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Back In business more FFXI. In fact....No more mmorpgs. Except W.O.w...Which is only on a once a week deal. I think I got like 3 sigs I owe people. I think. Could be more. When the hell is Advent children going to come out :evil: Why is selling 399.99 bundles..WHY DO I WANT A BUNDLE?...I just need the damn system and 1 game. BTW New sig..i owe myself this pleasure.

The End...I swear this time.

Advent Children

It took about 5 months to comlplete Final Fantasy 7. 5 months on my first ever rpg. The game will forever have a place in my heart, but I'm not here to talk about that. The battle between good and evil, played out in a deep story containing all the elements of imagination and adventure. The meaning of Sephiroth and the meaning of Cloud, are a devestating impact. Words cannot describe the final outcome and the final days I put into FF7. Wasnt long soon after, I obtained Knights of the Round, the beckoning call from beneath haunted me everytime I closed my eyes. Though nothing can surprise me of what dangers lurked inside the crater..I knew this was the battle that has soley and sadly was bound to arrive. I can remember like yesterday, in the forgotten city, the most dramatic death, unexpectly occured. The death of Aeris. Dont think for a minute, my revenge for that has vansihed, I was surely striving to revenge that death.

So a story stuck in the sands of time. Left alot to be answered. So leaves us to enter Advent children.
:to be continued:

Fall Season O the many games

Killzone, Granturismo, Gta:Sanadreas..just a few of the games being released this fall. Yes, it is that time of the year where PS2 willl own all. Im starting to get in my gaming frenzy, usually happens around this time. Now that FF11 is far behind me, I'm looking foward for some new online competition.

Zoned to kill:
Killzone is going to be hot title this fall. Sure enough I will obatin it, like many of you out there. I'm looking foward to the mulltiplayer online option. Its going to be great and fun and geezzz intense.

O boy..even thought the online release is short after the major rlelease, I'm not upset.. That gives us about a month to train and modfiy the cars will race online. All i can say, is its going to be a barn burner...and we all coming out swinging.

I eat, sleep and blink GTA. I love it, you love it...we all love it. This one is going in a new direction where anything is now possible. Sure enough..this mofo is loading more extras then mario allstars.

Rumble roses:
As a 3d modeler, females are a important symbol to the community. This game made me appreciate wrestling more then ever. Yes, its a lil racy and sexy in the terms of the characters. But i dont care. Graphics and good wrestling willl win me over.

Not much I can say abou this but:

Dont worry there more..and sure enough we'll see how it all plays out

3 years 3months 15days 7 hours 23 minutes and 6 seconds

3 years 3months 15days 7 hours 23 minutes and 6 seconds. This is how long It took me to realize that there is no one living next door to me. It is a quiet street after all. Normal people do the normal routine of coming in and leaving every morning. Greeting and passing by the same people day in and day out. All though the house on the right had a few family;s that I see day in and day out, the house left to my house, which by the way holds 3 familys, just recently as I walked by the house for the 1billionth time, I found out by one of my neighbors that no on lives there. Ok dont get me wrong, my life has been busy the last 6-9 years. From leaving the house at 6:00am to catch the bus til waking up at 7:am to catch a class. No time has it popped if I had neighbors leaving next to me. You should just know if there is or if there isnt. Eventually you run into them, some way or some how.

If it wasnt...

If it wasnt for my hair, I would be early for work.
If it wasnt for my clothes, I would be early for school.
If it wasnt for my videogames, I would have more sleep.
If it wasnt for Life, I would be dead.
If it wasnt for the rude people in the world, I wouldnt have the ability to hate.
If it wasnt for socks, my shoes would feel uncomfortable.
If it wasnt for God, I would have no Life.
If it wasnt for friends, I would not be social.
If it wasnt for Culture, I wouldnt care.
If it wasnt for glasses, I would not see.
If it wasnt for standing in front of the television too close, I could see.
If it wasnt for school, I wouldnt know nothing.
If it wasnt for school, I wouldnt have better word for something.

It's all about perspective

Having a good perspective in life really shows how wonderful it is to be around people. Starting a day with a smile and ending it with a smile surely has it postive results on you and others. But the problem, to start off with, is trying to begin a day with a smile. Normally as dawn breaks, and the alarm clock goes off, your not feeling very happiesh. Most of the time, when I begin my day at the crack of dawn, I feel slugish, emptyminded, and seriously dead on my toes. If the day after wasnt going to bring some new exciting situation or event, it becomes hardly more then a task to get yourself in that mind phase, too look at the world with a bright smile. I can paint a visul picture to describe this. In the comic strip "Garfeild", garfeild the cat wakes up early monday morning, eyes half close, bags under his eyes, hair insanly messy, and hardly can make a perfect sentence come out his mouth. Drinking his cup of coffee at the table, he says," I hate Mondays...Urgghhh". Thats the best way to describe me...but mondays for me is 5 days a week.

