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They Got Me Again

Bungie that is. I started playing Destiny 2 again recently. I played at release up to the first raid was introduced then took a break for a couple years.

Logged in recently to find a confusing mishmash of menus and interfaces with seasonal stuff, bounties & quests. Quickly realized I was limited in what I could do lacking season pass so I bought that. Then I purchased the upgrade edition.

Just like their expansions in Destiny they’ve recycled old content. I’m running around the moon, they’ve reused bosses from vanilla D2 as “nightmares,” but hey they’re lazy development worked in the end. I ended up paying for it.

The Forsaken campaign didn’t interest me at all. The Shadow Keep is slightly more interesting although 90% of it is recycled shit & a little pyramid ship content.

I find that interesting but the stories taken so long to flesh out it’ll probably not make any fucking sense. They hired the writer from guildwars 2 which seemed to help. I should take some credit for that.

In vanilla d2 I posted on their forums links to all the FREE lore, story, updates, Guildwars 2 provided. Which I played at the time. Lo & behold not long after GW2 mentions their lead writer was leaving for Bungie.

Someone must’ve read my post 🤷‍♂️

The Farce Awakens

Not sure if vapid fanboys will ever read this I'm sure they'll invent some nonexistent theories to explain gaping plot holes.

1. Maybe its just me but if I were to go hide I'd leave my phone number or maybe an email. I can't imagine my friends or family not admitting me to the hospital if I explained that I was giving them piece of a map to find where I am.

2. On that map. Kylo Ren explains they have all but the last piece of the map. They're looking for BB-8 or whatever the **** the stupid R2D2 ripoff is called who has the final piece. My question is... why ? The First Order has a gigantic base that can bull up half a solar system. Who the **** cares if Luke Skywalker is standing on some remote fucking island watching the waves. Leave him there maybe ? By going after the piece of the map the First Order indirectly pushed BB8 directly to Rey & caused the so called awakening. If they stayed at home and made some tea none of this shit would've happened.

3. Speaking of the much sought after map & yet again maybe its just me but I'd like to give most other people some credit... I hope... if we're looking for Luke Skywalker & his fucking personal droid is sitting next to the control room I'D CHECK ITS FUCKING DATA BANKS. OMG we can't find Sally where'd she go she's been missing for a week. Hey isn't that Sally's laptop & phone on the table lets check that ! What're you stupid the laptop & phone are recharging you idiot ! Then the fucking R2D2 turns on at the end of the movie. None of the resistance was like, OMFG the stupid thing was here the entire time we just lost all of our friends for nothing.

4. Speaking of friends. Finn comes up with the plan of attack on Starkiller base. Yet again, if I were one of the resistance I'd be asking, "Who the **** is this guy and why should we listen to him?" Nobody did any background check ? Oh this guy was a stormtrooper an hour ago LETS GIVE HIM ACCESS TO OUR COMMAND HEADQUARTERS.

5. I mentioned previously the Starkiller base can blow up half a solar system. Notice how not one tear was shed. Seriously, not a single character was freaking out or upset that 4 planets of people were wiped out, not the mention whatever flora and fauna that are now extinct. General Leigh was more upset that her deadbeat husband died then 4 fucking planets. Besides what purpose did those planets serve. Writers never bothered to go that far because hey... we got a bigger deathstar and shoots 4 PLANETS not just one we need explosions ! Develop the planets... ? Nah....

6. Oh and if you're trying to convey some atmosphere of tension at a military base have everyone running laps for no apparent reason. How come all what... 12 of the resistance are constantly performing calisthenics ? I can see the directors now... OK guys make this place look tense & important EVERYONE START RUNNING AROUND !

7. Resistance... umm yeah. They had like 12 x-wing fighters. They're best guy was captured briefly. General Leigh is a general.... because. Who the **** knows all she does is look drunk most of the time. The stupid fucking resistance don't even know the object they're looking for is beside their command center. The guy who devises the ONLY plan of attack is a former stormtrooper. Um yeah... lol resistance my ass another fail on the part of so called writers.

