better train yourself now. It could mean the end."

Leonard looked away in thought. "Puzzles...DAMN YOU TETRIS!"


Seems all will be quite for now in the land of gaming. But what was that girl plotting? And what will Round 3's match hold? What if Leonard finds himself in a genre he's no good at? Will he lose? Or will he pull through? Why don't you wait for the next story part instead of expecting me to tell you.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

War? In MY Video Games?


A lot of people like to play war games. Why? Why not? There's nothing wrong with playing a game involving some sort of military conflict. Some games tend to be like an arcade. Others try to be a bit more realistic about it. But what makes it such a bad thing? Sure you are killing human beings on the other side, sometimes watching your team get shot to death, or blown to pieces in front of your eyes. But the only thing that's really dying, is a code of data.

See people tend to forget that there's a line video games exist on that will never be real: it's all simulation. There's nothing real about it. It looks real. It feels real. But it just isn't real. There's bits that the designers throw in to make it seem like it could be real, but there's just something about them that hasn't fully captured what real actually is. It gives you a good understanding of what a trooper has to deal with on the field, but put a gun in the players hand and send him to war, and he'll be too scared to get off the chopper. A simulation does not amount to the real training soldiers receive.

What about the Nations it represents? Russia? America? Iraq? There's a lot of war games that simulate all those nations. All of them trying to match what really exists over there. Some of them even get someone from that country to tell them exactly how they work, thus adding knowledge they may have never known before. But in the end, it's still a bunch of 1's and 0's.

What people don't seem to get, is that no matter how realistic, violent, or even unsettling a war game might be, there's nothing real about it. Sure it COULD actually happen, but I doubt anyone wishes for any of the tragedies that happen in these games to actually happen in reality. Most of the time if you die, you are greeting by a screen that usually tells you to restart the mission. I'm pretty sure real life army doesn't have continues.

So no matter how you look at it, there's really no reason that people should feel disturbed, horrified, or even offended by these games, because none of them are real. The game developers don't wish to offend anyone, nor do they wish anything that happens to occur in real life. It's all a simple form of entertainment. It can be both fun, and educational, so there's no wrong to be had in these games anyway.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 62:

"Hey Amanda, I needs the help of helpingness."

"What is it Leonard?"

"I require you to take control of Tails and fly me up somewhere. I want that secret ring."

And so, another day begins with our heroes. Leonard is on the games, as usual, though he's managed to drag Amanda into his gaming spree as well. This may be something to dread later. But getting rings wasn't the only reason he was playing. There was an upcoming tournament for video games, mainly because people tend to walk by the club door and seeing himself, or the group playing something. Unfortunately, they never realize that beyond a few fighting games and platformers, it's usually an RPG. The tournament would consist of players constantly switching genres and competing with each other in a span of a week. What was today's genre?

"I have to play them in an FPS." Leonard said.

"Oh joy," Mischa said sarcastically. "I would have joined myself, but knowing there's an FPS in there turned me away from it."

"I'd play, but I'd probably lose." Kitty said.

"What are you guys, all sissies? Am I really going to be the only one trying to beat everyone else?" Leonard replied.

Deborah sighed. "You do realize that'd just mean you'd have to actually beat us first before you could even complete your victory. And the off chance one of us wins against you means it'd be all for naught."

"Hmmmm. You're right. Very well, I shall do it alone!" Leonard said with confidence.

A few days later, at the start of Monday, it had begun. It was certainly a shooter, and everyone had to beat the others in terms of kills. The fan club was watching from a distance as Leonard was killing most of them, being too good for his own good sometimes. In fact beyond a few others, Leonard was so into it, he was spouting random taunts and threats at his foes.

"This is why we only play the games we play. Put him in a shooter and Leonard loses his mind." Deborah replied.

Amanda sighed. "It's not just because he gets to kill people. A lot of RPG's have that content from the start. It's the fact he loves guns, so it begins to fill him with a....sadistic joy you could say."

"That can't be healthy." Kody said.

"Leonard scares me when he's like this." Kitty said.

"Don't worry. Leonard would never hurt any of us, no matter how insane he is right now." Melanie said with a smile. "Remember, it's just a game, and he himself says that media blaming video games is a load of crap."

Eventually, as the club talked with eachother, the first match was done. Leonard came on top with 20 kills more than the 2nd place player. Tomorrow's match will be decided overnight.


