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They Got Me Again

Bungie that is. I started playing Destiny 2 again recently. I played at release up to the first raid was introduced then took a break for a couple years.

Logged in recently to find a confusing mishmash of menus and interfaces with seasonal stuff, bounties & quests. Quickly realized I was limited in what I could do lacking season pass so I bought that. Then I purchased the upgrade edition.

Just like their expansions in Destiny they’ve recycled old content. I’m running around the moon, they’ve reused bosses from vanilla D2 as “nightmares,” but hey they’re lazy development worked in the end. I ended up paying for it.

The Forsaken campaign didn’t interest me at all. The Shadow Keep is slightly more interesting although 90% of it is recycled shit & a little pyramid ship content.

I find that interesting but the stories taken so long to flesh out it’ll probably not make any fucking sense. They hired the writer from guildwars 2 which seemed to help. I should take some credit for that.

In vanilla d2 I posted on their forums links to all the FREE lore, story, updates, Guildwars 2 provided. Which I played at the time. Lo & behold not long after GW2 mentions their lead writer was leaving for Bungie.

Someone must’ve read my post 🤷‍♂️