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Halo 4 Mini Review

I bought Halo 4 the day after Christmas, last copy Gamestop had, and have been playing it on and off ever since. Being the first Halo I've actually bought and not borrowed, there must have been something in the air for me to get it; actually it was on sale for 40 bucks and I know that's the lowest it will be for a long time. I had to get it. Overall I like it more than I did with the other titles except Reach, which I felt was unnecessary, but had exceptional characters in Noble Team. First thing off, this game is eye blowing amazing. The graphics in Halo 4 make Halo 3 and Reach look like they were made last generation. There is so much detail in everything that is hard to believe the game runs as smooth as it does. Probably the first thing that popped out for me was the Grunts' skin, brown scales broken up in spots. I didn't notice that in the other games, which is a testament to how much effort 343 Industries put into the graphics. The campaign was the best out of the series bar none. You actually get to do something that doesn't involve destroying a Halo, very refreshing. After three games of doing the exact same thing, the story was getting stale. Fortunately the story is brand new, involving the Forerunners and reveals a unknown part of Humanity's past that came out of nowhere. Stopping a rogue Forerunner from subjugating Humanity brings a freshness and a real sense of danger that the story was lacking in the other games. What I liked the most about campaign was that we finally get to meet Master Chief the character. What always bugged me about Halo was that Master Chief wasn't in the spotlight, that his only function is to kill X amount of enemies. Bungie downplayed the notion that Master Chief is a person under all that armor to the point where you seriously think you're playing as a robot. That doesn't happen in Halo 4 as Master Chief is front and center of the story and you get to more more about him than you do in the past three games combined. It's odd at first when you hear his voice because he hardly ever says anything besides "Yes Sir" and "I'll do it", but after a few levels you get used to it and it shows a side of him you don't see that often: emotion. I hope 343 continues evolving Master Chief in Halo 5 because they have done a spectacular job so far. Kinda sad that it took four games to understand the main character of your franchise. Haven't played much of multiplayer, but I've been playing Spartan Ops, the new mode that expands Halo 4's story. Overall I think it's noble attempt at trying episodic content, but it doesn't quite make the landing. First of all, the story isn't there at all, found only in the cinematic intro for each episode; even then it is so brief that it doesn't make any impact. Basically you're playing the same level over and over again; from what I've played the formula of push some buttons, kill three waves of enemies, repeat hasn't changed between episodes. Spartan Ops would have benefited more as being a set of DLC than an actual mode, then it would get the attention it deserves. Overall, Halo 4 is the best out of the bunch despite the facepalm that is Spartan Ops.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Final Fantasy!

December 18th of this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Japanese release of the original Final Fantasy game for the Famicom. It is important because this is the game that saved a small video game company in the 1980s. Since then, it has spawned a franchise that became huge during the Playstation days. I have had more memories with this series than any other video game, and even today I try to play each new game with the brand because more than likely, I'll have fun. To celebrate, I'm going to do a Top 5 list. Everybody likes those, right?! My first experience with it came during the SNES. When I was a teenager, my cousin let me borrow his Final Fantasy II cartridge. This was shortly after Final Fantasy III came out in the U.S. After I played that game I became hooked. I bought FF III immediately after from Target and had the time of my life. I bought a Playstation console in 1997 just so I could play FF VII, and have continued with the main games to this day. The only ones I have not played are the MMO's because I really have no interest in them. As far as the spinoffs and sequels and projects go, I have tried to keep up with those as well. For me, they have been generally good. Even though people are probably tired of the multitude of them now, I have chosen a few of them to get into, which suits me just fine. So without further delay, here are my Top 5 Best Games in the Final Fantasy Franchise. 5) Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (Playstation Portable): This game is great because it is the culmination of two things - the FFIV remakes and The After Years. It has most of the gameplay of the original and Game Boy Advance games. Plus it has the sequel project The After Years that first came to cell phone games in Japan and the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel. Even if you're burnt out on FFIV, I urge everybody to give this a try. 4) Final Fantasy VII (Playstation): This is the game that turned the series into a franchise, and still holds up well today. (I recently played this again on the PsP.) Even though it is flawed, you can't deny that this one little game sold us on Sony's new machine and sparked an RPG revolution. A lot of fans have been wanting a remake, but Square Enix hasn't done so yet. Even so, there was recently a PC re-release this past year. If you buy it, just be aware that it is only the bare bones game with no extras. 3) Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (PsP): This is actually an upgraded version from Final Fantasy Dissidia on PsP. Don't worry, because it's great. The original was created for Square's 20th anniversary of the franchise. I was immediately sold on the concept of this game before the first Dissidia came out, and they did not disappoint. This took everything from the original and made it better. Yes, it's a fighting game, and yes, I rated it higher than FFVII (calm down fan-boys). That's because this is the Square version of Super Smash Bros. The fan service is very high, gameplay is fun, and it's one of the best action games for any handheld or mobile game, period. I really hope they make a console sequel/ prequel/ spinoff. 2) Final Fantasy Tactics (PS/ PsP/ iOS): This has a special place in my heart because it is just so much fun. If this tells you anything, I have replayed this game multiple times and have spent literally hundreds of hours on it. That is because at the time this was released, it was very innovative and just as in depth as FFVII. I would say that it popularized the whole tactical role playing game genre because it was so good. I'm not even a fan of tactical RPG's, but I love this game. The War of the Lions remake for PsP added two new characters, inserted anime cut scenes and retranslated the entire game. They even made a version for the Apple App Store. One day I hope for a true sequel and not spinoffs like the Advance games or Ivalice Alliance project. 1) Final Fantasy III/ VI/ VI Advance (SNES/ PS/ Game Boy Advance): This is the best game for me, and not just my favorite. I have tried to play every version that has been released in the U.S. When it came out, it was the best looking 2D game ever seen. The gameplay, the story, the characters, the soundtrack, everything that came together ended up just clicking together and made it an unforgettable experience. This game is why I stuck with RPG's because it was like an interactive fantasy novel. This game is why I started writing. Even though the series has changed a lot, I will always have this and my memories with it. I'm not even going to convince you to play it, because everyone has their own favorite FF game, and to talk bad about one of the other games that someone liked serves no purpose other than to be a fanboy. Opinion is all subjective, anyway. Just know that this game is awesome, and deserves all the attention it can get. It may not be the most popular, but the whole thing stands the test of time because it was so good. Square Enix hasn't released a substantial version since 2007, which is too bad. I hope that one day they come back to it like they did with FFIV. It's my favorite video game of all time. Honorable Mention! Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Playstation 3): I didn't have room to include this game, but I think it's very well done. I was one of those who didn't like FFXIII, but overall I would rate this #6 on my list. So why is a sequel to a disappointing game one of the best? That's because it's quirky and cool and fun. I played through it twice. This is what the original XIII should have been like. It's what got me interested in Final Fantasy again. In my opinion, the positive reception from this game is what is paving the way for FFXIII: Lightning Returns. All I can say is just try it out and judge for yourself. So what's next for Final Fantasy? I don't know. You can hope for this or that game, but at the end of the day, what they choose to do with it is up to them. All I know is that I will keep checking out Square Enix games to see if there's anything I like. Right now it seems like the company has moved most of their smaller game production onto the iOS. Final Fantasy Dimensions and Theatrythm were released this past year, and they have quite a number of original games on the platform. Altogether, Square Enix has 87 apps for the iphone and ipad. I'm not kidding on that number. Happy Anniversary, Final Fantasy! Maybe one day I'll see you around for the semicentennial.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution second playthrough review :D

