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The Yuri Squadron Episode 82: The Final Showdown

Leonard was in class fidgeting. He heard something about the tournament having some sort of final rounds pretty soon, but he wasn't sure when. It would seem that the tournament was finally ending, and maybe Leonard could actually sleep again. Amanda would sure appreciate it. Ever since it's start, Leonard has had to juggle between his two loves: gaming, and a pretty woman. He always viewed gaming as that ex-girlfriend who never stops stalking you because she wants to get back with you. He can never truly ignore it for a long period of time. Amanda thinks his sense of metaphors is really odd, but then again, Leonard is.

Mischa himself was actually reading another book in the club room, who were all actually waiting for Leonard thanks to a delay. Amanda was tapping her fingers on a table, appearing to be bored. Kitty was playing a game with Kody, while Melanie watched in a chair. Deborah was constantly swapping between looking at the game, and hovering over Mischa's shoulder.

Suddenly, the door flew open.

"SWEET CHEESE MONKEYS!!!" Leonard shouted as he entered.

"I'm not going to decipher that." Deborah said.

"Where's the fire?" Amanda asked.

"Last few games. Winner will be me. Glorious victory, neya." Leonard was speaking in broken English, which after a while didn't even seem understandable anymore. He was on his crazy high, something that happens when he gets too excited and his brain terminates itself.

"Hey buddy, slow down and speak actual words we can understand." Kody replied.

Leonard took a deep breath. "Okay, the tournament is about to end, and after all this time, the scores are gonna be tallied for who was the greatest gamer in the universe."

"University, not universe. You are at least three letters correct." Amanda said.

"Details details. The point is, this could be my chance to win. As long as nothing horrible happens or that crazy gamer girl doesn't beat me. Mischa, ready the tranquilizers!"

"We don't own any." Mischa replied not even taking his eyes off his book.

"Damn...guess I gotta play fair then. SO BE IT!"

Leonard ran over to the closet in the clubroom, which held all manner of games that the group would sometimes place for safekeeping during their club routines. He scanned each one, trying to see if he could better his gaming skills further.

"Let's see....Sonic Adventure...Xenosaga...Hyperdimenson Neptunia...Phantasy Star..." This would go on for some time.

"Do you think he's gonna win?" Kitty asked.

"I don't know. What is he even winning?" Melanie countered with her own question.

"It's probably something trivial with no value. He just seems to collect useless things." Deborah replied harshly.

"Well I kinda hope he wins so he stops this." Mischa said, still not looking away.

"I just want him to spend more time with me, so I hope he beats this and never speaks of it again." Amanda spoke firmly.


OH NOEZ, THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME! Will Leonard win? Who is crazy gamer chick? What is Kitty playing? And why hasn't this been televised yet? Find out next time!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

Victory, You So Hard




Okay, maybe it's because I'm still getting over CFW Brave from mk2. Maybe it's my little grudge against level grinding (if it was up to me I'd just do the side quests and the main story, I hate grinding). But I've started to notice that bosses in this game are PURE EVIL. Want an example? Well for one thing, I don't remember the bosses in mk2 having the ability to heal themselves. Maybe it's because you had to juggle with SP as opposed to Victory, where it starts off full. But in Victory, they'll keep healing when it's their turn. So if you aren't constantly hitting them, or just ain't doing more damage than they can heal, you'll feel like your feet are stuck in the mud. Because you won't be going anywhere if you aren't up to par with the boss.

Now I have defeated quite a few bosses at a decent to below average level (fairly too, in case you saw what happened with White Heart in my last blog), by just spamming the Colosseum for money, Nep Bull and Healing Pods so I have healing items that extent from one side of the Nile River to the other. But that doesn't mean that makes my life that much easier. I often have to use Nepgear in the mix due to her healing. A lot of times it comes down to Nepgear and Plutia healing my team and only attacking if no one is severely injured. Plutia also has a bit more of a support role, since at least three of her attacks have stat debuffs, and one of her attacks can seal skills. Nepgear can also buff the offense and defense of everyone, while Noire occasionally provides a Tec buff (accuracy) when she's not attacking. Neptune often buffs herself with Stat Multiplier, the best stat buff in the game, as it buffs every stat in existence. But even with all these stats, I still find myself having Nepgear and the occasional Plutia throw SP chargers at every character (including themselves when their healing runs out), just to keep myself in the fight with a winning chance.