8. Why is Snoke/Gollum a gigantic hologram. Seriously what purpose did that serve. Why pay to have Andy Serkis motion capture an old guy in a robe. During development I heard about Serkis' involvement and I'm expecting something pretty cool looking because ... hey its motion capture which usually means something not human. They motion capture an old man in a robe. wtf.

9. Kylo Ren can stop a lazer blast and pull memories from brains. The former emperor palpatine couldn't do that. Kylo Ren froze Rey as she tried to shoot him then knocked her out with a wave of his hand. Why the **** didn't he do that at the end and waste time light saber fighting while already shot ? Thats like Pacific Rim where the giant robots use their guns & swords AFTER having tried fist fighting. You know maybe I'd open up with my best stuff first... ?

10. The First Orders new Starkiller base. Nobody seemed to notice this large scale construction going on. They did with Return of the Jedi.

11. On the Starkiller base... ok this room can turn off shields for the entire place. We clearly don't need all those lazer turrets, or extra stormtroopers or failsafes like requiring more then 3 keys to turn it all off all we need is one switch ok ! Cmon one person would never turn it off anyways !

12. On the Starkiller base... ok as a contractor sir I'm going to recommend not putting a massive vulnerable section with access to the surface. If I recall my uncle who worked on the last two death stars said thats how they were blown up. Imperial guy bellows, "YOU'RE FIRED GET OUT OF HERE."

13. If people have the tendency to just leave starships like the Millennium Falcon sitting around why didn't Rey just steal it awhile ago ? Naaahh I'm content to rummage around wrecked ships for scrap and get handouts why would I do that ?

14. Han Solo just happens to come across the Millennium Falcon lol. Stupid.

15. I laughed out loud when general gingerscowl think his name was Hux ? Gave that snivelling speech before shooting the Starkiller base beam weapon. That pretty much wrecked whatever intimidation factor they had.

16. So Kylo Ren apparently took out Luke Skywalkers jedi training school with his Knights of Ren who aren't developed at all. Why does he offer to teach Rey all of a sudden ? I kill students so I can teach students. Makes sense to you .. **** no.

My Online Gaming History

Where'd it all begin ?

Back in the 90s I was on a state of the art 386 computer with 4 mb of ram. I had a 28k dial-up modem that sounded like nails on a chalkboard when you connected to the internet. Sometimes it worked & if people called the house you got disconnected.

I started playing quake 2. At the time I had not yet discovered mouse control. Yes I only used keyboard. After discovering online multiplayer another guy informed me of this amazing utility. Here I am going around fighting using the arrow keys to turn & this guys like hey buddy try using your mouse. I was like wtf a mouse pfah yeah right. Mind blown. I used to make skins for people in quake 2. I don't know if you can do that with current games. In quake 2 you could open up the skins for the character models & make your own then post them for other people to download. One of my most popular was the cyborg from Metal Gear Solid. That actually became our clan skin, called Clan Infinity }8{.

I played quake 2 somewhat competitively until one day my regular partner stopped showing up. I was like hey dude where are you & he kept babbling about this game called Everquest. I remember noticing the box in local retailer and thought it looked like garbage. The graphics looked blocky and lame. Yet my friend kept talking about how awesome this game was. So I gave it a shot.

4 years later... yep I got addicted. The game should've been called Evercrack & I wish that I hadn't of spent so much time in it. To think back how punishing the game was compared to current generation MOOs makes me wonder why I did. Original Everquest had racial & class experience penalties, they had all these hidden nerfs to various weapons that players would discover many years later that developers denied & would later retract. I played a Troll Shadowknight on the bertoxxulous server named Igjarjuk Skullhammer, would later get it changed to Hideo. I used to join groups & people would say their experience slowed down. Turned out they were right.

Troll Shadowknights suffered from the worst racial ( for having troll regeneration ) & class exp penalties. Due to this they sucked more exp from every kill which took away from the other players. The end result, there wasn't many max level shadowknights in everquest. Either people didn't want to group with you or they just took too long to level. That being said I made it to level 50 the max in vanilla EQ. I joined guilds like Pontificate Lusus & would make my own called Omani which I think still exists.

