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SYSTEM WARS AWARDS 2010, and some other stuffola.

EDIT : This year was a travesty riddled with deleted votes, early locking of the thread, clear alt. accounts of users voting twice, and some other shenanigans involving some Guufs.


Hey, it's been a whole year-ish! WOWZERS! I just love all of you guys (well most, lol), and wanted to let you know that the System Wars Awards are BACK! I haven't made a blog in about a year, because well, just because. ;) This Blog may be the first of many more if I can snap out of my funk.

BTW, This was found by my buddy 3sFan and Killerfist back in 2009.

In other news, I just Hit 106,000 GAMERSCORE thanks to Halo Reach, which I am currently sitting at 800+ Gamerscore for that game. I would play the SP more to finish it off, but the MultiPlaya is the only thing I really care to play. :( :) I also recently got my 47th Platinum, and just hit a TROPHY MILESTONE, 3000 TROPHIES! :shock: I don't ever want to get another Trophy again, 3000 seems awesome! :P

Here is a Dual 360 Xbox Live Gamertag and PS3 Tag I've been using since the end of last month :

What's UP! :P

Here is just a PSN ID (Upper Right hand corner, 3000 Trophies!):

Here is my Xbox Gamertag with Gamerscore (106,000+ THOUSAND, that's right, 100K!) :

That's not to say that I've neglected my fave movies and TV shows, as I'm watching way too many right now. Don't worry, I still play any Wii or my handhelds. I'm still waiting for Kirby and Donkey Kong on Wii after all. :P C'mon, I got to play with my lady too, right?

Shout out to Don't Believe the HYPE, you guys have been incredible! :o Anyone ever interested in Joining HYPE, PM me or one of the other officers. You may not get in, but we will take it's a very interesting screening process on our end.

Those of my friends not in H.Y.P.E. you guys rock as well. It's been a very interesting year for me on, as I learned so much about so many people. Some great, some good, and some bad. :(

Anyways, here's the LINK to the SYSTEM WARS AWARDS2010. Last Year I won KING of SYSTEM WARS, HERO OF SYSTEM WARS, and Hippy Manticore of System Wars. Unfortunately, they got rid of the Hero category this year, so I will be the LAST HERO of SW ever, but you can still vote for WHOEVER you want as KING or QUEEN (Your choice, lol). Feel free to vote in other categories like master of lulz, debater, writer, hippy manticore, etc. :P Honestly, it's in fun, and I happen to think some odd juju and perhaps curses come with the territory, lol.

I was thinking about compiling some links to SolidTy's greatest hits on SW this year 2010 (New idea, lolz), so Here 's a few... (Some really funny stuff was deleted off or moved, so I can't show folks anymore. I had some funny Alan Wake, COD, Activision, Guitar Hero, and Scrooge McDuck posts / jokes, that are not available as they have been hidden or whatever GS does. :( I would dig up more, but I'm tired, and some are missing...:( )

These links are 20 posts per page :

1.)SolidTy's Kinect River Rafting Idea!(Kinect SW thread that goes wild, scroll to the last part even, Funny! :lol: )

2.)Hairdryer to 360 slim accusation? Say it ain't so! (I had a lot of fun with this one(VERY Hilarious, it's worth a click, I promise)and the SW user with the Slim became a popular internet user for a few weeks. :shock:

I would have posted more links, but truthfully I'm very tired and it's hard to remember all of them. Heck, some links that I remembered and looked up, it turns out the entire thread is hidden on some other board. :? I didn't want to use funny moments from other years, only 2010, making the search harder, but enjoy all the same.

I have so many of you as friends, and for those of you not on my friendslist, it's not personal. Blame 360 and PS3 for limiting how many friends I can have on their consoles. :cry:If you guys want to play some Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (360 or PS3), Castlevania HD (360), Halo Reach (360), Uncharted 2 (PS3), Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (360 or PS3), Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3), or other games, let me know. :P

As you can imagine, if you are on myGS friendslist, you are reading this. NO Outsiders are allowed to see this blog, so that means I like you...a lot, like a lot, a lot, jen-ny. :D:P

Uhm...yeah, that's about it. 8)

Now, here is a word with some VERY Famous sponsors 8)...