Currently, I'm on the first boss that I actually do have to grind for, and even then I got him down to at least half health before failing to do anything more. My goal now is to get everyone to level 70 and try again. If I could get him to half at about level 64, I can probably kill him easily at level 70.

Shenanigans Power Go!


SO I BET YOU ARE ALL WONDERING HOW THE NES FARED AGAINST THE PLAYSTATION, GENESIS AND...NEPTUNE? Funny story that. So you know that wonderful SP bar that powers your super attacks and such? Well Blanc loves to spam that up the ass when you fight her, which sucks when you're only about level 22. HOWEVER I DID IT! Wanna know how? The power of waiting and spamming health and revive items. I found out that once Blanc runs out of SP (AND HOLY SHlT SHE ACTUALLY CAN), she cannot attack. At all. I'm not joking.

By being too weak to do any real damage and constantly having to heal, I put her in a position that she ran out of juice. Took me a second to realize this when she skipped her turn, even though she looked at Neptune. Testing my theroy, I had all my characters use SP chargers to prepare their HDD forms, hoping she didn't kill them. She skipped her turn again. That's when I realize I broke the game. I don't think my level was right to fight her, and because of this, she didn't have enough SP to keep up with my revivals (it was a 3 on 1 afterall). So I said screw it, doing it! Had everyone change back into HDD, and proceeded to whip her ass without fear of retaliation. WINNER IS ME!

PurpleHeartV_Pose.pngThat's right Neptune, you show them how fantastic you are.


And with that, I leave you to go gloat at Blanc. I hope those of you who bought it are enjoying it as well as I am. Get on my level of Neptunia. Anyway, I guess before I go, I'll just say NEPTUNE DOES WHAT YOU ALL DON'T, I AM OUT!

The Yuri Squadron Episode 80: Something Fishy

Leonard looked at Jennifer funny. "Is this a special occasion?"

Jennifer shook her head. "No no, I just felt like popping in you know? See how you all have been doing."

Leonard put his hand on his chin and assumed a thinking pose. He wasn't quite sure why this seemed funny to him, but he just had a feeling.

"Leonard, little help." Kody said, who for some reason was being pushed back by a rather large 2-D Optimus Prime Leonard had gotten. How he managed to get it in, no one knows. Regardless, he helped Kody push it back to it's original position. Leonard was a huge robot fan, and Optimus was one of his favorites.

"Leonard, when are you ever gonna put that in a better spot?" Amanda asked. "Last time you put it right behind the door. Kitty was scared out of her mind when she hit it."

"Hey I moved it, didn't I? It's not my fault Kody bumped it." He replied.

Kitty sighed. "That prop he got seems to be the first thing we argue about these days. I wonder if it's bad luck."

"Pfft. Don't believe that mumbo jumbo Kitty, it's all nonsense to get you to not do certain things. People who break mirrors get seven years of bad luck, but nothing bad has ever happened to me."

"I still can't believe you kicked in a mirror." Melanie said.

"I thought it was a window! You don't put mirrors where a door is supposed to be."

"How does he get doors from mirrors?" Debora asked.

"The mirror was put in front of another door across from it. The reflection made him think it was a door. He kicked it because his hands were full and he decided to open it with his foot." Amanda explained.

While the others were bickering to each other, Jennifer snuck off to Mischa, who seemed to be farther back in the club room.

"Hi Mischa." She said timidly.

"Oh, hello Jennifer." Mischa responded.

"What have you been doing these past few days?"

"Just trying to read this book. You can't believe how many times I've been interrupted. Like now." He said bluntly.

"Oh, sorry..."

"You might as well tell me what's on your mind. I'm never gonna finish this anyway."

"I just wanted to know how you're doing with Debora. I know she joined you guys but, I can't help but feel you guys might still fight."

"Oh we fight, although not exactly in the way you're thinking. Mostly card games, intellectual competitions, the usual, often non-violent fighting. She's okay once you get to know her."

"Oh, so you guys don't fight anymore?" She asked a bit nervous.

"Of course not. She wouldn't be able to casually speak with the others if she still hated their guts. Why? Are you not on good terms with her or something?"

Jennifer's face looked up at Mischa's slightly startled. "What? Why would you think that?"

"It just seems you are a bit concerned with Debora. Almost like if something bad between you two happened. You can tell me what happened, and I'll try to see if she can come to an understanding."

Jennifer shook her head. "No no, we're not on bad terms. There's no need really."

