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Update on Life, and new computer

So it's May, the time for graduation. The time I SHOULD be graduating. Let me just say seeing your friends graduate and enjoying life, is the hardest thing to bare. Knowing that if I wasn't so F*CKING stupid, I might be walking. But being in this position really set my head straight. So was it a good thing I did what I did? Personally, I think so. Felling the regret I feel made me think about my life. Made me see how important school is. It will make me stronger for whatever may come in the future. And I learn from this mistake.

What really got to me was my mom. She ran into a parent of a old friend of mine from High School, and my mom lied saying I was graduating from a different school. Which I am, but not this year. Really made me fell bad. But I have not lost hope. I am trying to stay positive. I really want to show my best at getting my diploma and make my parents proud. Because I finally have a clearer mind.

The good news is, if I go to AIMS Community College and do their High School Diploma program, if I put in the effort, I could have my diploma by Christmas. And I will have a graduation...sure not with my friends...but with potentialnew friends. And that thought makes me happy :) The thought of meeting new friends, I mean my friends from my old high school will stay with me...but I can meet new friends, and really, it means a lot to me.


Now I do have a new computer, I personally built it. Its a 3.6GHz Quad-Core AMD FX Processor, 8GB of RAM, a sweet looking case. I am waiting on the graphics card, but I went all out on the graphics card.


ALSO...I was wondering if you guys would like some video blogs, but with me talking while playing a game like minecraft. A great way to enjoy the stuff I build and hear any stories I got to tell. Please let me know :)

4/20...Worst day ever!

So on 4/20, alot of events happened...First, it was my dad's birthday. So we went out to eat, but while we were eating, I get a call that my grandpa was in the hospital. He is fine now, they think it was nothing just a high or low blood sugar level. But they did a check up and such, so we find out monday :) But it all happened at once it felt like.

But other than 4/20, I wanted to let you guys know my new youtube channel where I will be uploading a video everyday! I am not asking you to subscribe, but to check out my first video!

Moving: Successful!

So I talked about moving out in the extra room we have on the other side of the garages, well sadly my parents are against it but I got it all cleaned up and ran a ethernet cable out here and moved my computer stuff out here.

But I already talked to my parents, and really my mom doesn't care, it's my dad. He has always been like this, he needs to feel in power around the house and expects us to follow his commands. I asked him to give me a REAL good reason for not moving in and he said "Cause I said so" And so there might be a few fights, but to be able to move out here, I have to do what I got to do. My mom has always had to fight to get what she wants, she needed a new car (Which she bought a few days ago) and my dad would fight about it, finally my mom looked at a car she wanted, and did her research and was very serious about the car she got. My dad ended up throwing a HUGE fit over nothing. He went down there, liked the car and said she can buy it.

The thing about my dad and moving out in the other room is he just jumps to conclusion before I could explain. He throws a fight because all I say is I want to move in, then blocks out anything else I have to say. They are worried I would use more electricity to get the room warm, and I told them I would put a coat on. I enjoy a cooler temperture, when I sleep I can't sleep because I push the blanket off, then get cold. So the thing I have to do is just...DO it! I am just going to move the bed in here one of these days. He will throw a fit, I am sure, but he will then understand that it's not that bad.

Sorry about the rant, had to get it out. Been wanting to make a blog for awhile. Hopefully I will blog more.

Needing a job, Family stuff

So from the title I am job hunting. Now if you know my website, I developed it from the ground up. I learned PHP, HTML, CSS to make the website. Now I am wanting to take what I know, and make it a profit. I have been hunting craigslist for anything, with little luck. I am someone who tends to over think ALOT of things. I always get paranoid about something.

One thing that always worries me is if I fail to meet a standard. I am afraid of not being able to complete what is expected from me. I know alot of PHP, but I was always afraid I might not know something when it comes to a job. I do think that I am over thinking, but I when it comes to a job, I get so paranoid about it like if I fail to complete a task to my very best.

But other than that, I have been having a situation lately with my brothers girlfriend, which at this point, really gets on my nerves. I finally see how selfish she is, and it really pisses me off. My brother dumps all his money into her, to buy her expensive shoes, a iPad 2, and now a car. I am getting ready to move out in a room on the other side of our garages. (A old parlor barn without the milk tanks, so its empty) And I would clean up the parlor barn, to a good state, and take on my own responsibilities. I just get tired of hearing her complain about something she doesn't like, and I have been raised to deal with what you get, and don't throw a fit. She is just so spoiled her whole life. I was never spoiled. My parents made me work for anything.

