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Just Bought an Xbox 360 ... ohhhh snap

I thought I'd never buy one, but that was until I played GeoW and I just couldn't stop myself from buying one.

I now have a premium 360, Gears, GRAW, and Elderscrolls: Oblivion. I haven't figured out the Xbox Live yet, but I'll get a gold membership today and I'll see how that goes.

So, now I have Wii60 and a PS2! W00t. If any of you also have a 360, reply here and we'll play some Gears, or GRAW! Or something else!

Can't wait guys, l88tterrr.

New Headphones Soon!

There they are, the famous AKG K-1000, recently discontinued headphones

... I mean "earspeakers"  quite literally heh.

Anyway, I'm really excited as this is really the first big item I'm purchasing with my money earned from working after investing most of the rest.

Wondering how they sound? This should tell you.

No, that isn't me. :D

Just Graduated! x2

I just recently graduated from Emerald Ridge high school today, and Pierce College yesterday.  That's right, I graduated with my two-year degree before I got my high school diploma :). 

So I'm happy, excited, and kind of nervous.  I mean, what do people do after finishing something they've been working towards their whole lives?  I know, go to a four-year, get a job, get into a career.  That's easy to say, but do?  I don't know, I'm just worried I guess ... ah well.  I'll get through it :)

Senator Proposes "violent videogame ban"

Personally, I can't believe it. This is a blatant attempt to limit the freedoms of American citizens, and it is disgusting. How is it the government's choice whether I buy a videogame? When did America inherit censorship, when did America take on the characteristics of a fascist nation? Never, that’s when. America has never partaken in censorship; America has never taken on the characteristics of a fascist nation. 

If we let this legislation go through, America will have taken a step away from the direction of total personal freedom. So, I ask you to send an email to the Tennessee Democrat proposing the legislation. His name is Tommy Kilby, and here is his email:

Please, help stop this disgusting attempt on American freedom.



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