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The Yuri Squadron Episode 100: New Recruits

Leonard sighed to himself. He was at home watching Mischa and Debora play chess. He seemed to be moping about more than usual. Mischa would sometimes glance at Leonard to see if something was wrong with him, but didn't say anything on the account of him trying to defeat Debora.

"Check," Mischa stated.

Debora took a quick look at the board. Somehow his Rook managed to slip by both her Bishop and her Knight, something she didn't expect. "Okay, I'll admit that was a good move." She quickly looked for a way to counter it.


Leonard continued to silently watch. He was a bit interested, but he was mostly worried about his own story. A few people he had shown it to told him the characters were way too powerful, even though the plot pretty much had power as a primary focus between heroes and villains. On the other hand, people told him it was far more gruesome than most Horror genre media. He couldn't change the violence however, or it would lose the ability to show how powerful they were. He was in a pickle.

"Okay, you've had that face for a while. What's up?" Mischa finally asked him.

Leonard simply replied by telling him his situation. "I don't know if I should change something or tone it down? I really don't want to though, I like writing what I envision."

"Then don't. Too many books get horribly censored or changed completely because the writer caved to the ideals of others. Don't be one of them," Mischa explained.

Leonard thought about it, then smiled. "You're right, if there's anything I hate in media, it's censorship. Why make it if you are censoring it? Why cover up what the writer intended to be there? It makes no sense at all."

"Exactly my point," Mischa stated, getting himself out of check. "If you are gonna make something, don't let anyone tell you to cover it up. It'll be far harder for anyone to get access to it because the material might give it a high rating or people might not want to sell it, but it won't be tampered with."

"There's still some places that'll sell it. It's just a book, if this was some sort of film you could visually see, they might get a bit pissy. Check," Debora said, putting Mischa in an awkward place again. "But books can get by with being sadomasochistic porn and still be sold at a lot of outlets."

"Sadomasochistic... Oh," Mischa said. "You're talking about Fifty Shades of Gray." 

"Bingo," Debora said. "Most of the time when people gather to complain about books it's because they have something intelligent to say, or they have gay people. Which is Why Fifty Shades of Gray and Twilight are safe. Of course, there are exceptions. Checkmate."

"Well played," Mischa said. "And you know, if they do try to ban your book it'll just give it free publicity."

"Alright, I'll pay no mind to it until I can get it finished," Leonard said.

Leonard and Mischa arrived at the club together the next day. Kody had arrived first. He was with a couple of people they'd never met before. 

"Hey guys," Kody said. These are Benny and Lillian." 

"Pleased to meet you," Benny said.

"Your head is so shiny," Lillian said. She reached up and rubbed Mischa's head. 

Mischa looked from her to Kody to Leonard. "I'm not sure how to respond to this." 

"What's going on?" Melanie asked. 

"These are Kody's friends, apparently," Mischa said. "Benny and Lillian."

"Have you seen how shiny his head is?" Lillian asked. "It's like a mirror, but fleshy." 

Melanie and Kitty looked from each other to Kody. Kody shrugged. "You get used to her." 

"She seems kind of... random," Mischa said. 

"Who's the girl rubbing Mischa's head?" Amanda asked. 

"Say hello to Lillian," Leonard said. 

"And I'm Benny," Benny said. "I'm not random but at least I have basic social graces." 

Lillian finally let go of Mischa's head. "Hey, do I know you from class or something?" she asked.

"No," Mischa said. "We've never met." 

"Are you sure?" Lillian asked. "You look really familiar. And your head is still really shiny..." Michael moved away from her before she could rub his head again.

"So, what kind of yuri do you guys watch?" Benny asked. 

"Depends," Mischa answered. "Right now we're watching Yuru Yuri. Not long ago we watched Nanoha Strikers. We usually only watch an episode or two a day and spend the rest of our time just playing around." 

"Neat," Beny said. 

"Do you play dress up?" Lillian asked. 

"Who are these weirdos?" Debora asked. 

"Hey Debora, you're late," Kitty said. 

"Now I remember," Lillian said. 

"Remember what?" Kody asked. 

"Where I've seen the shiny headed guy before," Tosh said. "He and she were snogging in that nice restaurant." she pointed at Debora.

