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Gamers have a voice!!

This will be my first time blogging, but with recent events, I have to voice my opinion. I've been gaming for a long time (since the days of NES), but never have I seen the industry in such a flux as it's in today. We as gamers have been voicing our opinions on message boards and commenting on articles, but it always seemed like our opinions went unheard. Things like DRM software, online passes, day one DLC, and season passes were making us go broke, while not being able to play the game for which we paid $60. We as consumers were the whipping boy, of which, so many companies took advantage. We complained and complained, but things just kept getting worse. Then Microsoft introduces the Xbox One. This could be labeled as the tipping point. With the introduction of cloud computing and a necessary 24 hour connection, the idea of owning your game changed overnight. We were to bend at the servers will. Should they go offline, we go offline, and our games lose all value associated with them. Would we still be able to take it? Would we let this slide by like everything else? Would we let the money grabbing industry giants continue to make the rules, that we, as consumers, HAD to abide by? Hardly, we let it be known should this injustice be allowed, we do have options where we can spend our hard earned money. During E3, Sony, the lesser of the two giants, and lesser evil, embarrased Microsoft. Gamers voted with their applause and their preorders. In essence we were saying, once you bite the hand that feeds you, there'll be no food on your table. Much to our surprise, Microsoft had bent to our pressure and Sony's. But does this mean we finally won a battle in this ongoing war of company vs consumer? For now, sure, but let's not forget, this was a core feature in Microsoft's design of the new Xbox, so a sneak attack is highly likely for these policies to be re-implemented. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, we are getting victories in other areas with companies like EA fading out online passes, and revamping Origin to put gamers first instead of transactions. They claim to be listening to us, but could this just be the calm before the storm. Don't relax, injustices run rampant in the gaming industry, and we must be vigilant as gamers to stand for what we believe in.