Deus Ex totes itself as a sandbox style RPG, where you can tackle any objective in any manner of ways. Human Revolution first released back in the summer of 2011 to solid reviews, minus fan outcry at the simplicity of the bosses (more on that later). I first played through Human Revolution within weeks of its release and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the choice based gameplay and interesting, yet slightly convoluted story. Still, everything isnt perfect in this sci-fi RPG romp. Human Revolution is a breath of fresh air, even played later in 2012. Its art design is beautiful and so fitting for the story. While the character models and certain spots of the game can look a little rough, overall the design works for this title. The HUD is expertly crafted to make you feel like an augmented soldier and neon lights reflect off the seedy streets. While the world itself is filthy and full of crime, Human Revolution nails its style to turn trash into treasure. Unfortunately the story doesnt quite work as well as it should. The wonderfully crafted world is there for the story to flow, but the overall main story is a bit too convoluted. There are moments of creativity in the story, but uninteresting characters and terrible voice acting bog these down. Sure, Adam pulls the Christian Bales Batman voice well, but other voice actors (Sarif especially) are absolutely awful. This is increasingly frustrating considering the dialogue is written well and the actual objectives are intriguing, but without solid voice actors these carry very little weight. You play as Adam Jenkins, the head of security for Sarif industries. You start the game preparing for a public meeting by Doctor Megan Reed, your former lover who believes she has found the next big step in human evolution. Of course, nothing goes according to plan as augmented super soliders break into Sarif Industries and bring you to the brink of death in the process. Millions are spent bringing you back to life, with quite a few new gadgets to play with. The main chunk of the story is finding out why these super soldiers wanted Reed dead, and who else was involved in this plot. Underlining the story is a very important question: should we allow augmentations to change the course of human evolution? With characters who represent both sides of the coin, Human Revolution does an excellent job at conveying this question in several different ways. The overall main story gets convoluted at points, but the overall direction is solid and the dialogue works well. While story is an integral part of Human Revolution, the real star of this game is the gameplay and mechanics. Without a doubt, Human Revolution pushes you to explore your surroundings, come up with interesting ways to dispatch your foes, and limits you based on what augments you have chosen. There are several ways to each objective, some blocked off if you chose a different route for your augments. This freedom allows you to tackle any objective aggressively or without ever being seen. Each situation will play out differently depending upon how you tackle it and this is by far Human Revolutions best aspect. I encourage you to try different tactics on your second playthrough. First time around I played extremely stealthy, using a cloaking device and beefing up my defense augmentations. I skipped hacking and instead focused on increasing my radar, upping my ability to see through walls (and later breaking through them), just so I could play wolf, stalking my prey. My second playthrough focused on aggressive stealth gameplay, swapping the cloak for the ability to hack turrets and upping my aim recoil so I could pop headshots from a distance. My favorite moment was hacking a turret to turn against the enemies, and then using my super strength to pick the turret up and place it in the front door of a four level research building. I sat back and watched as it dispatched over twenty enemies without me even having to get my hands dirty. I could have tackled this situation any number of ways, but this was the action I chose, and this is what makes Human Revolution such an amazing game. Not all is well in the game mechanics though, as Im sure several of you have heard about the boss battles. I didnt find these incredibly frustrating like other reviewers, but they did break up the pace of Human Revolution and limit your freedom. These boss battles were outsourced to a different developer who apparently never played Deus Ex before. You have to follow a specific route to kill these bosses, and while certain augments can help, it really boils down to a linear path to completion. Considering the price of this game now, it's an absolute steal for you to pick it up if you haven't. It will take you twenty hours your first playthrough and the game warrants a second based on the several choices you could have made. Whether you want to focus on hacking and stealth, aggression and strength, defense and espionage, its all available to you. You choose how you want to play the game and its some amazing fun figuring out all the different possibilities. While the story is interesting enough, the voice acting will get to you and the boss battles may make you feel like youre playing a different game. I don't want to go into it, but the ending of the game is also slightly disappointing, and while the game builds up to the ending, the final location is incredibly boring and stands out against the otherwise excellent locations. Human Revolution will take you to Detroit, China, a World News Organization, Montreal, and several other interesting sandbox environments. The mechanics and art design make this a worthy adventure and a must play for anyone wanting a little more freedom in there games. Final Score: 8.5 out of 10

The worst political lessons in video-games.

