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The digital future

Whenever there's a post about a supposed "digital only future" I read the post, and the comments, and what I see is a bunch of people talking about the same thing and still complete different things at same time.

The digital future that the gamers community wants is a future were they can download everything cheap from any machine, however a future like this is too consumer oriented, the profit obtained from this is small and takes too long to obtain,no company will ever be sustained with just this, or do people actually believe those online authors or video walkthrough makers on YouTube receive millions from those things?

Most indie artist receive very little from their work,most products sold on internet gives almost nothing to their makers, that's why they need to keep working constantly, the number of people that have Crunchyroll accounts and keep pirating and saying "I have a CR account, so I help the industry" the authors receives around 1-2$ bucks per month from the site, you only help if you pay for DVD or BD, why do do everyone thinks of Square-Enix creating a Xbox One version Kingdom Hearts 3, because they're now so big that they need the largest amount of consumers to avoid having to fire a bunch of people as consequence of spending too much creating a project.

But even Square-Enix that is a large corporation talks about a digital future, know why?

The digital future that companies wants is the opposite of the gamers, they want to create multiples Second Life, were they can charge 300$ for a shoe(a digital shoe) for your avatar, to turns their games in patch's and only deliver digitally, in fact a future like this will kill even sites like Gamespot and IGN, these companies would have their own game(patch) news site.

A future like that is too business oriented, no consumer will ever survive in this for over a year, most would given up in a month.

No matter how much they wish for a future like this they will never reach any of those, as soon they are close to one the back step to avoid damage, all that they say comes only from mouth, none of them has the guts to do something like this, once they do will have the same fate as Onlive.

Whiteout mentioning the limitations of the internet: caps, cables, lack of antennas, the trillions of dollars that would take to fix all that and the decades that would take to finish all that, and the severe consequences of these futures such as mass unemployment and massive taxes, which would make all the profit margin thin, very thin, making all the prices over-expensive.