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Been a while...

New news?

My rig is loaded now, not the most modern of parts, but affordable:

GTX 260

Intel Core 2 Quad 9550 @ 3.4ghz (stock 2.88)

4 GB Kingston DDR2

nForce 750i FTW Edition

I put these parts in about a year ago, except for the video card which I got in June. I play everything great, smooth frames with blasted graphics. It's really nice, coming from having a terrible rig my whole life.

Games I'm stoked for:

GUILD WARS 2: Gets the #1 spot for sure. Looks amazing. Redefining the genre. I just saw a release date on IGN that said NOVERMBER 2ND, 2011?!?! ... but that's okay, whenever it comes out, I'll be playing it.

Diablo III: Who knows when this is coming out, but I played Diablo II like crazy. Really looking forward to it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: I'm an RPG junkie, I can't get enough. Add Knights of the Old Republic influence, Bioware AND Lucas Arts, you get a crazy package. The game looks a little rough at the moment, but I'm confident in this game's success. Only time will tell.

Portal 2: Very anxious, Portal was extremely addicting, and super low budget. I can only imagine what they can do with it now. Not to mention Co-op? I'm in.

I'm also anxiously awaiting the arrival the the 3DS. I know it's not till Spring, 2011, but my DSi was stolen and I've been DS-less for quite some time now. I miss it dearly, but the announcement of the new console brightened my day.

They're doing a remake of Ocarina of Time.... Enough said. Buying it. Release day. SO STOKED

Nothing else I can really think of. I will not be playing Black Ops. I uninstalled MW2 after my first match in the Bad Company 2 Beta, and have been playing ever since. Have also been playing the crap out of Oblivion (heavily modded) and Starcraft II. Of course :)

I hardly have any friends on GS, but a blog was long overdue. Thanks to anyone who reads this :P

Diss on me!

I went down a level. Diss!

So yeah, new news. Just got a DSi. They're sick, no matter what anyone tries to tell me. They're so sleek and nice looking now and it just feels like the DS is worth more than just playing DS games. Internet, pictures, music, apps, it's all such a nice upgrade for the portable.

I'll be playin' GTA:CW (trying to get online with it, but I need to mess with the security settings on my router. Damn DSi can't connect to it lol)

Also, been playin' a lot of WoW, got my Warrior and my Paladin to 80. That game's gettin old as hell though...

Hooked on WoW

I haven't been on the site much because I've been playing too much World of Warcraft.  I have a level 42 human paladin and I can't seem to stop.

Although I am going to probably buy another 360 game either today or tomorrow, so that should keep me off the WoW for a week or two.

Thank you everyone who replied to my last bulliten.

How is everyone?  Anything new?  No new games?

My 360 At Last

Summed up my birthday money and my last paycheck to buy it and Ghost Recon on Friday. :D

I'm very happy I finally got it.  I plan to buy Battlefield 2, Oblivion, and MotoGP 2006 next week.  Unless I decide otherwise to get Condemed.

Few problems:

It heats up too fast.

It's LOUD!

But other than that it's fantastic. :D

GRAW Clans anyone? :question:

The Verdict on Forums

I'm done with em! No more! DONE!

Forums = A bunch of little kiddies arguing about the most rediculous things!

This company is better than this company! This genre is better than that one! Wha wha wha!

If I was to post in 75% of the forums right now, I'd be reported by at least 12 people from each one for everything you can think of.

SO! I will no longer even LOOK at forums. Just user ones of my buddies :D

Conclusion: If you're the argumentive toddler who likes to try to get people pissed off and then report them, please leave ma damn forum, and that includes moderators who don't like the word "Damn". Shove it!

Oh, and one last thing...

I'm getting paid tomorrow so I'll be getting a Xbox 360 and Ghost Recon!  (Possibly Oblivion...not sure yet)

Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata is going to be a Xbox 360 game...and I have only one question...


Why would someone make this game.  Wow.  It's too embarrassing of a game to talk about, gonna have to look it up yourself.

And people are saying it's gonna be "awesome"!
Well, guess what?  We just figured out their age! Ha!
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