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Soniczero1993 Blog

Time to revive another union....

Well I now have the hard task of reviving a dead union. This has happened before, to my union...luckely one of my loyal and very helpful officers helped me bring it back to life!! Yay!!!! Now I have the job to revive this new one I recently joined. Man this is getting repetitive.:?

This is awesome!

My Dracko character that I made was looked at by Sega!!! I doubt they'd use him but just knowing they liked him makes me bounc up and down!!!:D If they actually use Dracko as like a new character that soon becomes Sonic's friend, (or Demon Dracko if they need a new enemy) I'll crap myself, not kidding either.

I can't belive it!

They are actually making a Sonic RPG for the first time! With BioWare devoloping it there's no way it'll fail! Then again, you never know. I certainly am buying this, and I hope this is a way to get Sonic games back up on top, ahead of that bastard Mario.

Godzilla, in Sonic? Hmmm....

I love to see a new Sonic with Godzilla in it:) Maybe the "speed up" rounds where your running you'll actually be running from Godzilla! There could be awesome parts too like you see Sonic jump through a window form a giant building and as you fly out the otherside the camera pans back behind him and you see Godzilla smash right into the building, and then charges out as it falls! Muhahahaha:D, the possabilitys....

I got it, I finally got it!!!!

I got a 360! It took a long time but I got it! I only got three games but I love em, Gears of War, Chromehounds, and my favorite little blue hedgehog which I'll never forget, Sonic The Hedgehog!!!!