Vote me Gamespotter of the Year 2009! Hurry, Time's runnin' out!

Hello, Fellow Gamespotters and Friends.

I am finally allowed to tell you, I've been nominated by Gamespot to be Gamespotter 2009! It's quite a thrill, so vote SOLIDTY, Gamespotter 2009!;title;1

Thanks, and leave messages if you guys want to cram in any last minute 2009 multiplayer games on 360, PS3,or PC. :P

Games I'm trying to rev up on : L4D2 PC or 360, StarCraft PC, SF4 PS3, Uncharted 2 Multiplayer, MW2 Multiplayer (PS3 or 360), Blazblue PS3, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 PS360, Super StreetFighter 2 HD Remix 360 or PS3, or perhaps something of your choosing.

I got more time off, so let me know! :P Time is running out, Voting ends January 2, 2010!

EDIT : I WON!!!! Here's a link : Check after 20:24. I got a mention on 1-12-10 on TODAY ON THE SPOT. That's the second Episode I've been in! :shock:

Here's the link to vote for me once again...;title;1

Note to myself, I had a goal of 30 Platinums by the end of the year, and 100,000 Gamerscore. I hit the Gamerscore, and I'm at 29 Platinums (Leven 16 with 1919 Trophies :) ).

System Wars 2009 Awards Breakdown/Acknowledgement Blog from King Ty the Hero!

Hey, it's KingTy, SolidTy the Hero, and I just wanted to pass some accolades around for the SW Awards (Let's hope I fare better than the last King, who was Banned. I call it the KING KURSE :shock: ).

Here is the LINK to the System Wars Awards! (Click) sponsored by Ninja Hippo from Avant Game and recently recruited they could participate in having some control over the awards for years to come.

Well, it's all over, and this is the break down :


User Who Should Post More: carljohnson3456! (CJ was a great poster, this is nice to see)
Most Active Poster: Jandurin, ActicEdge
(I was the more active than I've ever been, but I just couldn't compete with these dudes! Congrats. Actic has only been here for about 10 months with 8000 posts, Jandurin's at 60,000!)
Best Username: Cookigaki, Ninja-Hipoo
(Cooki is pretty dang new, and Hippo's been around, good names though. Extra Props for Hippo making this award go down! :P)
Best Debater: Subrosian
(He is an oldtimer as well, he certainly used to debate a lot more, good job.)
Best Avatar:
psn8214, aallxxjjnn, AdobeArtist (Congrats on your avy's guys!)
Best Sig: Stevo_The_Gamer (He's got a funny Cow sig due to ODST getting a 9, maybe he will make a Uncharted 2 sig too, with U2's 9.5!:shock: )
Best Designer/artist: AdobeArtist (by miles!) (Great job, Adobe, I'll have to hit you up sometime. Nice pics of Playboy models in your campaign efforts.)
Best Matching avatar and sig: Animal-Mother ( He was banned, but he won, he is a poster in SW. )
Best Journal (blog): jg4xchamp (over 90% of the vote )(I never knew he had a blog till last year!:shock:)
Most Unique Topic Creator: Thunderdrone, Willy105 (Thunderdrone is another brand newcomer to SW, but both these guys are Nintendo die hard fans, which create fun topics for SW to revel in. Congrats guys!)