Mischa looked at her with a confused look in his eye. He knew something was up, something Jennifer didn't want to tell him. But he also wasn't sure if she was secretly fighting with Debora. Mischa sometimes wonders how his life would be if his friends were a bit less crazy.


SHE'S HIDING SOMETHING! But what exactly? And what is her true reason for stopping by? Ktulu should have the answer, but you'll have to wait next week.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

New Theme, New Blog, All Sexy

Jesus, it's one of these. Yes as if you have not realized, I've not written a blog in.....NEYA TOO LONG. So I just decided to write one that wasn't this story I'm working on for once. Got a few new games, Dead Space 3 and Prototype 2. Two crazy games, one has a crazy person in a crazy world killing crazy monsters. IN SPACE! The other has a guy who consumes people, can become you right down to cellular level, can drop 2,000 feet onto an old lady and eat her, and eats people's crotches to upgrade his bio-bomb (only kj and Cloud will get that one).



Oh yeah, did I mention it was limited edition?

Also got a new Neptune theme from Hyperdimension Neptunia. THE BEST GODDESS. She represents the SEGA Neptune, which was something that was going to be released but never was. So who knows what that was gonna be. In fact it was because of her I found out there was such a thing as a Neptune. Maybe it was becoming some pun which lead to the SEGA Saturn. Anyway, it has a sig and two avatars. Her normal form, and her Goddess form. I might switch back and forth randomly.






Beyond that, I'm still the same old boring guy I've always been. Corrupting innocents, causing great evil, and wondering how Neptune expands her chest like she does. She must be a nightmare on plastic surgery business since she can do it naturally without any medical assistance. Plutia too, who's Iris Heart form makes them grow HUGE. Oh right, Plutia. That's a game I'm going to be getting in the near future. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. It's the third and supposed final arc in the Gameindustri saga. What that means, I'm not sure. But it might be the last time I see Neptune. *Tear*




So anyway, hope you guys have a good day, and Cloud better get his ass to GameStop day 1 and buy it, or I'll murder him.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 78: Hard Truth

Deborah and Mischa spent most of the time watching TV after their little exchange. They simply felt that it'd be too awkward otherwise, so they simply decided to watch something to lighten the mood.

"You think Leonard would even care?" Mischa asked.

"He's your friend. You should know." She responded.

"Leonard is an odd fellow. Sometimes you just can't understand him fully. He goes from an intelligent man to a sometimes gut instinct mad man in an instant."

"Is he bipolar?" Deborah asked.

"No, I think he's just crazy. Not so insane he's dangerous, but he's defiantly not normal either. He's a good friend, but sometimes I worry about what that mental state of his will get him into."

Deborah chuckled slightly. "If he's as smart as you say he is, he'll know that his behavior is going to get him into trouble one day."

"Actually I think I'm more worried about that. He analyses his own weaknesses and tries to cover them up. This can sometimes make him difficult to control, which is why I wish he'd grow out of it."

"So I was right. He is a child." Deborah said.

"Mentally....kind of. Although at this point I don't even say anything to him and let him do what he wishes."

"I think you should. He's not going to be able to act this way forever. Especially if you two have to split one day. You can't expect Amanda to be able to keep him in check."


Leonard had just finished his first game and was in the middle of the second. He was doing fairly well. The girl managed to do it without dying, so the only way he had a hope to beat her was by surviving every round. Dying once meant failing to beat her. Amanda was kind of watching with a sad look on her face. She was happy he was doing so well, but she was kind of sad he wasn't paying attention to her. Usually you are supposed to care for each other, but the tournament was absorbing so much of his time that he hardly had any fun with her. She was envious of Kitty, she was always with Melanie. That's when she realized that in order to get him to acknowledge her, it was time to put her foot down.

Leonard actually managed to beat the entire game without failing once. This jumped his rank up quite a bit, enough to tie with the girl, who wasn't really happy about it from her look. As soon as he turned to Amanda, the biggest fear formed inside him. She scowled at him, and only moved her finger in a beckoning motion. The mighty Leonard was afraid of what was going to happen next. He had this gnawing feeling in him that he's forgotten to do something, which might be why Amanda is a tad cross.

"Yes Amanda?" Leonard said, the composure in his voice was lost for a split second.

"When was the last time we did something together?" She asked him calmly.

"Oh, we me think."

"The fact you have to think about it proves my point. We don't spend any time together."

"That's a lie. I always have you around me." Leonard protested.

"And how often do you speak to me as you drag me along?"

Leonard was going to open his mouth, but no words came. He hasn't said anything to her while she's been supporting him. Leonard started feeling empty inside, as his guilt started to form.