After Everquest I would move on to various other MMO's but none seemed to keep my interest like EQ.

I tried Dark Ages of Camelot for awhile. Began on the Merlin server and later moved permanently to Lancelot. I made a troll berserker named Igjarjuk & dwarf runemaster Skarwolf. DAOC was fun but the community was absolute shit. It was chock full of wannabe l33t hardcore kids who couldn't speak for themselves & if you shot them down it shattered their fragile in game persona and they'd cry for weeks. DAOC was a great game ruined by two things 1 ) the developers nerfed & buffs and meddled way too much. 2 ) Community

After DAOC I went to Star Wars Galaxies. The game shouldn't of been released. It was total crap. I made a bothan named... Skarwolf. My friends from Everquest joined me, Quellick & Azursa. Upon logging in we discovered players killing high level npc's who could get stuck in world geometry. After one kill I maxed out an entire tree of experience... the game had no quests, no itemization, no pathing it was fucking horrible. My friends wife liked it because originally you could play the profession Tailor... literally all she did was make clothes for people.

After DAOC I went to Final Fantasy Online. Again it was total crap. The game had been out for a year previously in Japan or wherver. Every single named spawn in low level areas was perma camped by farmers. Any gear with quality for lower levels was listed a prices higher then max level items at the auction house. That and your gear looked the same from 1 - 30 regardless of what you wore. It was here I had my falling out with my EQ buds. Sure I probably freaked out but I stand by my decision. In that game you had to purchase linkpearls to allow friends to join your server. This cost in game money which I didn't have alot of. After joining you had to purchase another item to create guildchat. One day I log in & my friends wife had invited all these people. Then some dude started telling me what I could and couldn't say in my guildchat.... I actually had to work in contrast to some of these guys who are on 24/7 so while away they decided to invent all these rules for my chat filter.

What happens when you piss off the owner ? No more guildchat for you. I told them to buy their own and promptly quit. Never talked to them since lol.

After FFXI I went to Guildwars for awhile then World of Warcraft. I was on the Durotan server main character was a forsaken rogue named Hellion. I'd later move my guys to Hyjal because I was fed up of being outnumbered by alliance. The server populations were horrible.

The last MMO I've played was Guildwars 2. I had every charcter to 80 in that game & have stopped playing primarily because WVW was too stagnant. Thats about it folks.

You don't need MMO Housing

Talk about a huge waste of resources for MMO's.

I've never understood why developers waste time on this extravagance. Its never appealed to me & I've never understood why people desire this. I play an MMO to explore & find new areas to gain new gear for my character. I often wonder if the people are into this aspect of gaming because they lack an actual house in reality ?

I remember when DAOC touted their in game housing. I checked it out & they had this zone which looked like urban sprawl of viking log cabins. Guildmates were asking me to checkout their houses. All of which looked almost the same with minute differences. I went out and explored, levelled up & never wasted a dime on in game housing & was the better for it.

I just don't get why people wanna be Martha Stewarts home living in say.... Elder Scrolls Online. I often see wankers who stand around city hubs bemoaning what the game needs. At least I can turn off area chat to avoid hearing their incessant babbling. Oh hey its a nice day out I'll go for a walk maybe get some sun & meet people. NAHhhh... I'll log into Elder Scrolls Online & stand in the city jumping around talking about how the game needs housing ! Yeah !

Alternate Mass Effect 3 Plot

I have issues with the entire plot of Mass Effect 3. While entertaining I seriously doubt any military commander would sacrifice his entire army for something they don't know how to use. Its completely ridiculous, any military commander with half a brain would've did something similar to Battlestar Gallactica. Evacuate and flee hoping to find somewhere else to live.

This is my suggestion on an entirely different plot;

1. The story begins much the same as current. John Shepard flees earth hoping to gather friendly forces in the hopes they together might stand a chance of fighting the Reapers instead of being picked off one at a time.