Best Mod:
Teufelhuhn (I remember him as a poster, he's been a decent Mod)
User Who Should Be a Mod: Wasdie (I remember him as a poster, now he's the Boss of a union.)
Most Underappreciated User:
-Oath (He was rough around the edges, but he's really become more opened minded!)
Best American User: jg4xchamp (New Yorker, and proud of it. He's a fan of football, Nascar,Food, and women.)
Best Canadian User: AdobeArtist (Heard good things, Saw even better things from him Just found out he's Canadian! Congrats!)
Best Australian: Skrat 01 (I didn't know he's Aussie, like Zarshack, but Skrat's always been a decent poster, and like me he's an oldtimer)
Best European User:
IronBass (The Legend SolidTy recognizes Europe has posters that come to GS!)
Best International User: Anshul89 (I've seen him around the forums, glad to see he was recognized.)
Best GS Newcomer: Tagyhag (Pretty new to me, but she's made an impact, and the people have spoken! :))

THE System wars AWARDS:

System Wars King/Queen: SolidTY (Thank you guys! I will do my best as King not to get Banned! The King Kurse, as I now dub it! :lol: )
Most Grizzled Ancient, aka System Wars vet: Subrosian
(He's been here for as long as me, an oldtimer like Jandurin. I remember seeing them back in the old PS2 Xbox Gamecube SW era! )
The System Wars Hero: SolidTY
(Again, Thanks! It's an honor!)
Most legendary thread: "
PS3 is on a treadmill and going nowhere" (Too many funny threads, this one won.)
The Grunt Award aka best newcomer to SW: TagyHag (Like Newcomer Actic, She's made quite the impression!)
Overlord of Gifs: HarlockJC ( He does like to bust them out, and they are always fun. Great Job!)
Best Writer: The_Game21x (He doesn't post as much as he used to, but I've had fun chatting with him. Congrats!)
Grand Master Lulz aka funniest user:
Jandurin, Floppy_Jim (I wanted this one, but congrats to these guys, they earned it! )
Nicest User: Floppy_Jim (There are a few nice guys, and Floppy is indeed one of them. :))
Most Intelligent: Teufelhuhn (Congrats again, sir! :P)
Outgoing/Crazy User: Floppy_Jim (I didn't know what this meant, but congrats nonetheless!)
Most respected User: Subrosian (Well, he does have a sticky up there!)
The "Rock the Boat' award: ActicEdge (The new guy gets another AWARD?! Good job!:P )


Best Overall Editor: Kevin Van Ord

Game Awards:

GOTY prediction: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (I can't wait to play this. I got a sealed copy, I plan on opening tomorrow. I was involved with three Beta's for U2, and I can vouch they are a blast. The SP is what I really want to sink my teeth into, as I got Beat Uncharted 1 4 times just to get a PLatinum :P)

System which *won* 2008/2009(so far): Playstation 3 ( Since early 2008's AAAA MGS4, Sony's PS3 has been cranking with AAA LBP, AAA Resistance 2. The train didn't slow down with this years AAA MLB09:The Show, AAA Killzone 2, AAA InFamous, AAA Demon's Souls, and AAA Uncharted 2. I think the PS3 $299 Slim is what really sealed the deal for many folks, including Gamespot. Great year for all machines, but great momentum for PS3 this year.)

Biggest flop: Halo Wars (I had it reserved, I bought it. It's still fun, but it's not wonderful. Many reviewers seemd to equate this game as the game that was going to make RTS big for consoles, like HaloCE did for FPS. That was wrong, in retrospect. Still, I own it, and it's a decent game. Still, a 6.5 is what Halo Wars got from GS. Also, the team that made it are no more. :( )

Biggest surprise hit: Demon's Souls (It got a 9 from GS! Surprised me, as it's hard and niche, but congrats on that game. It's a Sony 1st Party game in Japan, made by Sony and From Software. However, Sony didn't think it would ever sell out here, so ATLUS brought it over to the States. Pretty neat story, now we wait and see if Sony was right about the sales. Sony made a game last gen on PS2 called SkyGunner, that they allowed Atlus to bring over as well. It would be nice to see this game get the sales it seems to deserve.)

Most overdone thread topic: Forza 2 vs Gran Turismo 5 (Way too much of these silly threads. ALso, it's a typo, it was FORZA 3 vs. GT5, not Forza 2. :))

Platform AHippywards:

The 'I'm a PC' award for System Wars' PC aficionado: Adrian Werner (I haven't seen him post in FOREVER, but congrats!)