"I care for you, but I need to know you feel the same. A woman needs some sort of affection back you know. It's not a one sided deal."

Although Amanda was speaking in a firm voice, it wasn't long until her eyes trailed away from him. That unloved feeling was removing any kind of confidence in her. She felt Leonard grabbing her hand, and looked up.

"Understood. From this day on, you will be my top priority. I realize how long I've neglected you, and I've always been one who protects and helps those in need. To neglect you would destroy everything I follow by. That is why I want to do something together, anything at all that we can enjoy ourselves. I know I've been working myself to death with this tournament, but I can't ignore you any longer."

"Really?" Amanda said.

"This is my serious face, so of course." Leonard replied, although his choice of words may have actually broken the mood.

Amanda laughed at it however, and smiled at him. "Okay, I'll take you up on that offer."


Dawwwww. Leonard is such a good man when he has the motivation for it. It sounds sad but, at least he treats Amanda right. And what is Deborah trying to tell Mischa? And to repeat an earlier question, why can't I watch this on TV?

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 76: The Battle Continues

Leonard was ready for this. Another match was just around the corner, and he wasn't about to drop in rank. Sure the last few matches were a bit shakey, but he wasn't going to lose. The next match in particular finally had a silver lining. It was a, "kill everything that moves" game, which is what Leonard calls anything that's similar to Contra. While it wasn't his best genre, if it turns out to be a few certain games in particular, he may actually be able to turn this around. This time the stakes were a bit higher, as Leonard had to play two games together, something the tournament never did before. Both games were of the same series, Afterburner Afterburner Climax, a jet game. Leonard took a deep breath, trying to ready himself for the possible pain he was going to feel, as the two games were defiantly not easy.


"Hey Melanie." Kitty said.

"Yeah, what is it?" She replied.

"Do you think Leonard is becoming a bit distant?"

She gave Kitty a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"Well...he doesn't seem like he talks to any of us much anymore. All he does is play games for the tournament that might be part of the competition."

"Don't be silly. Leonard isn't ignoring us, his mind is just on a more important task. I'm sure you have to be concentrated on your playing skills to win a tournament like that."

Kitty sighed. "I guess. I just kinda miss his company. He doesn't seem to talk to us very much these days."

"None of us really have a chance to talk to each other these days. We've been busy for a while now, the club itself hardly gets our attention anymore. But I'm sure once everyone is finished with what they have to do, we can all go back to normal."

"I just hope Kody is doing okay. Poor guy doesn't have anyone to hang out with. Besides us, Mischa has Debora and Leonard has Amanda. He must be lonely..."

Melanie sighed. "Don't worry, we'll give him all the attention he needs once club activities resume. I'll sure that's what he really wants, to see all of us again."

Kitty nodded. "I hope that day is soon."


Well, Leonard is going to have fun with this one. Defiantly no easy task here. Kitty seems a bit concerned with Kody however, the poor guy doesn't seem to be able to talk to any of his fellow club members these days. Hopefully that all changes.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 74: A Small Quarrel

It had been a long time. Much strain and tears were had upon our hero, but soon it'd all be over. Soon the day would be won, and soon, glorious inspirational music was probably scripted to play any minute. In a moments time, Leonard busted out the door with his arms in the air.

"GLORIOUS VICTORY!" He shouted to the pointeveryoneheard him. But then again, Leonard is probably the loudest in the whole University, both when angry and excited.

Leonard had just finished his mid-terms, after hours of pain and mental suffering. Mainly because Amanda was about ready to put her foot somewhere unpleasant if he didn't pick up the pace. Leonard had just scratched by, somehow. He may not be the smartest, but he's the most resourceful if he needs to do something right on a moments notice. He had power studied more than he ever has, mainly because the tournament was sapping the life out of him. He was thankful it was all well and done.

He soon ran into Kitty and Melanie, who greeted him.

"So, how'd you do?" Melanie asked.

"Did you do good?" Kitty asked.

"Is Sonic blue? Of course I did. Even I can focus when my life depends on it. I just need to be motivated to do it."

Melanie sighed. "How does Amanda deal with someone who requires motivation to do anything? I'm amazed you're in shape despite having no motivation."

"Certain things take priority over other things." He replied.

"Like your games over your studies?" Amanda said, finally joining the group. "I'm slightly shocked you actually made it through. Someone like you usually wouldn't be expected to do good."

"You see the crap I take from this relationship? I do things right and I still get scolded. I'm the victim here."

Amanda glared at him. "You only did it because I threatened you."

"See that girls? Domestic abuse." Leonard replied to the two.

"I'll be the reason you become anything Leonard. You're too lazy to do anything on your own." Amanda snapped back.

"I've been doing this for a long time now. Don't think because you did this one time, you control me now." Leonard argued.

This would continue for a good 3 minutes or so, at least that's what it felt like. After a while Melaine simply sighed to herself and wondered how they had any affection for each other at all. "Are Leonard and the misses done fighting? I'd like for us to actually enjoy this accomplishment, not tear each other's throats out."

Kitty smiled. "You two were made for each other. He's Mr. Grumpy, and she's Mrs. Grumpy. You're both always so morbid and aggressive, but you're really crazy about each other."

As usual, Kitty managed to turn the atmosphere back into a less hostile one. Either she had a way with words, or that adorable side of her just managed to calm everyone down. Leonard simply glanced at Amanda and sighed.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay." She replied. A second later she blushed and darted back at Kitty. "Did you say Mrs.!? What are you trying to say?"


Well.....okay. Leonard seems to be in the clear so far, but the tournament still continues. Will Leonard ever get a lucky streak? And will this mysterious girl ever reveal herself? Find out next time.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 72: Sir Ragealot

Kody and Leonard were sitting around together, something that usually doesn't happen too often. Leonard was brooding over what was going to happen next, and Kody was just glancing at him to see if he'd say anything. Kody tried to get a word out, but Leonard cut him off.

"Do you think that girl is some sort of elitist? Like someone who has to be good at everything?"

"Why would you say that?" Kody asked.

"Well, she's done pretty good in the other games, and she beat me in terms of skill to the last game we played. I bet she's not going to lose next time either. Something bugs me about her."

"What are you sensing?"

"Trouble brewing. She means trouble to my entire being of gaming. I am top dog around these parts, I've always been top dog."

"So it's pride after all." Kody said, which got the ire of Leonard.

"I will defeat her, I will reign supreme."

Leonard's monologue was cut short when Kitty poked her head in, but only her head.

"I hear an angry Leonard."

Leonard made eye contact with Kitty, who pulled her head in where her eye was only visible, probably startled at the glare on his face. This would be a typical Leonard face, but Kitty knew this one was actually legit. She slowly walked inside, like a scared mouse.

"Is he going to be okay?" She asked Kody.

"He's a bit edgy now. He doesn't like his defeat and wants revenge. You should know this by now."

"Why are you always Mr. Grumpy?" She asked Leonard. This somehow got a strange reaction out of him, where for a second, his angry look turned into a confused one. Although it only lasted a moment. He quickly turned away with his usual look.

"Common Mr. Grumpy, you know being mad isn't good for you."

Kitty was using the nickname as poking fun at him, while at the same time trying to show him an example of someone. The example literally being a character Leonard created in a story, who's personality would often switch between being an okay guy, to being a grump. One of the girls would call him Mr. Grumpy instead of his actual name, which Kitty would then use to address Leonard during one of his moments. This would sometimes get an amusing reaction out of him.

Leonard looked back at Kitty, although his angry look had gone away. He was now giving her a different face, one that would imply a sarcastic response, if he were to actually say anything. Kitty was still smiling, knowing her playfulness was getting to him. After a moment of silence, Leonard simply sighed.

"Kitty, why must you toy with me? Do you get some sort of amusement out of calling me that?"

"Yes." She bluntly replied.

Kody stayed quiet in fear of butting in to what Kitty was trying to do, which was to keep Leonard stable. If anything, she knew how to handle him. She finds her sweet attitude allows her to manipulate Leonard into behaving, or flat out doing things for her. She even once told him that helping her was his biggest mistake yet, as she playfully messes with him by using her cuteness against him. All in all, it was working, like it usually does.

"Has anyone seen Mischa? I wanted to ask him to see if he was smart enough to figure out what the next game could be."

"Leonard, that's cheating." Kitty said.

"No it's not. Cheating would be if I glitched within the game or something. Knowing what game you're playing ahead of time means you know what to expect."

"But if you know what game you're playing, you'd prepare yourself for it. That's not fair to the others."

"But I did that anyway for the puzzle games." Leonard replied.

"I think she means that you could practice by playing the exact game they're going to set up. What better way to get an unfair advantage than to play the game that's going to be in the contest." Kody reassured.

Leonard face palmed. "Fine, I'll do it the old fashioned way."

"Besides Leonard, you are the one who says that you don't need manuals because you rather just learn the game yourself." Kitty said. "If you are that good at learning a game without foreknowledge, you can practice any game under that genre like everyone else."


Melanie was walking the halls until she ran into Debora. She had asked her if she had seen Kitty, as she said she was headed to the bathroom and never came back.

Debora hunched her shoulders. "Maybe she got sidetracked."

"Knowing her, she would. She's a pain to keep tabs on." Melanie replied. "I wish she'd stay put for once, or at least be more focused."

"You can blame your aggressive friend for that. He's been catering to her whim since before you got here. He lets her get away with things, which now she's far too unserious about almost everything because he thinks it's cute."

"You know he claims himself to be the toughest guy here, he sure acts like a typical school girl when she acts like that." Melanie replied. This got a laugh out of Debora.


So Kitty has found herself taking advantage of her own cute factor and is using that to either calm him, or troll him. How will that fair? Will it actually be helpful, or she just getting a kick out of it? And WHO is this girl with the hat anyway? Find out next time.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 70: Path To Ruin

It was almost time for battle. Glorious victory awaited, but one must overcome all the challenges it throws him. Should he reign victorious, he will...well....he hasn't really figured that part out yet.

Leonard was of course worrying about what type of genre was going to befall him once he actually got ready for it. They only ever show what it is when you are ready to play. He really hoped it wasn't a genre he was bad at. He sighed to himself as he dreaded it.

For most of the day he was sitting in his classes, doing his usual thing. But not without worrying about what was to come. A few people somewhat noticed this, but he would never tell why he was so pent up. But he couldn't let it get to him. He had a victory to obtain! He was going to win this even if it killed him. Although he hoped death wouldn't actually play a part.

He soon ran into Mischa later in his day, who only sighed at him. "Why are you so worried? Do you realize the majority of failures are those who panic? You play war games. Do you know what happens when a soldier panics in a firefight?"

"Yes, you don't have to tell me. It still doesn't erase it completely. A soldier going to war is still going to be slightly scared of what's to come." Leonard said.

"You need to man up. You can't keep acting like this and expect to win."

"Yes, I get it alright? You don't need to degrade me by reminding me of my plight. But I will win this, mark my words. I shall not be defeated to easily. Even if it turns out it's a genre I'm garbage at."

"If you say something like that you will lose." Mischa stated. "You don't need to think about the genres you can't do. You need to think about how you're going to put a good effort in any genre you do.."

"That's why I've been training." Leonard replied.

"You mean killing yourself? What you did wasn't healthy, even if you do win this."

"Hey, I'll cut down a bit as soon as this is over with."

In truth however, Leonard still couldn't shake the fact that, should he continue to worry, that it might effect his performance. And on top of that, what if it actually was a puzzle game. Leonard was never good at puzzle games. It's part of the reason he's been playing Columns on his SEGA Genesis, and Tetris. He doesn't want to be caught by surprise.Leonard soon ran into Kody, who happened to be going in that direction.

"YOU!" Leonard said with a meancing point.

"What?" Kody asked a bit surprised.

"I don't know, how ya doing?"

"Good I guess." He said. "Exams are gonna suck though."

"I'm not worried about that, I'm worried about how I'll do on the video games. God I hope it's not a puzzle game. Can't we play After Burner instead?"

"You're good at that game?" Kody asked.

"You know it?"

"I died in it countless times. Never seen the ending."

"I beat both, After Burner and After Burner Climax. Really fun games. That's why I'm hoping we play that during the course of this contest. We still have not played a shoot em' up genre yet."

"What about an RPG?" Kody asked.

"Not that either I don't think. We played a shooter and a platformer. That was about it, the latter which was Sonic so, I was a gaming god."

"What if they make you play Contra?"

"Oh god...don't even joke Kody, that game is ridiculously hard. And it's on SNES."

"But it's for Genesis too."

"Yeah but I think the two are different. I never grew up with a SNES on the account my old NES died and we never got the next one because of it. By then I was a child of SEGA."

"Is that why you don't hardly play RPG's?"

"Aside from Phantasy Star and Shining Force, Genesis had no RPGs. At least good ones."

"You might be in trouble then."

"I'll save my girlish scream of terror when I learn what the genre is."


What awaits Leonard? Will he do good? Will he ever get his priorities over gaming and exams straight? Will he form a religion based on SEGA? Probably not, but until then.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007