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Chalk Talk - Check it out Now!

This weeks Chalk Talk assignment is about forgiveness. For those of you who are unaware Chalk Talk is a new community feature that will allow bloggers to gain special recognition. This weeks assignment is to write a blog about a gaming publisher, developer, or franchise who you feel has wronged you" and despite their actions you still forgive them and are still willing to care for and support.

- You can only select one developer / publisher / franchise to forgive
- The blog must be minimum of 500 words and must contain no weird fonts or colors.
- Be sure to mark it as editorial so we can see it. Failure to label the blog as editorial will prevent it from possibly being featured.

If you have any questions about this weeks assignment please ask them in the comments below.

Sonic Generations Video Demo #2

The Sonic Generations Demo also came out this week, it's Sonic's 20th Anniversary this year and Sega has made the game to show how Sonic has changed over the years. The game has a mixture of old school 2D levels and modern 3D levels. The demo has both 2D and 3D levels so if you're interested in Sonic Generations click and and enjoy the videos. Enjoy!

I would love to expand this idea and make more videos, so if you have any feedback or idea please let me know by leaving a comment.

Green Hill Zone 2D

Green Hill Zone 3D

Need For Speed: The Run Video Demo #1

I threw these to videos together to give you all a quick look of Need For Speed: The Run, I'm going to try make make few more demo videos in the weeks to come, so I hope you in enjoy them. Just click of the play button oand enjoy :)

Gameplay Video 1

Gameplay Video 2

My JRPG - 'The Unwritten Book of your Soul'


'The Unwritten Book of your Soul'


Qui-chuck is a young man who lives at home with his family in a small village of Takatuma. Qui-Chucks father, Chuck Qui, was a soldier for the Gargolian empire. Qui-Chuck's familiy had recieved news that his soul had been stolen by a scorcer know as the Soulcatcher and his demons the skangers, who place the souls in a book. The Soulcatcher must collect the souls of mighty and noble warriors so he can rebuild his armies and become powerful again.

On recieveing this news Qui-chuck wanted revenge for the death of his father. he travelled long and far, to lands where no man has gone before on a soul searching quest.

On his quest he encounters various characters who are willing to assit him who are also searching for lost souls . One of which is Lambmoth who becomes his trustey side kick. LLambmoth is half llama and half moth, a creature created by mixing an animal and insect soul.


Attack - 8

Strength - 8

Magic - 4

Defence - 7


Attack - 10

Strength - 7

Magic - 6

Defence - 6


Attack - 10

Strength - 10

Magic - 9

Defence - 9

Mini Boss:

The Skangers, are an army of evil souls, that attack their victims in the shadowlands as they ride through the lands on their demonic horses


PC, Mac, Steam, X360, PS3

My JRPG will be worth playing because as it is an intenses rollercoaster of a game, with a emotion search for the soul of a loved one where the story is gripping with each step taken into the unknown

Concept Art: