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Ok.. Solid Snake is here!!!

At last.. I've recieved my Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition bundle. I've waited so long, it seemed like ages. But now the wait's finally over and here is the game:


MGS4 unpacked

This Limited edition consists of The Game, Soundtrack CD, Metal Gear Saga vol 2, An Artbook and an extra Blue-Ray with over 2 hours of commentaries and features.

I really can't wait to immerse myself in this game. I've been a big MGS fan for years and my expectations for this game are sky high. Let's see if the game delivers the promise. I'll be back to let you all know.

Meanwhile here's a little vid from GTA4. I actually shot this to show you how accurately the game depicts Times Square. Compare it to the real photo below the vid. Isn't it unbeleivable?


TS by night

DMC Animated!.

If your're a fan of the Devil May Cry game series like myslef then YOU MUST check out this great animated series

Devil May Cry Animated

The series consists of 12 action packed episodes, featuring the great dante as the main character. I got this dvd off ebay for a really cheap price. I reccomend it to all you DMC fans out there!

The only drawback is that the language is Japanese (I think), but each episode is subbed in English. This won't hinder the experience, I assure you.

For a taste of this anime, click here

GTA 4 deserves the 10 rating!

I've been very busy lately on this game. It got me really immersed in the experience. I must say that this game is absolutely fantastic and its really worthy of the excellent ratings it recieved. Gonna play some more than I'll come back and post some photos later.

Got my GTA4 SE, finally !!!

Oh God, I really had to wait for this! 3 weeks since this game has been released and 3 weeks I have spent anxiously waiting for this game to arrive by post all the way from the USA. Sure I could have gone out and bought it at a local shop in the beginning of the month, but since I wanted the Special Edition and I had pre-ordered it I had to wait :roll: Anyway, now it's here...

Grand Theft Auto 4 still in box

And here it is, unpacked at last... well it's been worth the wait!

Grand Theft Auto 4 unpacked

I'm off to play now people, I'll write a review soon and let you know if this game was really worth the 10 rating.

Pre-ordered Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition

Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots Limited Edition

Ok, so I may seem to be wasting my money, but I was really looking forward to this game and so I went for the 'all-inclusive' edition. The Limited Edition is only available from Gamestop. It cost me a total of almost $150 to have it shipped here to Malta, but I am happy to be having this game. Metal Gear never let me down. Hope the series will not stop as Hideo is saying!

I'm BACK again!

Hey ppl, I am back and I am here to stay! Gonna revamp my profile and I am back into serious gaming too.

Any PS3 owners please add me as your freind. My profile name is davidgatt

See you online!

Beat Darius finally!

I finally managed to beat Darius on the final canyon duel. He gave me quite a hard time. I used a Mercedes SLK to beat him which has lots of power but also very good handling. In the meantime I also completed Red Dead Revolver. Its a very cool western game, though it could have been a little longer. Gonna start some pc game now to give my ps2 a break. Hmm, some good strategy game, maybe Age of Empires 3.

Need for Speed Carbon Boss

Hey ppl, those who played NFS Carbon all the way through, did you find it hard to beat Darius? I went through the game really quick and found it quite easy, but I am having serious problems with this damn guy Darius. He's the last boss and he's really hard to beat at the canyon race, unlike the other bosses.

Which is the best Massively Multiplayer out there?

Hey people, need some avice from you. Since that, as I mentioned before, Matrix Online seems to have been abondened, I am looking for a new MMORPG. I have these ideas in mind:

I know there are a handful of other MMORPGs that seem very promising: Pirates of the Burning Sea, Tabula Rasa, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. What do you suggest for me?

MGS4 is going to be a PS3 exclusive

Earlier this year caused quite a lot of talk when they put up an advert on their site that gave the impression that Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots was going to be released on XBOX360. This was quite a welcome news for XBOX owners and a disappointment for Sony's exclusive games list. However this seems to have been just a mistake, as the advert has now been removed from the site, and only the PS3 version remains as a preorder. Check it out on

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