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Just Got My Novint Falcon!

All right, so I saw a preview of the Novint Falcon on both GameSpot and IGN and ended up pre-ordering one. Which might or might not have been a good decision heh. So now it's here .... number 111 of 5000 limited edition Falcon's. Unfortunately I have to work early in the morning and can't open it.

I'll update this Friday after I've had some playing time with the Falcon and let you know what's up :D

In the meantime, here's a preview done by CNET

Update: Sorry I'm late. Anyway, I've played the Falcon now for around 5 hours, all the games they have for it and the HL2 mod. The Falcon is built really well out of nice materials, it's really solid as far as computer accessories go. It works great n the tutorial, but once it gets into the games its performance is severely lacking. In HL2 the movement is really jerky, same with most of the mini-games that come with it. All in all, it's pretty cool but also pointless at this time with the games in such shoddy working condition.

Giving Novint the benefit of the doubt, I think the games will improve, but right now I can't recommend this to anyone.