Leonard took a quick glance after hearing Lillian's statement. "Wat?"

Suddenly the entire club room was beaming eyes at the two, which got a reaction out of Debora as if she was being glared at by a bunch of wolves. Well except Leonard, his statement was about all he could let out before going back to a more indifferent look.

"Kay," Leonard responded, which was a bit anti-climatic to the situation. Everyone else wanted answers though.

"Kody!" Melanie shouted as she ran up to him. "Didn't you say you saw them at the restaurant? Why didn't you tell us?"

"I didn't know!" Kody said defending his innocence. "I just turned around and saw them sitting there. Obviously I missed something, and I apologize for being so slow."

Kitty was more excited than anything. "Does that mean you both secretly say loving and endearing things when we're not around!?"

Lillian was almost as excited as Kitty, but for different reasons. "Did you cop a feel off her!?"

"Why are you all acting so immature?" Benny asked.

Leonard's eye was twitching for a while, but with all the commotion he was becoming agitated. When the commotion didn't start dying down, he had enough.

"Everyone.....shut your damn mouths before I shove something in them!" Leonard's voice exploded into the room. Everyone knew he had a short temper, but he usually didn't shout at his friends. Then again, everyone was being loud over something as simple as a relationship.

Everyone quieted down, not wanting to agitate Leonard when he was angry.

"Look, he loves Debora, I'm sure Debora loves him. Kitty loves Melanie, and I love Amanda. Why are we suddenly getting so stupid over this? What, because they're a bit more serious than any of us? Because they have a more realistic ideal of a lot of things?"

"Well, we were only confused on why they wouldn't tell us," Melanie answered.

"You didn't have to shout," Kitty said, twiddling her fingers.

"That is a bit odd," Leonard admitted. He stared at his roommate. 

Mischa gave him a slight smile and shrugged. 

"It's my fault," Debora said. "I asked Mischa to keep things between us a secret since I didn't want anyone to make a big deal out of it." 

"How long have you two been together?" Kitty asked. 

"Does his facial hair tickle?" Lillian asked. 

"Just a couple months. We got together after finals," Debora said. She glared at Lillian "and none of your business." 

"Can I kiss him and see?" Lillian asked. 

"No!" Mischa, Debora, Benny and Leonard all said in unison.

"I'm just happy for you two," Amanda said. "Although I'm a little hurt that you felt the need to go all Xellos with it."

"Sore wa himitsu desu," Mischa muttered. 

"I knew you two would make a good couple," Kitty said. 

Debora groaned. She had been hoping to avoid an "I told you so" from Kitty. 

"I feel kind of sorry for Jennifer," Melanie said. 

"True," Kitty said. "She's going to be so hurt when she finds out."

Debora shrugged. "That's her own fault for fixating on a guy who's not into her."

"You can't help who you're attracted to," Amanda said.

Leonard sighed. "Sometimes love is just too one-sided for the other person to be able to feel happy. And sometimes love is forceful, as she continues to murder everyone you know until all her obstacles are gone, and she takes you away to love forever."

The group stared at Leonard for a few seconds.

"What? I've been watching Mirai Nikki a bit. Gomen."

"You don't think I'm going to start killing people do you?" Amanda asked.

"Ha, no, you aren't yandere enough for it," Leonard replied.

The group continued, nevertheless, to welcome their two new members. They showed them around the club, showed them all the anime and games they had, and warned them that Leonard often had an Optimus Prime figure around that no one could touch. No one. And that if they touched Mischa's plushies without asking he would be very very upset.

After giving them a tour around the place, Benny asked a question. "Are a good chunk of your members always this excitable and impulsive, or was this just a bad first impression?" 

"There's nothing wrong with being excited," Mischa stated. "In any case, the irregularly high spirits are mine and Debora's fault. Normally, the only impulsive one would be Leonard."

Leonard delivered a quick "hey" before he continued.

"All our members are quite nice and respect everyones' choices, especially in who they love, hence our official yuri couple over there," Mischa said pointing at Melanie and Kitty.

"Are they our mascots?" Lillian asked.

"Not quite, but they could be just to enforce the point we are accepting," Leonard replied.

