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I'm outta here..

Yesh.. leaving.. bai bai.. If u wanna talk to me.. my emails is to the right > If not.. GTFO of my blawg.. Adios.. pamos... P.S. .. kick Kulmeye out of mah blog, plz..

Bai bai..

I'm not gonna be here next week. vacation ftw :P Probably'll get my computar back in a week, so i might still have something to do.. >__> New sigs (I do this too often >__>): [spoiler]  Appearantly i do requests now. v_v   The text is sooo bad.. but Dz always wants his name on stuff..>__>   Muse is badass.. Kingfluff should shut up. >__>  [/spoiler] Adios, pamos..