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The Original PSP/Nintendo DS

First created by sega, this system was portable and even linkable. You could interact games on Sega's console and play games on this. Take a good look at what's been forgotten.

Revolutionary. This was the first portable system that derived from console, and though it played at about 2-bit.... which is plenty lower than the NES without the color, it was still first of it's kind. This device also worked as a memory card.

When you're feeling bad, or mad, or sad.... buy a doo-dad!

  What is this? I don't know, but Google sure as hell does. When they say you can find anything on the internet, they weren't kidding. I typed "doo-dad" on Google pictures and that odd little being pops into the world of binary codes that rest on a 19-inch screen planted in front of me. I like it. No, I LOVE IT! Still doesn't excuse the fact that I don't know what a "doo-dad" is imparticular.
  Google isn't the only site that knows it's stuff. has a knack for selling "doo-dads". I even found a $5.95 "doo-dad" that I can't quite tell what it is... seen here.
  This isn't over yet... OH NO! See, another thing about the internet is... there always has to be a counteract against EVERYTHING. Whether it's a commity trying to take down child porn or a group of people trying to ban the sale of the supposed "Bonzai Kittens" People are always trying to stop things from being things at all. A "doo-dad" is a thing and some people just WILL NOT tolerate it. That's right, a NON-"DOO-DAD" SHOP! Don't even think of playing with that stuff. It's not gonna be tolerated... NOT IN MY SHOP! Let's investigate this though... everything is a doo-dad. That shop has nothing in it. Therefore, it doesn't sell things. It's empty and worthless. Good going.... DA.
  "Doo-dad" gets the upperhand on this one.. if I had to define a "doo-dad" by illustration... it'd look like this:

Not really, my real doo-dad is patent pending. I'll expose it eventually.
  As for doo-dads in general.... they deserve to prosper. I will take anything that tries to hurt them and throw them in a vat of my super glue.

Toys Vs. Super Glue

  How can this be? A Toy Story 3? Bah, that's a disgrace.
  After Toy Story was released, anything following it would seem promising. Disney and Pixar were wrong. Toy Story 2 which came out in 1999 was awaited for four long years and was a great sequel in most peoples' opinions. NOT MINE! That movie SUCKED! The girl cowboy sucked. The whole "Round-About" crew sucked. The only good about them was the horse, I think his name was Pokey. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe that's the horse in Gumby. Anywho, even Pokey was a fruity horse. Woody... WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GET YOURSELF INTO!?!?! Might as well be called "Woody's Round-About Bath House" crew. Then again, a cowboy always needs a horse... A true cowboy doesn't have a female companion. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT!
  Apparently, Woody never heard the news of this Toy Story 3 which is casting him out of surprise. He kind of fell into a depressed manner when I told him. OMG LOLZ! I took a picture of it!

  Hahaha, that n00b. He then spoke to me for awhile. "I just don't get it." he said, "Why can't I just die off. WHY CAN A TOY NOT KILL HIMSELF!?!?! I have a toy gun, but I can't lodge a bullet in my brain when the bullet is plastic. I am a meaningless figure in this great adventure which we call a universe!"
  I made him a deal. I told him I'd melt him down into my vat of super glue but he had to promise me to strangle the folks at Pixar. He agree'd. We planned his melting on the next full moon. March 14th. So anyone who wants to come watch and say, "Bye!" to Woody is free to come. It'll be held at my super glue factory at Midnite.

My goodness, this is simply nutty.

Yes, believe it or not... this is the most unfunny comic strip in the world. I don't know who "Mark Parisi" is, but I believe he is probably a really stupid person in the real world. He seems like he'd be one of those guys who when you talk to him... he thinks he's making really witty and funny comments, but he's not. This strip is right up there with "Family Circus" Unfunny, unclever, and outrageously boring. This guy needs to drown in a vat of my super glue.