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What happened? FFX was the last true FF game, I didn't like it much but it's really the last epic game that everyone loved. However after that we've had two crappy MMOs, then 12 which no one liked, it flew under the radar and was so bland. Then a big gap until FF13 which was a huge flop and everyone hated because it was literally just a corridor surrounded by a poor story. Other than that it's just been releases and crappy mobile games that eventually got ports to everything.

FF15 looks no better either, I just cannot stand the character style or the voice acting. I just don't get why the Japanese cannot makes games like they used to before all the annoying shit they do today. Ni No Kiuni got voice acting right, it proves that Japanese people can still listen to translators and realise that a lot of their shit doesn't translate well. They allowed the western voice actors to use their own slang as well, it all felt very natural. Everyone looked normal in Ni No Kuni as well, there was no annoying emo bullshit that makes you want to just kill yourself in embarrassment any time someone walks by and sees you playing it.

The Crude graphics of the 90s and the lack of voice acting may have hidden it, but I just want the days back when FF used to be good. It's not acceptable either that we've only had 3 main games in 15 years.... crazy.

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Why even release it then?

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@trugs26 said:

@Slannmage: Well there is Triforce Heroes as your "second" one for the 3DS.

yeahhhhhhhhh... no lol

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I've just completed A Link Between Worlds and it's amazing, the first game I've played that makes 3D compelling. I just love the depth it adds and it actually make the puzzles a lot more fun and gives them vertical space. I really love it for this style of game, it makes me feel like I'm looking down into a real world.

I just have to wonder how I'll play a non 3DS Zelda and how I wish they made at least two of these games for 3DS.

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It's the best David Cage game that David Cage had nothing to do with.

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I have 350mbps broadband, can download it on Steam in 5 mins because that'll go at 37MBps, but with Sony's console it's less than 1MBps....

What is up with their shitty servers? I buy a game, by the time it's download I lose interest and don't bother playing it lol.

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Just tried it on an old first gen I7 with an Nvidia 670..... no problems what so ever with Just Cause 3, so my old PC is fine too.

I'm just gonna come to the conclusion that people are retarded.

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I also think people love to make stuff up, like how you get people who claim some old classic game is their favourite, even though they never played it. I remember Majoras Mask not selling much at all, everyone hated it, yet it became fashionable to like it all of a sudden, then you have loads of people saying how it's their favourite Zelda... like **** off, stop lying. People love to moan about a game they never bought, just claim they have problems even though they didn't buy it. Maybe they now buy it knowing they can get a refund, just bitch about it because they were going to find a problem any ways...

I also notice most people who complain have AMD CPUs or GPUs... who is buying AMD any more? They suck, just like how Crossfire/SLI sucks, don't buy two cards people, the drivers are never good.

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I never had a problem with Unity

I never had a Problem with Arkham Knight apart from the obvious effects that were patched in shortly after release.

I'm not having a problem with Just Cause 3

I swear people just don't know how to use a PC or something, I've got a 4770K, 16GB DDR3, 480GB SSD and a 750TI, not the most amazing system but I can run everything on mid to high at 1080p no problem with a smooth framerate, usually at 60. Are people turning MSAA to x8 when they only have a 2GB GPU or something? Do people not understand what settings mean? Are they trying to run the game at 4K????

I just don't get why every game seems to have this PC backlash now, they never used to, people used to be smart about what their PC could do, I just think people don't know how to use them and Steam made everything too accessible.

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Every frigging game is broken, requires patches to work out of the gate and struggles to get 1080/30. Meanwhile on Digital Foundry a Core i3 PC with a 750ti that you can build for the price of these consoles, out performs them. On top of that they put in a slow arse 2.5 HDD and everything takes all year to load, I swear they have problems streaming content in, they cannot even do two things at once without bogging down because of that crap HDD.

How the hell did we get to this point where the consoles launched way behind the PC and are so dated that we're already thinking about new ones?

It's not just the hardware either, the UIs are so bad on both consoles, the download speeds are so slow, I can get 35MBps on Steam and download 50GB games so fast. With the PS4 and Xbox One if you buy anything digitally, you know you're not playing it until the next day, that's if the download hasn't stopped for whatever reason when the console is in rest mode.

Then you have the price of the digital games, I got Fallout 4 for £30 on PC, on the PS4 it's £50 and that is a generous price, usually you can go on there and the prices are £60 odd and £20 more than retail. On top of that retail prices drop very fast, digital prices stay the same all year, then they give you a sale where they're still more expensive than retail and act like it's a good deal. Meanwhile over on Steam there are sales galore and I'm buying everything for a fraction of the price of the consoles. People say PC gaming is so expensive... my PC cost me £500 to make in 2012 and it's still maxing everything out at 1080p 60 and beating the consoles by miles. I haven't had to pay a subscription to play online, games are cheap, I've probably saved more money than my PC cost on games and no sub alone...

I just think these consoles are dated in more ways than just the hardware and games are increasingly more and more broken. On top of that we're still not given the freedom we should expect like what we get on the PC or even phones and tablets. Why don't we have apps yet? Why can't we choose third party software that does a better job than the crap Microsoft and Sony give us? Why can't I do simple things like use an SD card to save games in real time on the PS4? Why can't I change FoV or remap the controls to what I want exactly?

People were worried about Nintendo, I think they'll outlive both Sony and Microsoft int he console space. I look at the PS4 and the Xbox One and I'm done with them already, they're so dated I'm just using my PC 100%. That never used to be the case, in the old days consoles would be 2/3 years ahead, they launched 2/3 years behind this time and it shows.