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Emerald updates

Things are going ok in Pokemon Emerald. I'm about to get to Mt. Chimney. Also I wanted a 6th team member so I headed to the Safari Zone in hopes of catching a Pikachu. I don't particularly like Pikachu but I catch it to get Raichu. Anyway, around 350 steps in I found a Pikachu. I threw a Safari Ball and caught it with that one try. When I got back to check its stats, I was shocked to find it was holding a Light Ball! I thought it'd take a lot longer to get one of those. I'm working on grinding Pikachu before moving on to my next stop.

A new adventure begins

So a while back i got a copy of Pokemon Emerald. I started it and it's a really fun game. It has more Johto Pokemon for my LeafGreen pokedex, and obviously the 3rd Gen Hoenn Pokemon need to be traded when that's possible. Couple of them I can get through XD on the Gamecube, but Emerald would be faster because you don't have to purify them.

Current team is Combusken lvl 29, Kadabra lvl 24, Magikarp lvl 19, and a Nincada and Geodude for HMs. The Geodude will probably be used for Wattson (3rd gym) as well until I get Sandshrew, who I was planning for my main team.

What's new?

I did some trading in XD today. I centered on Hoenn. These Pokemon are now in my Leaf Green game:

Poochyena, Mightyena, Breloom, Carvanha, Sharpedo, Bagon, Shelgon, Salamence

That brings my LeafGreen National Pokedex up to a grand total of 230 POKEMON! Sure is fun collecting and battling the critters. It'll be cool when I get 'em all, besides Celebi, Mew, Jirachi and Deoxys. Though if I really wanted those I could use a GameShark.

Today in Metroid Prime I beat the Flaaghra, a gigantic mutated plant that had been the source of poisoning in the ancient Chozo ruins. It takes a while to beat, because it's kept going by 4 solar panels. You've gotta shoot them down, but they only stay inactive for a little bit, so you've got to hurry to get them all shut down. After you defeat it, you get Samus' Varia Suit, which allows you to travel in intense heat. Magmoor Caverns is my next destination!

Pokemon Silver has brought me to the familiar world of Kanto, where I have already taken care of gym leaders LT. Surge and Sabrina. Videos are being posted of their defeats, as well as the Johto Elite Four, remaining Rival battles, the Red battle and other special events ingame-they'll all come as I get to them.

More updates

I've gotten a bit farther in my Silver game. I just recently beat the Elite Four using these Pokemon:

Typhlosion lvl 40

Gyarados lvl 38

Skarmory lvl 37

Ampharos lvl 38

Kadabra lvl 41

Sandslash lvl 36

They were kind of underleveled but I still beat them using some Revives and Hyper Potions. Eventually I'll post some videos of the Elite Four battles, the Kanto Gym Battles and the Red battle. Other than that I'm going to start trading from my Blue (which has Mew from the Mew Glitch on it :D) and Yellow games over to Silver to complete the Pokedex.

As far as 3rd gen goes, I'm centering more on Hoenn Pokemon, so I'm purifying those in XD and trading them over to Leaf Green.

I started playing Metroid Prime again too. Not exactly trying for anything, like scanning all items, just playing through to have fun, but it is fun hunting for objects to scan.

Recent updates

Well, I was on vacation! So I took a little break from GameSpot. But I'm back now, I guess!

I picked up three new games while I was gone: Pokemon Silver and Yellow versions, and WarioWare: Twisted! They're all great games. My current team in Silver is:

Quilava lv 30

Croconaw lvl 20(traded from Gold)

Scyther lvl 19

Flaaffy lvl 19

Kadabra lvl 22

Eevee lvl 20

I haven't been playing it for too long, is why. And Twisted is such a good game! It reminded me of smooth moves in some ways, but you can take it on the go! It's a real pain in the car, though, especially for the minigame "DON'T MOVE!" :P

But I'm looking forward to writing more reviews and the whole bit.

Level 17

Well, here I am at Level 17 at 0%, too! And the description is..MINUS WORLD! Oh, I can't tell you how many times I've tried this on my Classic NES Super Mario Bros. for my GBA...but, with my new level, it only seems fitting that I should get the hang of it, and put a video of it.

Plus, this be my 50th blog! Hats go flying and little birthday kazoos go off. Yippee.


Today, my friend, who lives across the street, showed me a copy of PokemonEmerald he had gotten. In Video Game standards, this is really great, because I own LeafGreen, and Emerald has a ton of rare ones. A lot of the Johto ones that you can't get are in the Safari Zone Extention, and still others are there as well. Plus, that makes another person to trade and battle with.

Another step closer to fillin' that Pokedex as much as possible.

New Stuff

Yesterday I picked up to EPIC DVDs. Here they are.

First off was INEPTION! I've been wanting this since I saw it. It was at Blockbuster for a relatively low price. It's probably my favorite normal movie.

The other one was Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume One. This being the really old series, from 2003-2005. They aired them on Cartoon Network. Volume One contains the first 20 episodes. The second volume has the last 5 episodes. The first volume puts more focus on action while the second boosts the length of the episodes to put in more dialogue.

Both these are cool! They make a cool addition to my collection.