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Good to see that system and game updates are as common and tedious as ever this gen. It took 3 hours to update the XBONE out of the box and 2 hours to install fallout and update it. After a few days of playing, another update has rolled out. Another 2.4 gigabytes and, with my less than optimal internet connection, another 1-2 hour wait. And yeah, the game is great. Pity I can't play it. I guess I'll go read a book.

Level 63. Y U SO LONG

Nngghhh And the LOTR War in the North game is a piece of ****. I didn't think they still made glitch ridden games. And I mean glitchy to the point of not being able to proceed. Add to that the gameplay mechanics of defend-the-door from enemies that just ****ing ignore you and don't react to any of your attacks. I give up.

Setting off for China

I'm setting on in a few hours. Pretty nervous. The online check in isn't working, so that's reassuring. I managed to check in the for the first flight, but the second airline won't check me because it says I haven't. So yeah. Maybe it's lagging. I don't know.

The New Leveling System

Is pretty rad. I don't fully understand how it works, but you can see for yourself here. I'm still level 63, though, and have been for way too long. And it doesn't seem like that's going to change. I don't know about you guys but I never got the "compensation" points for the past month either. Now comment on my blog and earn yourself some XP.

Some games and that

I discovered that you can download Battlezone, for the PC, for free online. I used to play that loads when I was younger so it's pretty fun to experience it again. Also, I've been playing street fighter online. I think I lost like 15 matches in a row.. out of 15 matches... so that's pretty good going really. I've never been able to win online... at ANY game. I'll go cry in the corner now. Oh and aside from losing every round, there was this side of my experience. Must be the wifi or something.

Downloadable content

So I've been playing Dragon Age a lot lately. And the one thing I noticed with these kind of games, I'm never satisfied with how my party looks; that is, the armour they have etc. The armour you start with always looks awful. So I might it my main priority to find something nice looking... and then by the time I've done that, I've almost beaten the game. So I looked at the DLC, thinking I'd use my sexily dressed party for those missions. Then I realised how stupid I was. I bought the regular version (on the cheap, thinking I'd gotten a good deal). But I could have bought the ultimate edition (for the same price!) which includes all of the DLC. I remember spending way way too much money on the Fallout collectors edition a few years back and then spending even more on the DLC. And then the following year, the GOTY edition came out with everything included. I'll learn my lesson for next time.