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watch red vs. blue. u'll live a longer and more meaning full life. thnx 4 ur time. cya

my new car

today i went car shopping w/ my dad and i found a few cars taht caught my eye. there was this sweet tricked out Electric Blue Lexus IS 300, a pretty nice new Black Volvo S40, and a 2003 Black BMW M3. i really like the Lexus but i'm probably ganna end up going w/ the Volvo. If u have any comments or suggestions plz tell me. thnx.

School and the ppl who are complaining about it.

every1 i talk 2 is complaining about starting school and how they wish that they still had more time to goof off and hang out. and my message to them is "STOP TELLING ME ABOUT IT." i dont really care about your school travesties. plus i still have 2 more weeks of summer break and i want to enjoy it. so if u could, plz stop with your complaining cuz i would like to take these 2 weeks and live them in peace. thnx


Dr. Pepper

dr. pepper is argueably the best beverage in the entire world. this past week i have been unfortunate to not be able to partake in this icy cold delight. but now w/o much ado i've got a 12 pack @ hand and a burning sensation to play videogames deep into the night. adios and good night, im out.


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