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  • Skarwolf wrote a review of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (Ultimate Edition Steelbook).
    User Rating 9
    Great game plenty to keep busy

    I recall Anthem stating your actions in game change the world.... lol. Division 2 this actually happens. The settlements you help defend change over time as you help people & complete missions. ...

  • Skarwolf wrote a review of Anthem.
    User Rating 3
    Lasted a week

    Start game get a load screen. Press A to start. Another load screen. Get into Tarsis & I can waste my time talking to boring npc’s or do a mission. Oh you want to enter a mission ? Another l...

  • Skarwolf rated Anthem (Origin Access Premier) a score of 3.
  • Skarwolf posted a message on the post How To Improve Anthem's Endgame.

    We need more loading screens ! How about like instead of clicking a button to use an ability we have to load a separate screen !