Even though garfeild doesnt have to go to work hours after his morning routine, the normal person does. Coping with that few hours of laziness to get out of bed ,is a harsh task. Especially for someone like myself who gets so little sleep. While garfeild the cat gets 10-20 hours a sleep, we dont have the opportunity to share that gift garfeild the cat does.

Just say it

Normally I would seek some sort of help amongst the vast majority of the web. This time I think I better find a new place of resoursce, be it may not via the computer moniter. I'm sure I learned a few things today. How can I write what I want to say without worrying about language or writing systems? Seriously its not easy. There are many exceptions to the rule, that I learned earlier today in class. I cant speak any different then I usually write. Coming up with few choice words is as difficult as coming up with a paragraph that flows from one to another. Consider this, If wiriting was easy and anyone could do it, then I'm sure there will be alot more dramatic and ironic writers telling the same bull-@!$% stories. But then I consider when do I need to write, and what I should write about.

When it comes to language Im a norm. I dont slang, I dont abbreviate, or make short cut with words. Using the word "Hey" or "Waddup" as a greeting, Is to me personally considerd rude and immature. Thats as idiotic as someone saying "Slap me some skin brotha". Whatever, I guess thats just how it is. Next subject, considering whats happening now in school. Absences suck and being behind really Suck. Aint nothing more fustrating and embarassing then to be behind on your school work and not knowing a god damn thing when you show up for next weeks class.

Next subject, peace. Yes I need it and I want it. I do as much as I can and do whatever it takes to reorganize my schedule jsut for a little bit of quiet peace. Then again I consider peace and tranquility. Obviously the teachings of the Dao have really shine a light over my empty headed brain. I'm like the old man who is a hermit. Shun the world out and find enlightenment. Normal people would consider that a crock of @$%! right? Whatever.

Ok last idea. Videogames. Your probably wondering "Why go from something serious all the way to a subject like videogames?" Well I can asnwer that. Being empty headed, I relate to games more then I do real life. That order of peace comes in. Playing games with your friends or playing a game online, living an adventure without the worry of real life consecquences. That 1hour to 6 hour of pure mind is like freedom to a slave. Wouldnt it be nice not to worry about those things and find your self in harmony within a world of your own?

Writing about writing

I remember last semester in my written communciations class I had a rough time following through. Sadly, I failed it, leaving the idea that I had no clue on how to wright an essay or a short story. The class was a pain in the ass so to speak, and the teacher was not even close to even trying to motivate me into continuing to write. It was a sad for me and my time spending there in that class. Which brings me to this years new semester. I'm taking a class with, what I have to say, is a great written communication teacher, who i felt comfortable with since day 1. I'm starting to actually see, "The Point". Yes someone is actually giving me step by step guidance. and slowly I'm improving.

So I got a c- minus on my essay, there is room for improvement. I'm not going to worry about that 1st essay. I mean I havent wrote an essay since that last time of my 1st semester. So what did I expect to become, Jules Vern overnight? I dont think so.

1st off, I can write, and I write very well depending on the subject. I can write and tell stories of certain nature, like sci-fi or adventure. Persoanl experience might be a subject I cant categorize myself in, cause I havent experienced anything. Well at least not yet, I will consider things will happen soon.

I realized my creativty is balanced between the knowledge that I know and how I handle said knowledge. My creative writing has brought me to the conlcusion that there is nothing standing in my way of writing great "Communicative information". Yes I made that up, so if your reading this, I'm sorry I may have to copy-right that word for you computer geeks out there.

Its never a good day to write until I wake up saying, "Today os a good day to write".

Socially Interactive

Comunication is the obvious form of organization and information. Be it may our main focus of social activities and interaction. Stories in gaming have brought a great inspired key element to many people., creating new ideas, thoughts, and things. Story line breaks new grounds in today's gaming, one that can inspire young and old.

Final fantasy is a great example of inspiration. A unique story line and world full of chracters that at least one person can relate too. Its world we wish we lived in and world we continue to be involved in even after the games story ends. I found my self playing FF again over and over hanging out in Midgar, visiting the Loveless...riding the rides in Golden saucer and playing the games. FF8 i enjoyed Blamb gardens, and the towns that scatter around the world. Playing the card game and searching for every card was a mission i felt i needed to complete, to win and conquer over everyone especailly the card queen herself. FF9 was soley and dear game to enjoy, bringing a real unique ff experience. FF10 brought amazing cities and islands...Besaid Island for example a gorgeus area and beautiful in nature.

Visually the worlds we come in contact share a great place in the heart of many. It is role play, and role playing is a key even in the Real world. Dont matter if ficition or fact, nothing wrong with living in a diff. world.; Esspecially in this time, where the world seems unfair and scary, it is moe then right to put your self itnto another world..
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