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Chalky & Christian Muenzner join SoP!!!! (+7 year anni)

Just read that my favorite vocalist ever, Matthew Chalk (ex Psycroptic), is joining my favorite band ever Spawn of Possession.

Along with ChristianMuenzner (ex Necrophagist) this completes the new Spawn lineup for the first time in the years since Noctambulant, SoP's last album.

Also, June 14th was my 7th year being a GameSpot member (according to the profile), the time does fly eh?

Review: Arch Enemy - Rise of the Tyrant

This album, although it was released in 2007 I didn't listen to it until a couple weeks ago. I was thinking it'd be another crappy "nu-Arch Enemy" release, but I was very wrong.

Rise of the Tyrant is back to form in my eyes for Arch Enemy, this is what metal is supposed to sound like. Sweeping melodies, and heavy riffs with drumming that doesn't beat you over the head via double bass. Melodic death metal is the genre that originally got my attention, and Arch Enemy was the first real DM band I actually enjoyed so it makes me very happy to know they are doing something right.

If you haven't heard this album and like melodic death metal, check this one out it's really great.


Note to FUTURE Self!! (2 years)

In response to the movie Memento, where he wrote pretty much his future self notes to remember things because he didn't have any short term memory. I've decided to write my future self a note, which you can ask future me questions or leave future you comments. And here we go!

So, it's been 2 years future me and I (you in the past) have some questions and things to tell you!

Right now I'm not sure who is going to win the (2008 ) election, but whoever you chose was it a good idea?

It's been 2 years and you have since graduated (I hope) college, do you have a job that's not working at GameStop? Where are you working?

Mariners are utter garbage at this time (July 16 2008 ), how are they now?

What is the economy like? It's sucking at this time, badly, Fannie Mae and a few others are about to get bailed out. I hope a new President will have fixed this.

You still listen to Death Metal? Have a girlfriend? ... wife?


What new games are out? Right now we have Crysis: Warhead, Left 4 Dead, etc. New systems? Wii, 360, PS3, DS, PSP out now.

Ok that's enough of the questions for you (future me), have a nice day :D

You guys have any questions for future me, or comments to future you's? I will ressurect this blog post in two years so have fun guys. Leave future me, and you's comments :D

6 Year Anniversary

Tomorrow will be my six year anniversary here on GameSpot. Rather long time to be a member of a site, but I've enjoyed every second of it. This place has some of the craziest people out there, and the most intereresting. As well as some very intelligent and fun people whom I'd like to call my friends, even if I did meet them on this website :P.

To the people who've been around here for years with me, and even those who I just met. It's been a great six years, here is to six more years *toasts*

Note to Self ....

Don't do anything that will result in loss of points!

Holy crap, do one thing and get knocked down a level!

Used to be when I lost points it'd be maybe half a percent ... :cry:

Just Got My Novint Falcon!

All right, so I saw a preview of the Novint Falcon on both GameSpot and IGN and ended up pre-ordering one. Which might or might not have been a good decision heh. So now it's here .... number 111 of 5000 limited edition Falcon's. Unfortunately I have to work early in the morning and can't open it.

I'll update this Friday after I've had some playing time with the Falcon and let you know what's up :D

In the meantime, here's a preview done by CNET

Update: Sorry I'm late. Anyway, I've played the Falcon now for around 5 hours, all the games they have for it and the HL2 mod. The Falcon is built really well out of nice materials, it's really solid as far as computer accessories go. It works great n the tutorial, but once it gets into the games its performance is severely lacking. In HL2 the movement is really jerky, same with most of the mini-games that come with it. All in all, it's pretty cool but also pointless at this time with the games in such shoddy working condition.

Giving Novint the benefit of the doubt, I think the games will improve, but right now I can't recommend this to anyone.

Microsoft Playtest

Who says living around Seattle doesn't have its benefits?

Just got selected for my second Microsoft playtest, the first one was last summer and I'm still under NDA from it unfortunately. Ah well.

Anyway, they asked if I played a lot of racing type games, so I'm thinking I'll be testing Project Gotham Racing 4. Whatever it is, I unfortunately wont be able to tell you guys most likely, as I'll be under another NDA heh! Here's hoping its PGR4!

Being Suspended Is No Fun

Guys, don't post in "unsavory" threads ..... :P

Personally I think a 2 day suspension is overreacting for posting in a thread.  I've been posting so long I just post in any thread I open,  without even thinking about it.  So I guess I'll have to work on that :?
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