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Blink 182 Stuff!!!!!

there's these 4 blink 182 videos I saw and thought were interesting


this one Tom has a weird broken nose thing, Mark has a black eye, and Travis has awesome hair! And watch after the peformance the guy asks Tom about it. Anyway watch it!

Next this is a live performance of Feeling This and it sounds different but good.

Next Blink 182 in my opinion, the best live peformance of What's My Age Again?At Daytona Beach!

And last, Blink 182 live singin Dammit also at Daytona Beach! Don't worry it's cencorsed! Sheesh!

Alright you heard it from me! Now go watch it!

Gettin The New PSP! (When it comes out)

I'm goin to get $200 in cash soon! And I'm goin to get the new ice silver PSP entertainment pack that's comes with (If you're wonderin I read up on all of this) the AC adaptor, Family Guy The Freakin Sweet Collection Umd, Daxter, 1GB Pro Duo memory stick, TV output, You can charge it with the USB cord through the PC (Like an Ipod),doubled on-board RAM has been doubled to 64 MB, and more! Comes Out September! And best of all it's shiny!!!!!!!

Here's a pic of the new ones!

Image:New PSPs.png

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