General Xbox McRedrings - award for System Wars' Xbox 360 aficionado: WilliamRLBaker (WilliamRLBaker, he won.)

King Wii of Nintendopia - award for System Wars' Wii aficionado: Willy105 (Long Time Sheep and still making fun threads. Creator of Retro Wars and SW Monthly.)

Admiral of the Royal Sony Defense Force - award for System Wars' PS3 aficionado: jakehouston88 (He campaigned and it paid off. Good job Mr. Jake.)

The Hippy award - award for a genuine manticore, if such a thing exists: SolidTY, Subrosian (Nice to see someone else get some awards this year, last year it was the Subby Awards practically. I'm in good company then. ;) )

See you next year!


Well, that's pretty awesome stuff right there.8)

Congrats to all, and I will do my best as both King and Hero. You guys have made me very Happy!


Note to future self : Since I'm blogging, this is a reference to myself for myself, but as of OCT 2009 I am at :

1478 Trophies with 21 Platinums, and 97,622 Gamerscore.

Update : I was mentioned in Today on the SPOT! 10-22-2009 24:10 is right before the mention for this blog!


Well, it's that time again this year, the ANNUAL SYSTEM WARS AWARDS 2009!8)


If you are a LEVEL 6 GameSpot User, and you've visit System Wars from time to time, go rock your VOTE!:P


Whatever you vote, just remember to have fun, it's all virtual fun.:)

I myself am up for a few categories, so if you feel the need to vote SOLID, I wouldn't mind.:lol:

This is SolidTy, Signing Off.:)

Quoted For Truth,QFT,Revisiting an Unlikely Internet MEME,that I gave the world!

If you go back through my blogs, you can see that while I created Quoted for Truth sometime in 2005ish, I blogged in in early 2006 as I noticed users here at Gamespot started using it. I never imagined it would spread all over the net!

Check out my very first BLOG to this site, it's crazy. :)

This was years before Gerstman Gate, and all.

Had I known I created a popular MEME, I would have documented it sooner, but luckily my VERY FIRST BLOG did document it after I noticed others were using the phrase QUoted for Truth or QFT. I felt I should blog it back then, and I'm glad I did!

I guess you never know what you say will actually catch on, How was I to know?

Funny thing is I NEVER expected this to become a popular MEME. It's pretty awesome. It's all in good fun.

I'm just so surprised! It hit me a few days ago when someone I knew was talkinga bout Internet MEMES, and I realized, I actually contributed one!

Overall, it's not a big deal, just something I know I did, and is kinda cool to me, that's what Blogs are for, right?

The above sentence is QUOTED FOR TRUTH!

Michael Joseph Jackson(MJ),KING OF POP,has left us.:( 6-25- 09. GAMES HE WAS IN!

Goodbye MJ, you will be missed. What's to miss about MJ. His Music Contributions. His Donations to Charity.

HE was the KING OF POP, and for good reason.

I think this is tragic, just a few days ago, I found out Jackson was going on tour, and I asked myself if he was still able to do it, physically. He was a perfectionist, and competitive, and would push himself hard. I guess it was true. Jackson would have been 51 next month.

As far as the child abuse with that Jordan Chandler kid in the 90's stuff goes, I'm one of those silly people that still believe in "Innocent until Proven Guilty", and that Chandler Case was closed. Maybe Jackson did it and got away with it, or maybe he didn't. I'm not going to assume the worst. I do know that Wacko Jacko stories sold papers, and anything to tarnish a celeb in general is gossip that people will pay for.

I wasn't a huge MJ fan, but I find this to be sad.

HIs game Contributions Should be noted since we are here at GAMESPOT.

MoonWalker the Game, (Arcades, MasterSystem, and Genesis)

GTA: Vice City (PS2, PC, Xbox)"You wanna be Startin' Something" and "Beat It" on the soundtrack.

Ready To Rumble 2 (PS2/Dreamcast)

Space Channel 5 (PS2/Dreamcast)

SingStar - MJ songs Available

That's all I can think of for now...

