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Skaterfool99 Blog

November 23rd 2007

Aww hey. Yes I know, I havnt been on here forever. Well the reasons for that is because I've been pretty darn busy. I'd like to wish everybody a late Happy Turkey Day, I hope you all enjoyed getting chubby :) ...I know I did. But any who whats been new with me. Well football season ended in October...we finished 2-7 for the 3rd year in a row,which beleive me its very disapointing. There is always next year and I cant wait. But other than that Ive been lifting to get bigger for next football season and all that stuff. As of video games Ive been playing guitar hero 3 on the WII and Ive been playing my PS2 every now and then. Today I bought NCCA Football 2007 for a bargain price of $7.00, which I think is pretty good. I Plan on updating this a little more often. Ill talk to you all later PEACE SONZ

OMGZ New Blog? 7-11-07

Yeah its about time that I make a new blog. But whats been new with me lets see.Summer vacation started on June 1st and since then Ive been going to football workouts every day...hmm school will be starting soon but im actually excited b/c of football.But really thats about it. Im really excited for the new metallica album to come out which is supposed to be out Febuary going to try to save up money to get tickets to see them on tour.Thats about it PEACE-Get @ M3

OMGZ May 2007-5-7

Wow i havnt made one of these in a while how has everybody been? Im counting down my last days of my freshman year in highschool and im pretty excited.

Ello Guv'Nah- 4-5-07

What up chaps and chapets? not much new in my life just bored same old same old doing suprisingly good and school and this weather one day 80 next day 25 no kiddin so hows u all been?

Rest In Peace Mum Mum

For all you have done for me threw out my life I will never forget you.  The memories we have had together have been wonderful.  Everything we have done and expierenced has been great.  You were my second mom, my grandmother and my bestfriend.  I will see you again some day and I will be with you in the heavens high above.  I love you mum-nick 2-27-06

Date Of Birth-February 28th 1933

Date Of Death-February 24th 2007

May you forever be loved and never forgotten.

Rest In Peace.


Dang its been cold here in PA over the past week or so,but I heard its supposed to get colder with a high expected at 10 on sunday with a low of -4 and -15 windchill.  Its supposed to be like that all next week.  My birthday is coming up on Sunday....superbowl sunday.  Kinda ticks me off but oh well, I dont know what Im doing for my birthday yet,havnt given it much thought.  Ill be turning 15.  Im really glad that Im getting up in age.  Im growing up and soon enough Ill be graduating from highschool.  I cant wait though still another 3 years but it will be a good 3.