Wow, a tournament right out of the blue. And Leonard has already won the first round. Will all his rounds go this easy, or is someone waiting to take him down? I bet this will be interesting.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 60: Celebrate Good Times

Victory! Thine enemy hast been defeated. With the church in full retreat, the fan club has little left to worry about. But now that everything has died down, Kitty wants to try her idea out. The club members were all being assaulted by Kitty, who constantly wanted to put her plan into motion. After a lot of determination, they eventually agreed to what they originally thought might not work on Deborah.

"I don't know about this." Leonard said, as he was setting things up.

"Yeah, Deborah seems to be a stick in the mud, and she doesn't generally like us." Amanda added.

"Don't say mean things. She's just not in the loop we're all in. She doesn't have any connection to any of us. You shouldn't judge her for that." Kitty defended.

Leonard simply hunched his shoulders and continued with his task. Mischa was the only one not setting anything up, but that was mainly because he was supposed to be the bait to get her over there.

Mischa was busy doing just that was they were walking along.

"Say Deborah, why were you just roaming the halls like you lost something?" Mischa asked.

"I was trying to find you."

"Why?" He asked confused.

"Because everyone else are buffoons. I needed to find you, or else I'd go crazy trying to interact with them. You've heard of people going crazy because there's no one they can socialize with, right?"

"Yes I know Deborah, but I think that's your own fault honestly."

At this point he realised he was supposed to bait Deborah, not degrade her. That would only annoy her when she arrived, so he quickly changed the subject.

"I hear something happened over at the fan club."

"Your club?" She asked.

"Yeah," he answered. "But I don't know what happened, so I'm not sure if I should be happy or worried. I need to check this out, but I wouldn't mind you coming with."

"I might as well, there's nothing more for me to do otherwise." She quickly tagged along.

As Deborah was the first person to enter, she was quickly bombarded by shouting, when the club suddenly surprised her. She looked around a bit dumbfounded, as if she wasn't sure what to do.

"But, you people barely know me. Why do this?"

"Because, having more friends is better than having more enemies." Kitty said.

"Especially with me." Kody added. "If it wasn't for you guys, I don't think I'd ever stop getting picked on."

"It was Kitty's idea mainly." Melanie stated. "She wanted to throw you a party so she can be friends with you, as well as the rest of us."

Deborah looked around, still a bit unsure. It took a look from Mischa, which pretty much read to just accept it, before she decided to go along with it, and perhaps enjoy it.


Well well well, it seems Kitty's plan wasn't so bad afterall. Although will this cause Deborah to be closer to the club, and not be so solitary? Who knows.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 58: Til All Are One

It was time for battle. All that the Yuri Fan Club believed in right now, was being attacked in the highest form. This was nothing like what they've had to deal with in the past. No, this was much bigger than anything. Leonard was prepared for war. The rest of the club were also getting ready for the swarm of people that would certainly not back down. He only hoped that everyone that wasn't in the fan club was smart enough not to believe the Church's ways. But then again, most people are easily swayed by lies.

"You done yet Amanda?" Leonard asked.

"Hang on hang on. I still need the right shade of blue for Optimus' eyes."

"Robots have eyes?" Kitty asked.

"Of course they have eyes. How else are they going to see?" Leonard responded.

"Don't mind Leonard Kitty. He gets a bit oversensitive when someone mistreats a robot in some way. He defends them like we try to defend LGBT rights." Amanda responded, giving a slight glance at him, as if waiting for a reaction.

"Hey, robots are people too. Just because they are made of metal doesn't mean they can be abused."

As they were finishing, Mischa and Debora were dialing numbers as fast as possible, trying to get any support they could. They were trying to en mass the amount of students who weren't stupid enough to fall for the Baptist Chuch's lies. Anyone who decided to follow them were, as Leonard, or even Debora would say: enemies. The fan club was taking no chances with people who weren't going to be loyal to the case.

"You think we got enough people?" Mischa asked Debora.

"I think so, let me call one more group just to be safe." She responded.

"I certainly hope the students here know better than to listen to their words as factual. There's no reason behind hating someone just because they didn't follow the same path they did."

"I know Mischa, that's the reason we are doing this. Even I don't agree with this. This hate campaign will never stop until the last hateful person who follows these ways dies. They will never cease picking on everyone else, but we can at least slow it down."

"Dies Debora? Have you been listening to Leonard?" He asked her.