In the Mass Effect universe, Earth Military Command is a fully autonomous organisation, waging galaxy-wide war on another Earth-based private company - both regulated in effect by little else than the threat of instigating interstellar war between the human and any of the other notable races. This particular little crisis is being passively observed by the Galactic governing council at the Citadel. Where they will, in case of more or less active intergalactic war, convene a meeting with the most powerful races (meek, peaceful and/or poor races need not attend). And then state that, yes, there is intergalactic war taking place to some degree today as well. This Council will happily accept the operation of massive criminal enterprises, and entire races kept in slavery, and indeed genocides taking place right under their noses. Behind the scenes, however, the Intergalactic Council employs it's own agents to interfere with the slowly boiling intergalactic mess. Agents who are again autonomous and free to engage in any amount of flagrant lawbreaking without fear of reprisal, as the Council specifically will rescind any charges against their agents. Whether it is war-profiteering and smuggling, petty or massive theft of medical equipment and gear from a war-theater, bribery or extortion of lesser or greater officials around the galaxy. Indeed, the genocides take place and criminal kingpins often operate thanks to the direct intervention of these so-called "Spectre" agents. The Council also happily funds this activity - not with it's own money, that presumably the Council nations will wish to know where is spent (although we never hear of any process suggesting any bookkeeping ever takes place), but primarily by (but not limited to) supplying their agents the technology to steal from random accounts of the banks that route their communications through the Citadel relays. Which is all of them. Meanwhile, there is one news-channel, and one channel of information coming out of the Citadel. Which is tightly controlled and cowed by Citadel's police force, the unaccountable military outfits, and the rogue Spectre agents. And now we haven't even began with the secret information network brokers. It is probably not difficult to imagine that such a community of nations and races was already headed towards total war and self-destruction. Even without the excuse of being a dystopian post-apocalyptic world. Will any other video-game worlds do any better? 1. Tales of Graces f. Ephinea is a bit like a small textbook on systems of governments. There is a Monarchy ("We love our King!"), there are Dukedoms who will supply the king with troops ("We will follow your every whim, my Liege!"), as well as barons and dukes who wait in line to conduct coups ("Haha, now that the King is dead, I will be the one to usher the Kingdom into the new Era! And... gaaah! What a shock! A Sword in my back!"). Ephinea then has a Republic (we are assured by random passers-by that they have a say in who rules the country. How this mysterious transfer of power takes place is never explained). There is also a resource-starved military dictatorship with an eternal revolution - a revolution that eventually is put on hold indefinitely as an autonomous collective of supremely educated engineers and scientists move in and take over. Either of these fail to go to war over rapidly declining energy-reserves when the newly crowned King of Barona evolves demonic wings and consume the remaining energy across the planet. Because now that the King is gone, and the Republic's economic interests for mobilizing disappeared as well - who really wants to have a war, right? Whether it's soldiers, farmers, dukes or merchants you run into - no one really seem to be all that interested any more. War is unpleasant business, after all. Unless of course some unknown otherwordly magical power to shape the world's future and solve all the world's problems in an instant would turn up - then the war on on again. 2. Neverwinter Nights. Neverwinter is a City-state founded by someone who came to power by means of whacking a giant beast over the neck with a sword until he could take the trophy and hang it over the entrance to the village's largest pub. It escalated from there, until there was a large castle and massive stone walls involved. So when Neverwinter is beset by evil magician's guilds (yes, plural), zombies, plague, ancient grudges and forgotten enemies from up and downriver - what will the rulers and magistrates of Neverwinter do to answer such a threat? Put out a reward to the Champion who can put the heads of the City-state's enemies over the door of the largest pub in the red-light district. Obviously. This can only go well. 3. Xcom: Enemy Unknown. When the Aliens invaded Earth, the various governments were unequipped to deal with the threat. Fortunately, an organisation exists that is. This organisation operates in the shadows between the various governments of future Earth (The Icelandic Union, The Euro-Syndicate, the Egyptian Cartel, Korean Federation, etc.). And is able to funnel funds, soldiers, scientists, engineers and equipment out of the reach of the invasion force. This is a completely co-operative operation. It responds to the threat magnificently, independent of any amount of existing squabbles. And then after the threat is dealt with - the now impossibly well-armed, scientifically extraterrestrial and powerful Xcom initiative is disbanded, and affairs go back to normal. And the dangerous new knowledge is not used to wage war and bomb half the globe into rubble. Instead the Xcom initiative is either run cleverly enough, or the nations involved are decent enough - to forget about it and bury it afterwards. While the rest of humanity is kind enough to not blow itself up with the alien tech that was sold to the highest bidder on the black market to fund the project. Now this is science fiction! 