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I Just Remembered...

I've been busy playin Red Dead Redemption and Splinter Cell Conviction that I forgot about the one game that truly matters. Fallout New Vegas is due to hit shelves very soon, and I need to grab my copy. After all, if anyone plans to cram 100 or more hours in to a game, count on Fallout to deliver.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Last week I bought Dead Rising 2: Case Zero off the xbox live marketplace. I got it because I thought the first game was very good and was like, "eh, what the heck. It's only 400 microsoft points after all....." All I have left to say is...MONEY WELL SPENT! For $5 dollars (400mp) this game has great value. It's got multiple endings (6 to be exact) so it's great to replay. For some reason Gamespot doesn't let you rate the game or add it to your collection. It only lets you write a review about it. Dont know why though. So for that reason I'm gonna' rate it now. I think it deserves a 9/10. Definately worth the very little money you will spend. Great prequel!

Just Chillin With Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer.....

I have got 100% completion on Red Dead Redemption single-player (which, I must say, is a truly moving and outstanding experience), got a hell-av-a-lot of the achievements and racked up an impressive gamerscore, so i though to myself...time to spend the rest of my time on this gameon it's multiplayer...................TRUE GENIUS!!!!! This has got to be the best multiplayer in a game I have ever seen and experienced. Whether it's Free Roam, Gang Shootouts, Capture The Bag or it's newly added exilarating co-op mission pack, "Outlaws To The End", this multiplayer should not be missed. The single player deserves a 10/10, multiplayer a 10/10 and overall game 100/10!!!!!! Best game ever so far, and there sooooooo many reasons why I think this that it would take you a year to read my page.

Red Dead Redemption = Super-dooperamazinggeniuscooolawesomereallygoodoutstanding-mustbuy

Gears of War 3 is "Epic's Best Effort Yet!"... quoted by Xbox 360 magazine. This game is set to be a blast and a highly impressive game when it hits release in 2011. Game of the Year? A very high chance. The game is set to be not compatible with Kinect. In my eyes this is a good thing, especially for serious gamers. The demo showed to important gaming figures by lead producer Cliff Bleszinski shows a locust rip off a COG's arm and beat him to death with it. Marcus follows in an angry rage, impaling the locust on a new weapon, the lancer bayonet, and wave around the 'grub' like a oversized, gory flag. Yep, this game will be a great one. Another feature is the new multiplayer mode called "Beast". It's basically Horde from the Locusts point of view, but with more features and better playable characters. You start off playing a a mere ticker, working your way up to a wretch, a Locust soldier ans so on until you reach the...Berserker! That's right, you will be able to play as a Berserker! It would be awesome if you could eventually work you're way up to playing as a seven-storey tall Brumak, and it's great that they're not ruling that out. It also features women in your Delta squad. Anya finally gets kitted up in Gears 3, along with other female Gear Samantha Burn. If you're going to end a series, may as well send it out with a bang, and by what I've read, this game will do just that.

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar you've done it again! First GTA and now this!?!? YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE! This game is downright amazing! I thought Just Cause 2 was great, but that deserves a 1/10 compared to this game! Every single person out there who has an Xbox 360 or PS3 must...and I mean MUST...get their hands on this game. It's been described as GTA with horses. How wrong they were. Where in GTA can you go hunting and skin animals or shoot your vehicle (in Red Dead's case your horse) in the head while your crusin' along at maximum speed? Where in GTA can you slow down time and manually pin-point body parts then riddle someone full of bullets? Where in GTA can you tie up an old woman, dump her on a train track and witness her gruesome bloody death by getting flattened by a train? WHERE WHERE WHERE?!?! Let me finish with this.........GET IT GET IT GET IT GET IT GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fallout New Vegas!

Now, who out there is a fan of Fallout? I think everyone should be. I mean, I've only played Fallout 3, and playing that one alone is one of the best gaming experiences I have had...ever! And now Obsidian Entertainement (that's right, not Bethesda Studios) is bringing us this new installment to the highly successful Fallout series. This is definetely one game, or THE game, that I am looking foward to! Can't wait, even though I dont know the final release date!

P.S. - I got Just Cause 2. AWESOME!

Just Cause 2 Is A Damn Good Game!

I recently played Just Cause 2, and i was VERYpleasantly surprised. This game is absolutely amazing! I've played the demo and even THAT was great. You can do whatever you want in the game, but you only have half an hour to do it. Sure, Just Cause 1 was a little of a let-down, but this game erases everything said about the game and gives only the awesome things. One of my favourite things about the game is the grapple hook. In this installment, you can grapple to anything, using it as a zip-line to whizz around the map on foot or by parachute. You can also tether any two objects together, using it to attach a person to the bottom of your helicopter or plane, or to the back of your speeding vehicle. If you ask me, this game is a lot better than any Saints Row or Grand Theft Auto game to date! A must buy, even if you weren't the slightest fan of the first game!

'Alien' Saga

I have recently watched the first three Alien movies...THEY'RE AWESOME! I'm not sure what the best one would be so far (probably not number three!), but I do know that it is one of the best movie series of all time. A real classic. For a movie made in 1979, the effects are surprisingly good. Actually, they're VERY good! Sure, the effects aren't Transformers or anything, but don't underestimate them.

I've only got one more movie left, Alien: Resurrection, which I'm going to get out on Friday. This series is a must watch!

Add Me On Xbox Live!

Hey, if anyone has xbox live, feel free to add me. My gamertag is: Dingbat 17. Just send me a message that you are registered on Gamespot and have viewed Slashntear's home page. Then, count me as an addition to your friends list!

Splinter Cell Conviction Close To Release!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a massive fan of the Splinter Cell series and this new addition will make it one of the best in history, I presume. I've been waiting for Splinter Cell Conviction for ages now, and when they delayed the release AGES back, I was VERY dissapointed. But now it is drawing closer and closer to the final (I hope) release date :P. This game is at the very top ofmy"TO GET" list.

I also cant wait for Fallout New Vegas. Fallout three was a real blast and I'm sure this one will be even better. Just Cause 2 doesn't look half-bad either!

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