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Nintendo EVO

Another change made to the gameboy evolution/ nintendo DS evolution (gasp..).

This time took out the analogs and made the buttons pressure sensitive instead. Buttons symmetrical to D pad so easy for lefties to use.

Also made the colour and general style try to match the Wii, even called it "EVO" to keep in line with nintendo trying to simplify everything, including names of their systems (for good or bad...).

All comments and critisms are welcome.

Nintendo DS Evolution

Ok it's a DS! :D

Anyway here is the re-worked version, I took a lot of the critisms and made the appropriate changes. It's now a far sexier and user friendly system, and it still has that flair of Nintendo about it, the other one looked a bit dumb, the colours were all off. Anyway here it is:

GameBoy Evolution

Another mock up enters my crap-tacular blog!

I made this today (I was bored :P )

Features are much the same as the DS, except it has dual touch screens, 2 analogs, analog triggers, has flash memory + accepts SD cards and has a built in camera.

*Note this is the original gameboy evolution, not the re-vised one they'll release a year later ;)

Edit: For anyone interested, I will be making some changes in regard to the feedback I received here. The new design I have now is looking a lot sexier, and I've also redesigned the stylus. It truely is the dream handheld! O_O *drools*

I shall post it in a little bit.

Guntroller (Rev controller FPS attachment)

Note: I didn't design the gun in this one, I know it looks badass but it's actually some gamestar (I think the name was) light gun controller, I merely photoshopped it, and added a bit of Nintendo to it.

The grenade analog thing can be physically pushed to simulate physically throwing a grenade. All in all a gimmick but a rather fun one! I hope someone designs an attachment like this! :D

Dual Splittable Controller (Concept)

One of those mock-ups I made before we knew what the Revolution controller would be like: (Click it for full view)

I wasn't far off with the design, mine used a gyroscope in each piece. It was a pretty cool idea, but to be honest I prefer Nintendo's pointer technology more since it detects 3D movement and how close/ far the controller is from the sensors. My design could only detect 2D movement, which is limiting. Also the Revolution's remote uses one battery which powers it and any attachment connected to it, mine would need a battery for each.

What I liked about it though, was that it was small and could be held comfortably in each hand. It had scroll wheels for shoulder buttons, to date there hasn't been a gamepad with that, so it was quite an innovative idea and would work well for FPS games. The buttons were also in a suitable position. The pieces could be attached together with a magnet/ physical lock and it had an additional connector piece, to be placed in the middle, for bigger hands, when connected the thing looked pretty good, like a traditional controller.

I'm happy with the controller Nintendo made, I prefer it to my creation, however I still think mine would make for a pretty neat controller. It could possibly be used for PC's

Imagine controlling an FPS on PC with it, with the analog for movement, the right controllers Gyroscope as your mouse/aim and all those other buttons for your other actions.

The Infamous... PS3 Boomerang Controller Debunked.

Well I made this out of frustration of people calling the PS3 controller uncomfortable. I think people simply take one look at it, think it's ugly looking and then jump to the conclusion that it will be uncomfortable to hold. I hope these people don't judge people in a similar way!

I'll admit, when I first saw this thing (which was right after watching the Sony press conference on GameSpot), I laughed. The first thing I thought was it was some kind of third party controller for the PS2. Then I went to IGN and to my horror it was real! I couldn't believe it. There are probably a lot of people out there who still get this bad reaction EVERY time they see the controller.

However, it took me a few days to understand just how comfortable the thing could be. And no, I don't even own a similar controller to understand that. Simply, I did what you see in the animated gif, I moved my hands in to the position the controller is shaped and it just felt right. Your finger tips don't bend as much as they would gripping a regular controller, everything about the design seems to make perfect sense.

I wouldn't be suprised if the designers at Sony, behind this controller, used clay or something to that effect and used it to craft it. Just dunking their hands in to it to create the most comfortable thing. I'm not exagerating, the shape does make sense it just naturally curls with the hands, heck it even makes using the R2 and L2 buttons easier.

Regardless of the names or similiarities people have used to mock it, don't let it discourage you, it will be great. However, as good as it seems, I have a funny feeling Sony probably WILL change it, which would be a shame, afterall, they still continue to display a conceptual design sign next to it at every trade show it's at, and they must have heard all the complaints people have made of it by now. If they do change it, I wouldn't mind, as at least it would shut a lot of those people up, however, I'd still like to try the 'boomerang' before they do.

And here it is:

Forgive my stupidity in comparing it to a steering wheel, I couldn't think of a better comparison at the time.

I was happy to know that it did manage to change the opinions of a few people out there, suprised too! In that respects, it probably remains one of my best Photoshop/ Image Ready created things to date.

This made it on a few game blogs out there, including joystiq:

PSP USB Right Analog

Next up, also made yesterday is a USB Right Analog Stick which is attached to the PSP via a suction cup on the bottom. It could look something like the following:

Not too many problems with this one, it's quite a feasible idea, it also looks like it wouldn't cost that much, it could be bundled with a popular game, like a future GTA for PSP, and be used from then on.

I suppose having a wire loose like that may get in the way, but it's not much of a big problem. Also the suction may raise a few eyebrows, but I believe this could work, given the PSP has a flat, glossy and smooth plastic exterior it should theoritcally stick to it quite well.

PSP Mouse / Right Analog

First up is the PSP Mouse / Right Analog thing I designed yesterday.

Basically it would be connected through the USB port, it has a built in gyroscope which can be tilted and used to control the cursor while web browsing, or even for games.

I like the design of it, I think it looks pretty sleak, I supposed it could also be connected to the remote/ headphone port, but USB is probably more responsive.

The problems with this is that it makes it hard to hold the PSP in the one hand and this in the other. My guess is you'd probably operate it while the PSP is on your lap or something. On another note, I have one of those PSP recharger grips, which looks something like this:

I suppose if you attached half of something like that to one side of the PSP, then you could be able to hold it more easier and use the mouse while standing up.

Also, it does somewhat resemble the Revolutions controller, honestly this was completely unintentional. In fact I got the idea from my gyroscpic mouse, a Gyration ultra.

Another possible problem is that, if Sony were to make something like this, it would be an additional peripheral you'd have to buy extra, if it was used exclusively for certain games, that is (like the original dual shock for playstation did). However just using it for browsing would be good.

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