2. Priority : Deep Space Recon Station

Your intel reports indicate Cerberus is looking for a relatively secret Space Station that was intended to probe dark space. When you arrive you find Cerberus forces but for the most part the station is empty. When you arrive at the final room you find some intel which indicates a ship arrived recently from Dark Space and this is what Cerberus is after.

3. You begin to hear the illusive man speaking & appearing to you in dreams. You learn from Kelly Chambers that Cerberus did indeed have a control ship implanted but she doesn't think they'll ever use it. You begin to get very suspicious about these visions and dreams. Also your team begins to grow suspicious of your odd behaviour and they all act distant.

4. Priority : Alliance Base

Intel reports indicate the vessel from Dark Space which appears Reaper in origin has landed at an Alliance Base. Cerberus has launched a small fleet to try and capture the vessel & anything of use. You arrive with your team and begin to work through whats left of the base. You come across dead Cerberus & Alliance troops.

After a certain point you start to confront Alliance & Cerberus fighting. Strangely the Alliance troops are attacking you but the Cerberus are not.

You can attack whomever you wish at this point to reach your objective. The command center.

Once you arrive the doors open & standing before you is John Shepard.

Suddenly the illusive mans voice starts to command you to kill him. You fall down and try to fight it but end up reaching for your gun. Suddenly you're knocked down from behind... by your own team member.

The other John Shepard walks up and tells the illusive man to show himself.

He appears and says that what he did was for the best. That you were just a clone of Shepard. The real shepard never died they merely made it look that way. For his last deed the Illusive man activates a control which makes the clone of Shepard dissolve.

The real shepard explains to his team what happened.

That he went on a covert mission to Dark Space to investigate the Reapers point of origin. To learn anything of use to help in the war. Shepard concludes by saying his mission was a success.

To be cont.

Attention Game Developers

Go play Skyrim, make notes and take into account what that game offers.

Now, look at your current project. If it doesn't at the very least equate to Skyrim. Stop what you're doing right now and don't bother.

Skyrim is the benchmark now for what all other RPG's should strive to at least emulate or succeed. Otherwise quite frankly they're not worth the money. I've purchased two games since finishing skyrim. Well not really finishing I still have plenty to do I just kinda got bored so I picked up two other games. I found myself saying... skyrim is way better repeateldy and turned them off.

Webpages that make you select your country

When I'm about to checkout some new product or game the webpages usually make you select what country you're from. In mose cases they list U.S.A. (english) & UK (english) and everyone else. Thing is I'm neither of those two and will not click them anymore. I want representation for my country, CANADA.

As a result they don't get my business.

Zelda Skyward Sword Official Review 1/10

Turn the game on and I start playing and very quickly get annoyed at the constantly stream of annoying popup dialogue holding my hand at every step. I'm exploring the woods and find a dungeon with locked door. Notice the gem on the cieling and I'm about to shoot it, when my sword genie pops up and tells me what to do. Decide to explore and find a sign which tells me what to do... wtf ?

Why not just have the game play itself and I'll watch ?

Not the least of which my wife asks why I'm playing an old game and not the skyrim one which looks prettier... lol. I inform my wife this game came out around the same time as skyrim and she thought that was ridiculous.

Story... mffffhahaha lol ... you've played the other zeldas well guess what ? Same story all over again.

I cannot stand npc's that make stupid noises when I initiate dialogue.

I don't like the controls which make me have to backtrack and redo an area because I can't control when I jump.

I don't like the graphics which look like nintendo 64 quality.

The game is a total letdown. I'm glad this one was a gift because it'll be quickly traded in for something better and my wi can go back to collecting dust.

Blizzard Used my Idea

Few years back while playing WOW and reading numerous forums on the problem with gold farmers I made the suggestion to simply create their own auction house for selling in game items and accounts. Blizzard would get all the profit and cut out the 3rd party gold farmers and sellers.

Now apparently they're doing this in Diablo 3 and you can bet your dollars to peso's they'll do the same thing in WOW if diablo 3 proves to be profitable. I made the same suggestions in EQ2 and other MMO's.

As a result, I demand a 2% royalty on all sales.

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