"I have the ears for it," Kitty volunteered. 

"No one gives you any trouble for your standing opinions?" Benny asked.

"Well there's one stupid group who keeps hounding us for what we accept," Deobra replied.

"Come to think of it, I have not seen Tracey and her friends in a while," Leonard said.

"Those types always scarper when you stand up to them," Mischa said. "Unless they think they have a good opportunity. In any case, we don't let bigots dictate what we do or what we stand for."

"We aren't yuri fans because we think it's hot or something," Amanda added. "Everyone here believes that love is beautiful, regardless of gender. If we were to only apply that to media and not stand by it in reality, we'd be... well..."

"Tossers," Debora finished. 

"That's how it is," Kody said. "If you guys are gonna hang out here you're going to have to get used to the idea of a small but vocal group getting pissy." 

"What the hell," Benny said, "you all seem nice enough. I'm in." 

"I am a goddess and I approve this message," Lillian said. 

"That's great," Mischa said. "Let's watch some anime. Although I should warn you, this episode of Yuru Yuri has quite a bit of Akane." 

Kitty visibly cringed. 

"Why is that bad?" Benny asked. 

"You'll see," Debora said. "And it can't be unseen."


Phew, that was a big one. But all the fitting for this "finale" of sorts. This is being put up a day early because I'm going out of town in the morning. Gomen.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993 & ktulu007

Shocking we both worked on one part, isn't it?

The Yuri Squadron Episode 98: Imaginations Run Wild

"So Leonard, why were you running into the library?" Amanda asked Leonard, who was sitting around thinking about something.

"Because I had places to go. Gotta follow my rainbow." He answered almost expectantly.

"How many times are you going to sing that?" Melanie questioned.

"As much as possible! I never tire of it."

"That's some dedication," Debora replied.

Leonard wagged his finger. "If you silly people must know why I have gone into the place of words, it's because I was checking up on my writing of ultimate....uh....need an adjective...." Leonard pulled out a dictionary and began to skim through it.  "Extravagant....ness! Yeah that's it!"

"I'd say extravagant is pretty accurate considering how wasteful Leonard tends to be with paper," Mischa commented.

"Wait...did I pick the wrong word?" Leonard replied.

Amanda gave him a hug. "There's something cute about your total obliviousness. Especially when you have a face of being utterly dumbfounded."

"Not sure if compliment, or stealthy insult..." Leonard replied upon examining the statement.

Kitty smiled at Leonard. "Don't worry, we all love you for who you are. I like that you don't try to act like a poser, even if you end up driving people away with your outlandish behavior."

"You guys suck. Now I'm becoming interested in the war on ants," Leonard said annoyed.

Leonard began to have a thought about insects becoming mutated abominations that would continue to mutate into horrible creatures. Such creatures that could potentially kill all life, or worse, their mutation begins to create the unthinkable....

"Zombies!" Leonard shouted, upon sharing his daydream with everyone else.

"Ants and....zombies? You watch too many B-flicks." Melanie replied.

"Come on now Leonard, even for you that's ridiculous," Kody replied, his face showing it. "I mean I know you are a pretty wild guy, but even you have to see how dumb that sounds. My suggestion is to think more about your own stories and not drifting your imagination to such heights. It'll show in your work if you do."

"Yeah, and then you'll write horrible stories because you can't focus on what it's supposed to be about. It happens to a lot of unfocused writers," Mischa stated. "Trust me, I've read enough of them. I prefer the guy I live with to have the ability to not make me cringe, and not be able to enjoy my own friend's writing, especially since I do enjoy reading."

"Okay....I'll try to behave," Leonard said in a defeated voice.


Well that was...interesting to see the kind of things Leonard thinks about. Although at least his friends can set him straight. Mostly. But will Leonard ever find out about the war effort? Will the ants become our new overlords? Will I stop referencing my own writing? That all depends.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 96: Potential New Recruits

It was another glorious club day. Well at least for some people. Mischa was still a bit on edge about his little secret, but everyone else seemed to be enjoying the day. Kody, Leonard and Kitty were playing a game together, while Amanda had a strange look on her face while talking to Leonard.

"What on earth have you been doing in your spare time to have something like that on your mind?" She asked.