I remember so many of his songs :


I have had a few deaths in my family, but It's been awhile. However, The King Of Pop's Death really affeected me. You see, I grew up listening to all sorts of great music, and if you listen to great music, you couldn't have missed MJ's stuff. Im' not really talking about the MAN himself or putting him on a pedastal.

I'm talking about his musical legacy, and knowing that any new works of his will be lost forever.

Just to Jog some Memories for you guys (Click to See Vids to hear songs in question):

BEN (MJ as a Kid!)

THRILLER (#1 Selling Album in the WORLD!)

Man in the Mirror

Rockin Robin (MJ in the Jackson 5)

Earth Song

Don't Stop till you get Enough

The Way You Make Me Feel (He even did this with Britney Spears, Ask if you want to see that version)

Rock With You

Black or White

Scream (With his Sister Janet!)

BAD! (Wierd Al even has a hilarious Parody of this!)

Smooth Criminal (Yes, Alien Ant Farm remade this great tune)

BILLIE JEAN (One of the great Songs Evah!)


You are Not Alone (You may know this due to Disney)

I just can't stop loving you

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Wanna Be Startin Something

Dirty Diana (One of my Favorites, Guitar's written by Legendary Billy Idol Guitarist, in Video though it's SLASH!!! )

You Rock My World (HD)

One More Chance

Say Say Say (With the Beatles Legend PAUL McCARTNEY!)

The Girl is Mine (Again with Paul McCARTNEY, dang.)

Remember, MJ also starred in The Simpsons Season 3, as a Bricklayer White Mental Patient, Cla.ssic Episode, and he wrote : Lisa It's Your Birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa!

He also gave many artists breaks with their #1 hits, like Rockwell's : Somebody's Watching Me (MJ's only part is "I always feel like, Somebody's Watching Meee!")

Truly, I went back and have listened to about 30 of his songs over and over, and I even have had quite a few conversation's with pals about it at Denny's and such.

Peace and Love, Fellow Gamers!


Goodbye Moonwalk. Good bye MJ. :(

How many Platinums do you have? What is your Gamerscore?

I was talking to a fellow Well Respect Gamer (Jeff Gordan fan) and I realized that not many get the full use out of their games.

What is the Average Gamerscore you get before moving on to the next game? I have one friend that tends to get around 50-200 points per game, and another that shoots for 500-800.

How many trophies/percentage do you hit before you feel you've completed the game?

I just got my 12th Platinum (In "Eat Lead") and after I platinum Infamous this month (Hopefully) I can go back to just kickin' back and playing some random Wii games or my DS/PSP's.

BTW : Eat Lead was very funny, the game mechanics were decent, nothing mindblowing, but the game is hilarious. If you are a gamer that liked Giants:Citizen Kabuto or Bard's Tale due to humor, do your self a favor and at least rent Eat Lead.

Katamari, Noby Noby Boy...How crazy do you have to be to make these games?

Designing games is hard work to be sure, but a lot of you don't know that most artists (From painting to music), have to juggle that hard work with their genius and their crazy.

Here, read these quotes from the man (Keita Takahashi) who gave the entire gaming world KATAMARI and NOBY NOBY BOY :

Also, here is a neat fact, NOBY NOBY BOY was going to be XBLA, But due to the awkward Analog placement, Takahashi said NO! Check it out, this guy is giving the world some fun reading, but I don't want him to stop making games!

Read ahead to laugh, I love this stuff. :P

New Saturday Morning Watchmen Cartoon.Watch the Watchmen on Saturday Mornings!

Well, this is pretty darn cool, it's in the early stage's of production, but I thought you guys might like a preview on this project.

It's a Brand New Saturday Morning Cartoon for the Watchmen...don't worry, it's short.

Click on "Watch This Movie". Try to avoid reading people's comment's, watch it first at least.

Remember, it's in the production stages. :)

Who Watches the Watchmen?

You do, on Saturday Mornings! WATCH SATURDAY MORNING WATCHMEN Cartoon!

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