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SilentDeath777 Blog

Who still reads these !!!???

Just asking ! It's been sooooooooo long since I made one of these things.... but some new games, did lots of things , and made this page so much better. If I can get two hits or comments , I will come back to making blogs , if not , oh well lol.

sample my custom soundtrack 4 of 5

I can't stop playing Mercs 2, it's true!! With Drowning Pool's "Bodies", it's just that much more fun.

Here is a sample of my custom soundtrack for Mercenaries 2.

Tarkan "kiss,kiss"

You Touched My Tra La La

Drowning Pool "Bodies"

Nonpoint "In The Air Tonight"

Linkin Park & Jay-Z "Numb/Encore"

Not Final Blog 2 of 5

It's been while,.....I'll stay.

So far my 360 broke..AGAIN on Friday! Gee, my PS3 never breaks, that's why it's my BACK UP!!! Yet the thing that really made me mad wasn't the fact I had to pay to have it fixed.....I had to SUPPLY MY OWN BOX TO SHIP IT AND PAY TO MAIL IT TO THEM!! What kind of cheap crap is that!!?? This is the only the scound time it broke and I have to pay for everything? To hell with you Microsoft if it breaks a third time!!

Aww Gamespot doesn't like my choices in can see in the NEW badge they gave me. Some of the games I like suck to them and they want all to see. I don't give a _____. Just because it didn't meet there standards, doesn't mean they are bad at all. I been playing since the Nes days, and I'm easy to please... and if it's not a Sports or Anime game (Other than Death Note, they should make more), it'll be game they took time to make and some people will like.

Mercs 2 is great! I have it both on PS3 and 360....have to play the PS3 one until my 360 comes back to play co-op over LIVE. Mercs 2 is ten time more fun then GTA 4 and the driving is better ( in cars and bikes not tanks).

I might come back to put pictures to this blog or add more things on my mind. Until then, enjoy this music video (Click the link until GS lets us have videos)

This is Jen, signing off

Final Blog 1 out of 5

I'm moving on past GS...somewhere I don't have to limit my topics or words. Maybe a place I can put video blogs and music videos? I'll still work on the union, but the blogs here will be coming to a end.

The first blog will be about the PS3! What do I want for it. First I want the DoA series 4 and up! They could add new stages and tons of costumes that pancake face couldn't dream of! I can't forget Ninja Gaiden either, maybe sometime next year, there will be some kind of version of NG2 on PS3.

Next I want a updated better version of Monster Madness and Vampire Rain.....oh snaps!!! Hahaha wait, those are coming out, hmm Bioshock!! Darn, that's coming too...., Ah!! Bulletwitch!!! Yes they need to port Bulletwitch with new voice overs and better costumes.

Also there needs to be a new Earth Defense Force, sure the 360 version couldn't handle online co-op, but the PS3 can do it! Where is my Next Gen Castlevania? I don't care if it's 3D or 2D, it needs to be made and for the PS3! Another game that need to come back from the dead is Maximo (Kind of a spin off of Ghouls N' Ghosts), Maximo and Maximo vs the Army of Zen where both great games, Capcom, get off your butts and make a Maximo 3!

Two games on the Wii that need to be ported to PS3 are Godzilla Unleashed and Fatal Frame 4. Fatal Frame 4 was going to be on PS3 anyways until that Wii stole it. Also Godzilla need to be HD and the game wasn't that bad...just bring it to PS3!!

There better be sequels Sony!!!! Lair is 10x better with the update you gave it, analog controls are great! Keep them in if you make a Lair 2. Uncharted 2 and Heavenly Sword 2 also better be in the works, just make them a little longer, since the first ones where a little short.

That's about it for now.

This is Jen, signing off

Gone for 2 weeks

I'll be gone for 2 weeks to see my family in China, roommate is in charge of upping my...err, our LIVE score and didi looks after union.
My family is ok, thanks everyone. I'll talk to you all once I get back.

Sorry to everyone

I ment to have Gaming Crimes 2 up, but my laptop was stolen and I might be needing to take a trip. I'm sure most of you know of the Earthquake that hit Chengdu,Sichuan. I have a very good friend and family there and none of them pick up my calls, so I 'm worried beyond words. I'll try to get the Gaming Crimes 2 up before I leave, again, sorry it's going to be late.

This is Jen,signing off.

Need some help

I'm waiting a bit for my Gaming Crimes...because the biggest game ever GTA IV is going to be NEXT! But Jen...your not going to bash GTA IV are you?? HELL YES I AM!! The first Gaming Crimes for Call of Duty 4 had a total of eight crimes. Yet GTA IV has a total of fourteen crimes so far! I'm coving stuff in single and multiplayer modes. Remember these are just for fun so no hate posts or emails lol. Yet I need your helps guys and girls....I want this next one to be the biggest one yet, so if there is anything you hated and thought..."Why in the hell is it like this"? Just leave a post or email and I'll see if it makes the cut. The first two things I'll bash are how cars handle and how friends can't just join the three story co-op missions. If you have others, just leave them here and I'll post Gaming Crimes 2 GTA IV on Friday!!!

Also I changed my LIVE tag, so if you see this name on your friends list, wonder who it is no more. It's just your friendly Chinese/Korean girl. Also in news IRONMAN of the best Comic Book movies ever made, right next to Batman Begins.

This is Jen, signing off.

She's back!!

Your favorite Chinese/Korean mix is back. HA! Bet you didn't know that about me, something new every time lol.
So I'm back, new home, new location and something really new....a roommate lol. It wouldn't be bad if she would stop playing old LIVE games and PDZ lol. So I'll be starting something new soon. Remember Gaming Crimes? STILL WORKING on GC2....the crimes and jokes must flow like water....But I do promise something close it and hope it'll be just as funny. I might be doing that in my next but if not, then SOON!!

This is Jen, signing off.