"What's on my mind? The Goddess who's a jerk, or the big tsundere snake lady that does things to me?" Leonard asked back.

"Snake lady?" Kitty asked.

"Don't even bother to decipher that Kitty, it's not something you need to know about. Leonard has just been playing...odd games."

"Odd games? Isn't that what he always does?" Kody stated.

"I don't know Kody," Leonard started. "If the liam woman who falls in love with you isn't odd, you've not seen the 8 headed liam with the freakishly long tongues."

Kody, after a quick mental image based on how he's been describing this game, thought it best to never speak of it again.

"Mischa, what are those guys talking about?" Debora asked a bit concerned about them.

"I've not been paying attention to it too much, but it sounds like something only Leonard would play. Why he'd play it is another matter entirely."

Debora quickly shivered at the thought. "He's a good guy, but he has creepy tastes. Anyway, I take it no one still knows of us."

"No not really. After Kody didn't speak of it our only hope of being able to come out with it was destroyed. So unless we say anything, it'll remain this way."

"I see," Debora replied. "By the way, who were these new members I've heard about that Kody said?"

"Oh, apprently new people got interested in what we do. They said they'd actually be here to introduce themselves sometime today. They just never stated when."

"I guess we just wait for them and see how it goes."

Mischa nodded. "I hope all is well, I kinda wouldn't mind some new people."

"Getting bored of us already?" Debora teased.

"No, although Leonard might be why we don't get new members. His interests just either don't match ours that much, or they scare others away."

"Well maybe they know Leonard. How else would they join knowing he's in this club?" She said.


So, new people are coming. And Leonard proves he's capable of being really creepy. So what will happen when these new people arrive? Will they stay, will they run away in fear? Depends on what ktulu feels like doing.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 94: Potential Reveal

Leonard was at home the next morning, typing away at something he had written down. He kind felt though that something was off about Mischa, though he didn't outright say it. Mischa would occasionally glance at Leonard, only for him to turn his head away.

"What?" Mischa asked.

"Oh nothing."

Mischa slightly glared back. "Constantly looking at me is not nothing."

"What? I can't look at you?"

"It's not the fact you can't look at me. It's how frequently you are doing it."

Leonard felt stupid letting himself get caught like that, but it didn't really matter since he would have noticed pretty soon anyway. Leonard ended up giving him a half baked excuse before going right back to writing. Mischa didn't even bother to question him at this point, because he knew how stubborn Leonard was at telling the truth.

Later during the day, the club was doing all kinds of tomfoolery. Mischa and Debora however had no part in it. Mostly because they weren't sure if Kody blurted what he may have seen to everyone. Kody however seemed to be messing around with Leonard, and didn't seem like he knew anything at all. Or was this all an act?

"Kody, keep at it, I'll get behind him!" Kitty said, approaching Leonard from behind. She quickly glomped him, which caused him to almost stumble.

"Hey! No fair! I didn't say you could get reinforcements!"

Kody simply chuckled at Leonard's predicament.

Based on all this, it would seem maybe Kody really didn't know anything. But Mischa was still uneasy. Either Kody knew nothing, and he was being very paranoid, or Kody knew something and just hasn't said it out loud yet. Why he would be doing such a thing is something only he knows. If Kody did know something, he might have told everyone to share what he might have viewed as good news. Good news to them at least.

Debora whispered in Mischa's ear. "Are you still suspicious?"

"A little, but that's only because I know Kody had turned around when we were together. I don't know how long his head was turned, but he could have saw anything from us talking to each other, to us kissing. I just hope it was the former."

"I kinda do too, but we can't hide it if he saw it. It's just something we'll have to accept if he does know. Although I wish he wouldn't blurt it out to everyone."

"We can't really stop him without revealing it to everyone anyway, so we can only sit back and watch. Not like Leonard isn't already suspicious."

"He knows!?"

Mischa shook his head. "No, but he might sense I'm a little uneasy right now. Leonard may seem like he has the attention span of a small infant, but he seems to know when someone is feeling bad or upset."

"For someone who acts like a kid all the time, he sure has a lot of hidden talents."

Mischa nodded. "The problem is the fact he doesn't use too many of them because he's always acting so silly. I kinda wish he'd have some sense already."