4. Resonance of Fate. An autonomous machine controls the life and purpose of every person living in Basel, a clockwork spire hovering over the poisonous clouds covering the ruined Earth. The purpose of it is preservation of humankind. And so is the running of the religious dictatorship governing the world. With it's Prelate acting as supreme leader as well as priest, holding power to exact his general will as principles for where the world is headed. Will which is preached by the Prelate, as well as his Cardinals, during church sermons. Or more commonly through the many speakers and monitors placed around the spire. The Cardinals have their own inquisition enacting the law. Law which is swift and mysterious as the hand of the God did it him or herself. It seems all very straightforward for a theocratic state. But in Basel, the God actually exists. And has real power. The autonomous machine has, if not will, then intention. The machine can grant miracles. And the beliefs and wishes of it's subjects is, to some extent, fulfilled. Science in Basel has to, objectively, accept that divine providence has a direct effect on people's lives. In the same way, Priests need to affirm the existence of God as a physical entity, rather than a spiritual one. And this means that suddenly priests are actual mediators of the divine, at the mercy of God if they overstep their bounds. While heretics, by the mere fact of existence, are divinely blessed. In the same way the devil himself would walk the streets - and also be a design of God. That the machine's design was invented by people who came from the world that lays in a smoldering ruin below seems less mysterious at this point. 5. Gears of War. As much as I'd love to trawl more deeply into the Gears of War world politics, there's not much to truly analyze. There has been the Pendulum Wars, a huge spat between the (two) major superpowers on the Sera homeworld. The war ends as, completely without any (official) warning, the ground erupts in claws, teeth and berserk mutants. The Locust, as they are affectionately known, lay waste to the entirety of the planet - except for the headquarters of the one major superpower. A superpower that had been, as it happens, been experimenting on splicing the genes of rattlesnakes, tarantulas and gorillas for a few generations. But no matter - it is no time to be looking at the past, as much as the future, what with the survival of the human race and gorillas on the line. But without the resources of the continent at their disposal, the gene-manipulation has to be done at a more basic level now to supply troops. So every woman capable of giving birth is put in birth farms to create new soldiers to battle the newfound threat. How exactly the logistics of this low-budget Mendelian experiment would take place - how the choices of donor and receptor would be chosen, would perhaps be better left unexplored. The same goes for the methods with which the remaining government chooses to address the new threat. We already know that there is reason to suspect that the Locust possess a degree of intelligence as well as some evolution of tribal culture. And yet, where is the diplomatic overture? What does the government know on beforehand that makes them completely certain it is impossible for them - the only authority on Sera left, who were the one and only party to be served by the destruction of the ones who cut the knees off the war-economy that kept them in power - to parley with the Locust? And instead pre-emptively bomb them to smoldering phosphorous dust. What does it take of incredible resolve for the Locust to wish to brave the seas and the skies - after having laid waste to the entirety of the planet by means of tunneling underground - in order to hunt down one specific tribe of humans that happened to have been left alive? What does this token remainder of humanity represent for the Locust Queen, in order to risk all her offspring to cause their destruction? What does she know. And who, indeed, are the monsters in this tale? We will of course never truly know! As the gears of war turn, and etcetera. 6. Pacman. In a monochromatic flat dimension is an eternal conflict meted out between a greedy drug-abusing homocidal maniac, and a cadre of spooks. Such is the guilt of the homocidal vulture that when these meticulously systematical and faithful spooks, or police-men, lays their hand on the criminal culprit - his world collapses, his being suffers. And only the rapidly decaying ego is left on the screen as this self-indulgent bastard shrinks into nothingness to wallow there in self-pity. Later, Pac-Man - a drug-eating homocidal maniac - is allowed to marry. One weeps silently inside when contemplating a society that not only condones such a marriage. But also regularly celebrates this union's anniversary. -Skate360(Santiago Troche)

Some Potential Issues with Halo 4's New Multi-Player