I really don't want to move out there, but I really don't want to be pushed to my limits and blow up on her. I had to rant about that :lol:

Graduation and Working Out!

I have been wanting to write a blog for a week or so, but never got to it.

First off I got great news on being able to get my diploma. My aunt was cutting my mom's hair and they were talking about it. They brought me in the room and my aunt told me about how her son went to Aims Community College and took a test and got his diploma and was able to walk in Greeley, CO. I am right now in the process of getting ahold of someone to get it all setup and figure out costs. But this is EXCITING news to me.

Next off, I decided to start getting fit. So I made up a 6-day workout schedule where Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be Abs workout. Tuesday will be chest, Thursday will be Biceps, and Saturday will be a full body workout. Sunday will be my day break. But I plan on doing this for a few weeks, then start to switch it up and workout other parts of my body. I also plan on going to our local recreation center and jogging on their track and maybe workout on their equipment.

Question: Would anyone be interested in vlogs, maybe daily of everything going on and workouts?

Looking for staff

If anyone of you know about my website that I run, http://www.gaming-unleashed.comthen you know what I do. I am looking for people to become apart of staff and help make the website better.

I am looking for writers and editors, but if you want to be a moderator or admin let me know. If you have skype that would be better because we hold meetings in a skype chat, and thats how staff communicate.

(Another blog coming later)

Remembering My Grandpa

On March 7th, 2011, my grandpa went in for surgery on hisstomach, he has been talking about pain for years, but they never did anything about it (The local doctors office) Until it became serious. So my grandpa was put in surgery. While in his surgery, things started to fail, his liver, kidneys. Once we heard about his condition, my mom rushed to a plane to see him (He lived in Nevada, we live in Colorado) As my mom was landing and getting in the car, he passed away. I feel bad because my mom didn't get to see him alive, but she got to talk to him, he told my mom if something was to happen my grandma knows what to do.

When I found out he passed away I was in bed around after midnight, my brother came in and told me he passed away, I couldn't help but just loose it. We were going to go fishing with my grandpa in the summer, and the weird thing is, for YEARS I had feelings of something happening, I always told my parents I want to see him. We were tight on money and couldn't make the trip. He did come down to see us I think it was July 4th.

After he passed we visited my grandma, and everyone was still in shock, we all were expecting him to walk through the door and everything will be okay. It just didn't feel the same. I mean to this day I feel like I am still in shock, I still want to see him, and talk to him.

The reason for this blog was because his birthday is coming up Febuary 29th, 1948 (Yes he was born on leap year) Would be turning 64, but since he was born on leap year, he would be turning 16. I am older than my grandpa lmao.

I also can't believe I never posted this blog back then. But now you know. I will continue to keep him in my heart :)

Profile Set To Private?

This is a weird Gamespot glitch. I never selected to make my profile private. But now it should be open, so feel free to check out my blog below :)

Job Fair

So I went and put in an application at Home Depot at 4 different locations. The thing I found out today is tomorrow they are having a job fair for hiring seasonal people.

So I could have a good shot at getting a job, sure not the greatest, but I will take what I can get and do my best at it. My dad told me to talk positive, show them your a hard worker. And my dad said to dress western (Yes thats how I was raised) He said they might hire a cowboy before a punk. Which to me sounds true. So I plan on wearing my best and trying to put on my best attitude. Problem is...can I fall asleep at a good time? :lol:

Wish me luck, and I wish luck everyone struggling for a job, it will come :)

Getting into Game Development

Alright so I have been learning PHP and do website programming for over 3 years now, and have a social gaming website developed, but recently I have been really wanting to get into developing games.

Just tonight I developed a simple game in Blender 3D where you throw balls at a wall and it breaks, and it keeps a score. You can move around along with the camera. But I am just doing this so kinda get a grip on everything, just starting small :lol:

But I went around on programming forums and found a team who wants to develop a game like Minecraft. I emailed them offering to help and learn from it. I am really hoping they agree because it would be a huge learning experience to work with a team. Then after that I can use my knowledge to make a game on my own, or expand with the team to bigger games.

This is exciting and a huge turning point in my life! I will keep you up to date on the progress on learn to develop games and such. :)