"Despite what I think of your friend, he did have a point with that at least, even if it sounds unreasonable. The only way the Church will stop hating everyone, is if any and all the haters just suddenly died, which won't ever happen so, all we can do is make sure they don't infect everyone else. There's just no way to stop their growth, you can only slow their progress."

"You treat them like a virus." Mischa said.

"They might as well be. Their lies infect others, and their infectees infect even more people, and then it just spreads and grows uncontrollably. A web of lies can grow just as fast as any virus."

"Just make sure you always know who's side you are fighting for." He responded.

"Oh don't worry, I'm too smart for that."

As Debora and Mischa finished their calls, groups of students were already starting to form against the fan club's mortal foe. Signs were being put up against the Church, as well as groups of people grouping around where the Church was coming from.


Seems the fan club did have allies. But how many of them have not answered their call, or worse, are on the side of the Church? You will have to find out when ktulu gets back to you.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 56: Bonds

During the weekend, Leonard was playing a new sort of game, a game that parodied the very systems he plays. It got his attention for the fact that there was not another game like it. Only the truest gamers would understand all the jokes they throw around. And of course, Leonard was a gigantic nerd. Mischa was watching him in the background, trying to understand what that game's story was about.

"You said this game had Yuri?" He asked.

Leonard nodded. "It's actually what shocks one of the characters into their transformation, since they couldn't do it before. Not sure why but, whatever works."

However, the game time would come and go when the weekend ended and everyone was back in the club. Except for Leonard, who was late because he got his foot stuck in a locker. No one knows how his foot got in there, but no one dared questioned him about it, as it was probably a fit of rage that got it in there. Or just dumb luck. What ever it was, Leonard walked into the club room, brushing off metal shards off his shoe.

"I am so lucky these shoes are thick, or my toes would have been chopped up."

Mischa raised an eyebrow. "Why does your foot look like you stepped into a claymore mine? What's with the shrapnel?"

"It's a long story, one which I do not care to relive. Let's just pretend I was at war, mainly because it helps my image."

"You and your image." Amanda said. "You know there's nothing wrong with not being the hero in everyone's eyes. Some people don't need that kind of attention, like you."

"Hey, I didn't become the hero by choice. When people pick on others for no reason, it's something that fires me up. Call it honor, call it instinct, I don't know which it is but it causes me to act."

"You need to be careful." Kody replied. "You never know when that'll end badly."

"Oh come now Kody. There is no one, I repeat, no one, in this entire University, who's stronger or as mean as me when it comes to fighting. There's a reason many people are afraid of me, and others who aren't so fearful stay away from me anyway. But I'm not a bad guy, or I'd be giving everyone black eyes."

"You lie." Amanda said. "There is someone stronger than you. Me."

Leonard glared at her challenge. "Oh yeah? What makes you say that?"

"Well you can't hit me for one." She said with a smirk.

".....Dammit. Okay fine, but girls are different."

"By the way, what did Kitty do all weekend?" Leonard asked. "Was she smooching away?"

Kitty hid her face and didn't answer. That reaction alone was enough to convince everyone that it was exactly what she was doing. Poor Kitty is easily embarrassed, which Leonard likes to poke fun of.

"Hey, stop embarrassing Kitty." Melanie said. "What about you tough guy? I saw you giving Amanda flowers you cheese ball."

"What!? You lie! You were never there." Leonard shouted defensively.

"Amanda called me. We all have each other's phone numbers."

Amanda suddenly started cuddling Leonard. "Isn't my Leonard so sweet."

"Woah there! Hey, stop that. You know I'm not good with this around people."

"That's the point," she said mockingly.

Mischa smirked. "For someone so tough, you seem to be weak to public affection. Do you not like us witnessing how you show your love to her?"

Amanda picked her head up. "Yeah, do you not like cuddling me anymore?"

"It's not that I uh...."

Kody just scratched his head. "I can not believe those two are together. Granted they are probably the toughest male and female members we have, but Leonard just does not seem the loving type. He seems more like the public hero type. You know, always in the spotlight, always the one to come to for help, that sort of thing. But falling in love? Now I've seen everything."


So now life has changed in the club, and probably will from now on. Not only does Kitty have a special someone, but so does Leonard. Will all these relationships get in the way of the club, or will it only strengthen them? Find out next time.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 54: I Love Stupid

What was Leonard to do on a weekend? Mess with Mischa? Do battle with the dog? Set his neighbor's house on fire? Nope. He was going to sit down and play some video games. Or at least, he was. For it seems as though something was missing. Someone had stolen the sacred game system. Planning to go on an epic adventure to recover it, it was cut short when he turned around and saw who had it.