Halo has been an industry front-runner for over a decade now, and up until the recent Call of Duty boom was the highest selling game series of all time. What was it that made the series such a huge hit? Was it the epic sci-fi story? Sure. Was it that it proved that and FPS could be viable if not beter (in my opinion anyway, may get some hate for that) on consoles? Of course. But what really sealed the deal (especially with the introduction of xbox live in 2004) was Halo's competitive online multiplayer.With Bungie gone and 343 Industries taking the helm, they have made quite a few changes to it's multi-player system in an attempt to make it something that they could call their own, and from what I've seen so far I'm not too sure about it. To start with, to give you some sort of context as to why I would care about this, I love Halo. It is by far my favorite online multiplayer game of all time. I have put almost 300 hours into the multi-player on Reach alone and it is, for the most part anyway, the only game that I play online. I have played the Call of Duty's and the Battelfield's and in my opinion none of them quite squared up with, what I felt to be anyway, the original and best console online FPS. So needless to say that when E3 came around last year and I saw the original trailer for Halo 4 I became very excited and couldn't wait to hop back into it and start over again with a new game. However as the time has passed since then and more and more screenshots and videos have been released I have found myself not as excited as I originally was to play it.Don't get me wrong, although I would consider the things that I am about to describe as problems I do not think that it is going to be a bad game, and I'm sure that my friends and I will play it as extensively as Reach and Halo 3 before it. I am just not sure what to think at this point. So what are the problems that I have been mentioning? To start with is how the game is clearly transforming little by little into it's top competitor. Now from what I've heard all of these changes are due to "the fans requesting something different." Now I don't want to seem like I am someone who is resistant to change, I am one of the people who thought that the additions in Reach made it a better game than Halo 3 (which is still contested amongst fans to this day). When I found out about the load-out and ranking systems (no armor abilities or any other guns than the assault rifle until at least level 3) I couldn't believe it. The thing that I loved so much about Halo was that everyone was on the same level. If I started playing Reach for the first time today I would have access to the same weapons and abilities as anyone else. Sound familiar? This is why I do not play Call of Duty because if I pick up the game 5 months after it's release everyone else who has been playing has an unfair advantage in weapons, perks, etc.This extends to the weapons system as well. You can only have a primary and secondary weapon? You have to have a perk to pick up ammo and grenades? Ordinance drops? No more static weapon spawns on the map? Why would they do this? Was the old system not enough? Apparently not. Despite that they said it's "what the fans want" I feel like someone at 343I (or more likely Microsoft) sat down in a meeting and said "Well guys we used to be the best selling game of all time until Call of Duty took over, maybe we should try and get some of their audience. How can we do that you ask? Make our game more like theirs" Whether or not this is actually what happened or not it sure feels like it.I can understand that they want to be on top again, and they want to take some of Call of Duty's audience, but can't they do that by bettering the system that was already set in place instead of copying a more financially popular game's? I firmly believe that the system in place in Halo Reach was good enough that it could stand on it's own merit against the competitor's and could be even better with a few small tweaks.As I've said before I will still play this game, and I'm sure that I will get used to it and end up loving it, but I just think that through all of these changes they are losing their identity and going from innovators in the industry to followers of the leader, and that is a sad sight.What do you think? Do you think that the change is welcoming from the old Halo style, or that it is just another copy and paste to try and get more people playing? XD I took my time on this blog hope u guys like it ;)

Lollipop Chainsaw review

"If it bleeds, I can kill it." - Juliet Starling Juliet Starling is having one bizarre eighteenth birthday zombies have taken over San Romero High, her boyfriend Nick is now nothing more than a decapitated head she wears on her belt, and an evil goth named Swan has let out the Dark Purveyors to bridge the horrifying nightmare realm with her own. And I thought my High School experience was rough. Lollipop Chainsaw is the current brainchild of the notoriously weird SUDA51, developer of Shadows of the Damned and No More Heroes. Juliet hacknslashes her way through the zombie horde with her bedazzled chainsaw and other sparkle hunting weaponry, and while your standard action experience is present, Lollipop Chainsaw breaks up the adventure with an assortment of mini-games. Like many hacknslash titles, Juliet can upgrade her combos, stats, and look by gathering zombie medals from her