"Eventually Leonard will grow up. It may take a long time, but sometimes people discover at some point of their lives all the dumb things they did, and realize how stupid they were. Alternatively looking at his personality, he may never have such a discovery and may act like this until he's too old to move."

"That's a bit mean."

Debora glared at him. "Coming from the guy that says he has an infant's attention span."



Leonard is currently messing around with Kitty and Kody, but does Kody actually know something? Is he waiting for the right time to spill the beans. Or is he truly oblivious to the situation? Only ktulu knows what's really going on in his head.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Strange Tastes of a Crazy Guy

So while I don't watch a lot of anime, and I certainly don't watch what is vastly considered some of the greatest anime (anything from Fate comes to mind simply because I'm just not interested), there are anime that I do enjoy. They might be highly overrated, hated by the fandom, or maybe on acid, but I enjoy them. And that's what's important. This won't be like my last like...two blogs mentioning my top 5 favorite anime, but more what I've been checking out.


Haiyore Nyaruko-San


If you are like me, you'd be going "Wat" at this choice. Currently booming in Japan, this is an anime about Cthulu mythos. Or at least, it's supposed to be. I think. While it does use the mythos as a basis, it doesn't seem to be a big focus. In fact after Season 1 it seems to just go into another direction, although it does keep it's source material in check just in case you might be wondering if they're going to reference anything from it again. All the characters, barring the humans (who in this shot are the characters that aren't color coded, as in silver, red, blonde and green hair), are various creatures from Cthulu (the green haired woman actually IS Cthulu. Who would have thought?) mythos. It is silly, it's not serious beyond the first couple episodes and only in the first season, but damn if I don't enjoy it. Plus it has Yuri AND Yaoi, fanservice for both sides of the fence. Talk about thinking of the fans. And, there's a loli at some point who wants the male lead's babies. Who says they don't think of everything?


Sword Art Online


"BOO, YOU SUCK! BOOOOOO!" I can almost hear you shout. But to that I say BLEH! While SAO has a very divided fanbase, I am one of those people who thought it was fantastic. In fact it's one of my favorites. I mean really, a video game turned into a literal game of survival? Some might argue Accel World does the same thing, and is a bit more favored than this one, but from what I've read (yes I've never seen it, so sue me), you just get your memory wiped. You don't die like this one, which makes it all the more tense. I think the introduction of death is what made it interesting. That and it was a video game. Some might argue the Asuna fluff thrown in is a bit forced, and I'd kinda agree, but I found it a tad cute. I will admit the Fairy Dance Arc got a little weird and more focused on Asuna than what was originally a survival game, but I still enjoyed my time anyway. I pretty much like all the characters in the anime barring the bastard in the second arc. Never have I detested someone so much before.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 


I can post this right? There's no naughty bits showing, and with GameSpot's more relaxed rules, I think this is okay. ANYWAY, this show is quite crazy. And funny. Actually it can be downright hilarious. So what happens when you are alone, people are scared of your pudding hair, and you run into a girl talking to her air friend? WHY YOU MAKE A CLUB OF COURSE! They literally make a club to get more friends, although the only people that join are also anti-social or they have no selfesteem. But hey, they themselves all become friends, so it's all good. At least until NEXT comes along and takes the anus that is your expectations for more comedy and ravages it. While the first season is really funny and the 2nd can also be funny, around the halfway point it jerks you like a leashed dog and throws you into unfamiliar territory. You'd have to watch it to fully understand it. My one question is if an air friend can shred a mean air guitar....


Ore no Imto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai


I can't stop with these images can I? Anyway, besides the long winded mouth full that is the title, it's pretty much called: "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute." And if that didn't scream incest undertones, I don't know what will. You got your typical male lead, Kyousuke Kousaka, harem hero, butt monkey, and more of a man than Pu$sy-Senpai (aka Kodaka from Boku wa). When he's not getting caught up in Eroge thanks to his little sister, he's either ignoring his childhood friend, or hitting on Kuroneko, the token loli, or Ayase, the Yandere route. Or he's getting yelled at. Or punched in the face. Who knows what the day has in store for our lady's man, but it's probably something he doesn't feel like doing. In fact I wonder why he even bothers to get out of bed. He's usually in for some sort of crap to happen. But there wouldn't be a story if he never got up every morning so, plot be damned.