"Amanda? How did you get in here?"

"You left the door unlocked." Amanda said pointing to it.

"Son of a-"

"The reason I took this thing, is because you don't ever listen to me when you are playing."

Leonard sighed. "Fine. What is it that you want?"

Amanda gently put the game down. "Have you noticed something different about the club?"

"Different? I'm not sure what's so different. Kody is still Kody, Mischa is still his cold self, and I'm still a real life troll. I really don't get what you mean by different."

"I mean, what's conspired the last few weeks." Amanda stated.

"What? Like Debora suddenly popping in? Kitty finally having a girlfriend? Doesn't seem THAT new to me, only slightly."

"That's the thing though. Everyone seems to be getting really close with each other. I mean Kitty finally has someone, and Mischa gets along well with Debora. We've become a good group."

"Well that's good. I'm not sure why you may take issue with that. Everyone is happy, and everyone has someone they enjoy being around. And I'm sure Kody has someone he's not telling us and that I'll have to tie him to the ceiling to get out of him. Overall, I think we are a very successful club." Leonard stated proudly.

"I bet you'd be concerned if Kitty was with anyone other than Melanie. You wouldn't trust a new girl with your precious Kitty."

"Hey, I look out for Kitty. She's like my little sister. That's why anyone bothers her, they get a snapped jaw."

"That's a good trait to have. I'm glad you are protective of her. Just try not to go too far." Amanda said.

"As long as she's happy, I am too. But from the looks of your face, something is troubling you. Is someone bothering you?"

"No, it's not something like that. No one is picking on me and everything has been moving along swimmingly. And I'm very happy for our fellow club members."

Leonard raised an eyebrow. "Why do I have a nervous feeling from this?"

Amanda wouldn't make eye contact. She just turned away, and looked a bit depressed. She didn't say anything either. Leonard simply asked a question but never got an answer, and was confused while thinking in his head before coming to a conclusion.

"Woah woah, wait a minute. You're lonely aren't you? That's why you are so bothered."

Amanda still didn't say anything. She wouldn't look him in the eye either.

"It's not that you don't enjoy seeing our club member's happiness, but that you see a kind of happiness you currently don't have. I think I understand now. Have you really been talking with me because of the whole Debora thing, or was that an excuse?"

Amanda finally turned around. "I did mean it when I wanted to know what Debora was up to." Amanda's voice was slightly uneasy, implying that it was only half true. It took a few minutes before it hit him.

"You...are attracted"

Amanda turned her back to Leonard, completely hiding her face from him.

"Well...this is certainly unexpected. I mean, me of all people. I know we don't really have a lot of males in the club, or at least available ones, but me? Why? You know how everyone views me. I'm a good friend, but a bit of a hot head. Most of my actions are based on negative things. Anger, hatred, getting petty revenge on someone. Is that really something you'd enjoy?"

"Please, don't constantly trash your image as if you don't have any positive factors." Amanda said.

"Positive eh? Enlighten me."

Amanda slightly turned her head around, looking over her shoulder. "You said it yourself right? You'd always protect Kitty. You would never let anyone harm her, or take advantage of her. You are like her big brother. For someone who's not even related to you, to view you as a brother to protect her...that's something I have not seen yet."

Amanda finally turned around to face Leonard. "You have many positive traits, some you don't even acknowledge yourself. You dwell on the negatives too much. You are too pessimistic. You try to fight those who give you or your friends an issue. You always think of what could go wrong instead of how we could improve. And let's not forget that temper. But deep down you have good traits that you are even blind to, but you seem to display them almost unconsciously, as if you don't even know you did them."

Leonard had nothing to say. He wanted to, knowing how he likes to run his mouth. But this time, there wasn't a proper response for what Amanda had to say. He was dumbfounded. Amanda slowly got closer to him while he was thinking.

"Deep inside you, is a very selfless man. The Leonard who defends his friends before himself. The one who cares about the happiness of his friends before his own. You have displayed this many times, but you fail to even realize it. That's the Leonard, I've grown so found of." Amanda gave him a gentle kiss.

Leonard simply stared at Amanda. "Well um...this event was certainly...eventful? I don't even know how to respond to this."