fallen foes. Lollipop Chainsaw also offers arcade mode for players looking to master their time or high score, sizable boss battles, and a quirky sense of humor that can only be defined as SUDA51-esque. Lollipop Chainsaw isnt meant to be taken seriously. Its story is ridiculously camp, dialogue is absolutely absurd, and the characters take the stereotype label to a whole new level. If taken at face value, Lollipop Chainsaw can be a hilarious adventure if you arent expecting Mass Effect level narration and story telling. Depth isnt a word used to describe either Juliet or Nick. What can be found in Lollipop Chainsaw is a simple, but fun story revolving around an airhead blonde bimbo, who just so happens to be a kick-ass zombie hunter. The conversations between Nick and Juliet is the highlight of this adventure, and while the search for the Dark Purveyors is predictable, a somewhat interesting twist makes the story memorable at least for its zaniness anyway. Side characters like Juliets family and mentor, unfortunately fall to the wayside, as they dont get enough game time to become interesting. This is only a minor annoyance though in a fairly straightforward story. Being a SUDA51-esque game means many things. A bizarre and over the top story is expected, as well as flashy presentation. Unfortunately, SUDA51 games have nearly all suffered from the same problem the substance is never as solid as the presentation. The hacknslashing portions are loose, and Juliet's combos feel weak, even after she's fully leveled. Even more frustrating, the AI is as brain dead and boring as you would expect zombies to be, resulting in the combat being more of a chore than an engaging experience. The enemies arent really diverse either, so you will find yourself fighting the same enemies in the same routine throughout the adventure. Its not that the gameplay is broken by any means, but its more appropriate to describe it as competent, instead of fluid. With lackluster AI, repetitious combat, and a loose feel to the mechanics, Lollipop Chainsaw is simple fun, yet problematic. This split between great presentation and lackluster game mechanics also transcends over to the audio/video portions of Lollipop Chainsaw. This is not a 2012 caliber title. While games like Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, and the Witcher 2 have proved what our seven-year-old hardware can do, Lollipop Chainsaw barely passes todays standards for visuals. Lollipop Chainsaw uses an interesting cel-shaded look that makes certain moments look like a comic book, but it often seems like this style was implemented to cover up the boring and uninspired stages youll hacknslash through. While Juliet and other main character models look great, many of the stages and enemies are as predictable as it gets. Youd think the bizarre mind of SUDA51 could create something more interesting than farm, school, and cathedral stages. On the other end of the spectrum is the audio for Lollipop Chainsaw. The soundtrack is upbeat and catchy, with licensed and newly created tracks alike. Youll find yourself massacring zombies while 80s pop, 90s grunge, new emo punk, and death metal assaults your ears. The dialogue is also well written, especially the banter between Nick and Juliet. There are some truly laugh out loud moments in the dialogue, and all the voice actors do a great job although Juliets little sister Rosalines voice is a cringe worthy as it gets. If you go into Lollipop Chainsaw expecting raunchy dialogue and toilet humor than you will enjoy the hundreds of F-bombs littered across the game. Another low point for Lollipop Chainsaw is its boss fights. Each stage features an ending boss that corresponds to the stage you are playing. An auto-tuned rockstar for Juliets adventure through an arcade and a fully decked out hippie zombie in the farm stage are just as uninspired as the levels themselves. The boss battles all boil down to the same formula find weak spot/tactic then exploit it three times. There is never a feeling of completion when these boss battles are over, only the feeling of happiness that you can move onward and forget about the experience. The mini-games that are implemented to break up the monotony are also a problem in Lollipop Chainsaw and often border the line of tedium. The mini-games feel like they were only created as a time filler, which is suprising considering this adventure will only last you 6 - 8 hours on even the hardest of difficulties. The arcade stage hosts the most interesting mini-games with a pacman style puzzle and sidescrolling segment, but other mini-games, such as the farm's combine section and QTE's involving Nicks head really fail to add anything to the title. This feeling of tedium will most likely carry over once you have beaten Lollipop Chainsaw, as playing the same uninspired stages, tedius mini-games, and unoriginal bosses will seem more like a chore than anything else. While Lollipop Chainsaw has the content to be a highly replayed title, many of the titles faults will hold the player back from giving it a second or third chance. With Lollipop wrappers, MP3 collectables, and a secret "good" ending to be achieved, Lollipop Chainsaw doesn't disappoint with its content, although the adventure itself is rather short. The real challenge is pushing yourself to play through this title again, with even the most hardcore of completionists most likely having a hard time pressing forward. Lollipop Chainsaw is worth playing, if only for the fact that its the only sexy cheerleading, zombie slaying, chainsaw wielding, dark purveyor searching action game on the market. While you may at first be interested in the flashy style and bizarre story, it doesnt take long for the simple mechanics to hold back the potential for fun. Just like a nerds experience in High School, Lollipop Chainsaw is a game that youll want to get through then forget, much like the wedgies and mimicking we all endured or wait, maybe that was just me! Final Score: 6.5 / 10 Purchase Point: $20