Did I mention it's made by the same company as Boku wa?


Sailor Moon


Yes, I bet this came as a shocker. I have been watching and enjoying what I've seen of Sailor Moon. I decided to watch it since I've seen the dumbed down dubbed version when I was a kid. But what did I know back then? Now that I'm older and more knowledgeable of the Japanese, I wanted to see what the original actually was. To put it bluntly, it's a lot better than what we got. I honestly don't know why they shifted from Tokyo to America. That makes no sense. It's Magical Girl, but I think it's one of the best entries in the genre. In fact Sailor Moon is what got the genre super popular again to begin with, so good on them. I have not finished it, but I intend to watch every single episode of this anime, and continue on with the other season(s).


So with that, that's the new anime I've been watching. Some of it you may agree with, some may not, and some might say harsh names at me. But I don't care, because I'm not you, I'm me. If you wish to show your opinion in a well thought out manner, then do so.

The Yuri Squadron Episode 92: Possible Cover Blown

Mischa grew a bit worried. He wasn't sure what to do if that was really Kody or not. Although it did look like him. He was justing hoping he wouldn't ask any questions.

"Crap Mischa, what if he notices us?" Deborah asked.

"He's gonna notice us if you keep freaking out. Relax yourself."

"But we were going to keep this hidden I thought?"

"Well we can't really do that so well with Kody here now can we?"

Mischa was hoping deep down Kody didn't see them. However, luck was not on his side. Kody had glanced over and had noticed them, though he didn't make it known that he did see them. In fact he wasn't doing much of anything in response. What he was actually thinking was another matter all together. Did he know they were on a date? Or was he thinking of something else?


Meanwhile, in tomfoolery land, Amanda was trying to be as awkward as possible to Leonard. She was playing the part of one of the characters in Leonard's show, which was one of the girls who pretty much had Yuri stamped on her forehead. However, since Leonard was not a girl, this actually made him feel awkward.

"Woah Amanda, calm down there. I don't know how to react properly to this."

"But Leonard, I'm only expressing my love to you!"

"You are expressing the best way to make me feel uneasy. BACK! BACK I SAY!"

"Oh calm down. You know I'm only acting."

"Yeah sometimes I wonder." Leonard replied.


Well, Leonard is still not doing anything useful. But boy oh boy, I think Kody saw what's up. Or did he? What is going on in that brain of his? Stay tuned!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007 

The Yuri Squadron Episode 90: Strange Tastes

Leonard had taken a break from writing. His head hurt, words are annoying, and his anime was subbed so he had to watch it. Amanda, being within watching proximity, also sat through it as well. They watched the whole episode before Leonard actually began to say anything again.

"What on earth have you been watching lately Leonard?" Amanda asked confused.

"Very very strange things. Things that I may be viewed as crazy or immoral. But hey, there's yuri."

"I could tell there was yuri when she asked to have her babies, despite them both being women. And did I see some yaoi in there?"

"Between the two boys? Yeah, and the boy kinda looks like a girl so the yaoi thing almost seems like an illusion until you see a scene of him not wearing a shirt. It was actually that scene that I was 100% certain he was a boy."

"Doesn't help he's voiced by a woman." Amanda responded. "I hate that, always makes me question their gender. Especially if they are feminine looking."

"But isn't Nyaruko adorable?" Leonard said with a smile.

"Is this what's been causing you to act like a cutesy girl?"


Mischa and Debora had found a nice, but not too fancy restaurant close by, just in time too. While Debora was happy, Mischa simply hoped the people there weren't incompetent. He's had to deal with that before.

"What's with your wandering eyes? It's like you are sizing people up or something." Debora asked.

"I'm simply predicting how competent or stupid these people are. You can always tell by watching their actions."

"You don't have much luck in these places do you?" She asked.

"My track record is pretty unpredictable. You can never tell if the person you talk to is paying attention or will actually do what they're asked of in a well paced manner." He replied.