Amanda sighed. "Leonard, you really need to just accept my feelings and stop trying to always be a smart ass."

"Feisty woman eh? I can tell you are gonna give me trouble."

"Are you...flirting with me? I can't tell if you are being sarcastic anymore." Amanda said.

"What can I say? The ladies love me."

Amanda glared slightly. "There better not be more ladies involved. I won't stand for it."

Before Amanda could do anything further, Mischa walked in. "Oh, hi Amanda. Did Leonard let you in?"

Unfortunately, while Amanda said yes, Leonard said no at the exact same time, possibly trying to hide the fact they were doing anything. This confused Mischa.

"Is it a yes or a no?" He asked.

"Amanda is like a ninja. She sneaks in on you when you aren't expecting it. I almost didn't survive, but she quickly fell for me- uh to me. Sorry, got tongue tied."


Confused? In awe? Currently eating toast? Leonard actually did something that didn't involve video games. And with a girl! Well, they really didn't do much. But hey at least he did something! Tune in next time with ktulu, which I'm sure will explain what exactly happened to Kitty and Melanie, and maybe more.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

Th Yuri Squadron Episode 52: Rough Roads

It was finally club time again. All the events from last night was going to play a fun part in everyone's lives today. Or maybe nothing would happen at all. Or maybe something awful would happen. Leonard personally, didn't care one bit. He's too lazy to care. But today he was mostly bored, as he always gets stuck with bland people in his classes. People that just don't have enough personality for Leonard to socialize with. He sighed to himself as class ended and he headed to the club.

Upon going, Debora popped up next to him.

"Well hello there."

"You're coming with?" Leonard asked. "Do you need something from me?"

"What? I can't hang out with you guys?"

"Well you never used to. In fact I don't even think you are listed as a proper member. How do you sneak into the club without someone taking notice?"

"I have my ways." She replied.

Leonard got ready to open the door as he bonked his head into Mischa's, who was walking in the opposite direction. Leonard shook his head slightly, but didn't seem to react to the impact.

"Who did I hit? Oh, Mischa. You alright buddy?"

"That kind of hurt." He said.

"Sorry, I was talking to Debora. You know how my attention is gone when I'm speaking to someone. I didn't mean to run into you, my thick skull is dangerous."

"Well at least you admit there's nothing going on in your head." Debora said.

"Hey, I just said my head is thick, that doesn't make me stupid. Being thickheaded is a phrase anyway."

Mischa opened the door as Leonard finished arguing with Debora. The three walked in to Kitty waving at them. When she saw Debora, she hid behind her chair. As Mischa and Debora pulled away from Leonard, Amanda dragged him away by his arm.

"Woah Amanda, where's the fire?"

"Spill it, what did they do?" She said firmly.

"Hey easy there. I'm not the one in a love triangle, or whatever this is. Debora is his problem, not mine."

"You live with him, you know what they do."

"Yeah Amanda, I'm going to know everything they do. I purposely try and catch them doing something naughty or something."

"They were!?"

"No! That was a figure of speech you dumb dumb. You think I'd want to watch that? You are a cruel person. I assure you, they went to eat, and that was it. In fact I think if he made a move on her Debora would sooner eat his heart."

"I'm just worried he's fooling around with the wrong girl. She could be trouble, the kind of girl that always does something."

"Like you?"

"Hey! I'm not like that!" Amanda shouted.

"Yeah, you aren't mischievous at all. I'm sorry Amanda, I got you confused with someone else. I swear I thought I was kissing you a few weeks ago."

Amanda didn't say anything back.

"Yeah, don't think I forgot that. That's not something you forget so easily. So before you judge Debora, why don't you look at yourself first. You aren't perfect, hell no one in this club is perfect. Kitty's too shy and scared of people, Mischa is sometimes too cold, Kody let's people push him too much, you are just way too wild to be able to predict, and I let my anger get the best of me."

"What about Melanie?" She asked.

"I have not really seen a fault from her yet, but I'm sure she's got one. Just please, I know he broke Jennifer's heart, but you can't view him as a bad guy because of it. He didn't like her, I can understand that. You can't force someone to love you."

Amanda sighed. "I know..."

"Jennifer just has to let it go. There's nothing waiting for her Amanda, and you know it."


Well this got morbid. Maybe Jennifer needs to fine a new man. Or beat Debora and tie up Mischa like a creepy person. Find out what happens next!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007