Resident Evil 6 review

I just got the game a few days ago cause I pre-ordered it and its so awesome that I cant take enough..I was still playing it to this point till I decided to stop for a while and make a quick review of it. Ive already passed the game. This is one of my latest reviews, so open your eyes read n enjoy. STORY The story is well developed and more epic than the past RE titles. InRE6 theres 4 campaigns Leons, Adas,Jakes, and Chriss. Each campaign has its own character story. The stories are quite interesting and each character takes in fact a great part in the storyline. There comes a time when In the adventure each of the characters stories fuse together and take a bigger role. The storyline was a quite a thriller full of suspense horror and action, its one of the bestest storylines in RE history yet.. GAMEPLAY The RE6 gameplay experience was amazing. Newer thing were featured. The combat system was all re-invented, you could now roll sideways, slide towards, and jump backwards. Fighting is in fact way better than ever. Each character has its own fighting skills(each one with their hidden tricks and all). And as for weaponry theres a wide variation of newer guns to be handled, also counting the fact that this time you can walk and aim n shoot at the same time. Running is newer now. You can run faster with each character and it comes to be real useful depending in which crisis youve gotten yourself into. To say the truth im glad CAPCOM decided to check up on the series and transform it. ENEMIES There were quite a lot of newer enemies. I dont really know their names for now but there were a lot. From he exeption of Zombies roaming all around the vast city, newer types of mini bosses appeared. I have to say that in my years of palying RE games it never has gottenthis difficult to beat foes in the game. Wht difficult you say? Well as if it wasnt enough the majority of the foes mutated and became more stronger to defeat, which made the situation quite worse. Remember in RE4 those Spaniards that once shot in the head sprouted a virus? Well this enemies are much wworse and harder to defeat. But of course youll get used to it as I did. Im still playing the game for the secon time and getting better. Takes some work but zombies dont die alone you know.. BOSSES Well how can i put it? The bosses were extreme dude! If you havent yet played RE6 then you should give it a try to see just how much bullets you waste on a boss, cause theyre almos infinite you know! As far as the whole game in completion went, to me all the bosses were real difficult and challenging. It was real frustrating for me to die all those times while re-inventing a tactic. But once i got newer abilities and better experience they were a piece of cake but sure it did take long. Well thats enough of RE6 writing for me.. Hope you guys enjoyd this short review and feel free to comment if you like! RATING: 9.8

Games im so getting..

Deadspace 3- Ive played deadspace 1 and 2 and i have to say it rocks. I love survival horror games and when i first saw the E3 demo for the game i was like Hell YES! IM SO GETTING IT! Although i havent read or seen anything in 1up thats related to the game. I sure hope they put up something before it comes out. Tomb Raider- Ive been a fan of Sexy Lara Croft since PS2. The puzzle solving never got old, And Laras combat system was amazing. The Tomb Raider games were one of the best adventures ever to be made. Ive got the whole recet collection except for the Underworld episode. For some reason i cant find it anywhere... Dishonored- This game looked preety cool in youtube when i checked it out. Its like a mix of a tactical assasin with Solid Snake. So far ive seen videos featuring the first walkthrough and system gameplay. It looks like an First Person Assasins Creed to me..Think Ill rent it out Resident Evil 6- Technically im a huge fan of RE and palyed all their games including clasics like Outbreak and Code Vernica. Ive palyed the 5th one but when i saw the gameplay for the new one i was like OMG! YYOU CAN SHOOY AND MOVE AT THE SAME TIME? I swear to god my brains were exploding from that demo.. Crisis 3- Well the first one wasnt the big thing but the second one was friggin awesome. The graphics were so amazing and the missions were tough. But what rally mattered in the game was the nano suit. I mean you could do anyhting in that suit! Anyways ive seen the trailer for Crisis3 and it was dope i so cant wait to get it.. Hitman Absolution- I gotta admit it. Im no fan of Hitman. But the new game convinced me. The other hitman games were frustrating and it was real easy to die in a mission. Now, the new game has more features and a more exelent way of gameplay. Ill rent it out when it comes out.. Ive got other games in my mind but they can wait.