"I agree, but I like to at least make sure this isn't a total waste, even if they end up being stupid. Besides, you have me around to keep you company. Isn't that worth it?" She said with a smile.

"I suppose this situation does have it's positive side."

"You don't have to make your response sound so robotic. We're on a date after all."


Mischa and Debora are....not very lovey dovey right now, and Leonard is exposing Amanda to....what ever the hell he watches. But what are Kitty and Melanie doing? Find out next time when ktulu posts more words on his blog.

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 88: Please Don't Take the Yandere Route

Suzy's face quickly turned into a glare. She wasn't quite happy that someone was trying to take what was once her girlfriend away from her. Not one bit. Kitty stood behind Melanie, not sure what to do, while her true girlfriend stood against her ex still. However, her ex started to form a slight grin.

"So, you think you know everything about Kitty, right? You think you can just scoop her up just like that without any kind of worry? Without ever knowing everything you can about her and her feelings? Oh, I see exactly how this will turn out."

"What are you saying?" Melanie said.

"You have no idea what you are doing do you? Have you ever been in love with someone? Someone of your own gender?"

"In fact I have." She retorted.

"And how did that go?" She said with a smirk.

"...There were circumstances I could not prevent."

"And do you think you could also prevent them from breaking you and Kitty apart? Do you think you are prepared for everything and anything that would split you both up? And should the time comes where your decision would show if you could keep her or not, would you be able to pick the right choice?"

"S-stop this! What are you going on about? You lost Kitty yourself."

"I admit, I was foolish in my actions. But I have learned from my mistake. In fact, I've improved myself in every way. You on the other hand I doubt has done anything to improve upon your past failures." She said, still with the same smirk.

"Melanie....let's go." Kitty said, nudging her.

"I'm sorry Kitty, I know how insecure you must feel with her. I bet you both have already hit some bumpy roads along the way."

"That's none of your business!" Melanie shouted.

"Am I wrong?"

Melanie could not form any words. Because she was right, they had hit a snag once before. But they had patched it up, with no sign of them ever splitting apart. There was no way she was going to ever lose Kitty. And yet, this woman was making her paranoid. Her determination and her ability to dig under her skin was getting to her. She had to break off before she lost her composure.

"Common Kitty, we're leaving. I've had enough of this."

She grabbed Kitty by the hand and dragged her along, Suzy sitting there, grinning.

"You can go, but I'll be waiting for when you screw up. But don't worry Kitty, I won't let you fall. I'll always be here to catch you when you need me."


Leonard was still writing. He really hated stumbling over words so carelessly. It wasn't so much the spelling, rather it was words that looked similar to him. He continued to groan to himself as he grew angry. He was tired of his brain constantly telling him the wrong things.

"What's a guy to do? This is driving me so....AAAAAHHH I CAN'T TAKE IT!"


A loud thump was heard while Mischa and Debora were outside of the room.

"What was that?" She asked.

"I think Leonard just threw something. I hope it wasn't electronic. Or contained glass."

"Why do you let him have his temper tantrums?"

Mischa gave her a look as if she was out of her mind. "I'm smart enough not to stand in front of a stampede. Leonard does not think logically when he loses himself to anger. He's controlled by rage at that point. Otherwise he's a bright mind, just quick to explode."

"Anyway...." Debora said, changing the subject. "Why don't we use this time to beat it. You know, actually do something together?"

"While Leonard is focusing on his writing? I suppose we could, he's probably going to be a while."

"Then it's a date." She said with a smile.


I smell bad news, and it's not the eggs Leonard forgot to throw out. What is Kitty's ex planning? What naug- er....loving things does Debora have planned? And can someone get Leonard an aspirin? Until next time!

Head Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 86: Hazard Approaching

Melanie glanced over at Kitty's ex. She wasn't quite sure why she was here, nor was she sure how they just ran into each other like this. Kitty seemed a bit worried she was around, probably because she didn't want to really talk to her at the moment. In fact, Kitty, was trying to get them both to keep moving.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. Before Kitty could get anywhere, her ex called out to her, which froze her in her tracks. She didn't make eye contact for a few seconds before she slowly turned her head. She sighed to herself before acknowledging her.

"Oh, hello..." She said a bit weakly.


Leonard was at home with Mischa still writing stuff down. Even though he was used to this sort of thing, he was wondering why he was writing so much. Leonard if often lazy, even with his own writing. By lazy, it would be Leonard's lack of keeping up with his own story. Leonard would probably write a chapter's worth of writing every 4 weeks or so. Leonard was never good at keeping up with anything unless someone actually told him to do so.

"Leonard, is there a reason you are writing? I don't think you've ever written this much."

"If you'd like to know, old buddy old pal, old friend, there is a chance I might actually get this stuff published. I heard that they were actually looking for people to submit work, and I wanted them to try out mine."

"I find it amazing you can write so well considering you don't read as much as you write. I wouldn't be surprised if you don't even read your own story."

"Hey now, I do read it. Mainly because it's mine, but you also gotta proof read all this." Leonard responded.

"Since you often confused words for other words." Mischa teased.

"Hey! That's happened like, once. I'm not that awful at writing."


I sense a train crash approaching with Kitty. And it seems Leonard is actually being productive for once. Will he publish his story? Will Kitty avoid a bad end in this slightly real life not-quite-a-dating-sim situation?

Main Writer: Soniczero1993

Assistant Writer: ktulu007

The Yuri Squadron Episode 84: Personality Disorder

A bit of time had passed since Leonard came back from his victory. He was sitting in the club room, with a giant smile on his face. He was humming City Escape to himself as he continued to write on a piece of paper. Everyone assumed he was writing the story he'd been working on, but who knows anymore.

"He defiantly writes fast." Deborah commented.

"If he's interested he does." Amanda responded. "Although if he's bored with something, he's slow as hell. It all boils down to if he feels like being lazy that day or not."

"Wait, he decides what he wants to do for the entire day?" Deborah asked surprised.

"Well yeah. If he wants to be lazy, he will. If he wants to do something, he will. Leonard is unpredictable when it comes to everyday tasks. His personality alters everytime he wakes up."

"Which one is this one?"

"This is the one he takes on when he's writing a story. He's happy and cheery, but tends to zone out a lot and doesn't pay attention to anyone."

Kody had been trying to get Leonard's attention, but he often ignored him. He ended up putting his hand in front of his writing, which promptly got slapped, all without taking his eyes off the paper. The creepy part is he wouldn't respond to anything. Aside from a few hand movements, he was silent.

Suddenly he dropped his pencil and stood up. He still had that smile on his face, and he turned to Amanda. And he stood there, not moving. Amanda tried to speak to him, but he didn't respond. In fact at this point everyone started to say something to him, but nothing got through. All he did was hum the song to himself and smiled. He was a bit unnerving.

He turned his head to Kitty, who was a bit disturbed with his attitude. In fact it was the first real time Kitty has ever felt bothered by him. He eventually walked over to her and looked into her face. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around her and squashed her.

"SO KAWAII!" He shouted, causing everyone to be alarmed.

"W-what's going on here!?" Kitty asked shocked.

"Leonard!? Have you lost it?" Amanda asked frantically.

"I never realized how kawaii Kitty looked. She's so adorable I want to hug her all day!"

Deborah's eye was twitching. She was downright disturbed by Leonard's actions. No one saw this coming, especially since this is the sort of thing Leonard tries to avoid talking like. He was being very out of character.

Mischa had finally walked in, being largely absent for a while, and stopped at the door when he saw the scene.

"Can I ask what's going on here?" He replied.

"Mischa! Old buddy old pal! Did you enjoy that game I bought you? Was it fun?" Leonard asked excited.

"Uh...sure, it was okay."

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I always want to make sure it's to your liking, so I looked long and hard for the right game."

Amanda looked at Mischa with a scared look on her face. "Mischa! What's happened to Leonard!? What did you do to him!?"

"Oh me? I didn't do anything. After the tournament he passed out on the bed when we got home. Later that night I heard a loud clunk and found him on the floor, so I assume he rolled off the bed and thought nothing of it. Then when he woke up, he was telling me how he appreciates our friendship and wants to make sure he could help me in any way possible.


What is going on here...? What kind of crack is Leonard on? Or has Mischa truly done something to our gaming nerd? Found out next time!

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Assistant Writer: ktulu007