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MIRACLE config for Crysis. FOUND!

So, you have an uber machine that plays all but Crysis at the performance you want and the visuals you deserve, right?


OK, Stop lying to yourself. Unless your the lucky SOB on Gametrailers, you DO NOT have quad 9800gtx2s running sli on a skulltrail, and therefore, your Crysis experience could use a little something something. ;)

I found it.

Die Uber Grafik!

Yes, the Germans brought us Crysis. They have also provided the MIRACLE Crysis config.

My friends, you can not truly comprehend how truly stunning Crysis is until you run the Benchmark and get 38 FPS average and 45 as the high. You can truly comprehend how truly stunning Crysis is until you play at very high and experience neither slow down not hiccup. You can truly comprehend how truly stunning Crysis is until YOU HAVE PLAYED THE ICE LEVEL WITH THE SAME FPS AS THE REST OF THE LEVELS...UBER HIGH.

Here are a few pics:

Download this messiah of a config here:

Download starten is to begin download.

At somepoint a pop up (in german) will ask you whether you want to back up your maps. "Yes" is preselected, so just press enter. Later on it will ask you whether you want to use a performance or quality config. I recommend Performance, but choose which ever one makes you sleep better. 8)

Enjoy! And post back here if my suggestion worked for you!

Arrived! :O


My new comp is incredible!

Here's a quick run down of benchmarks for all currently relevant games:

Unreal Tournamen 3: Never above or below 60 fps :|

John Woo Presents: Stranglehold: Never above or below 60fps

Call of Juarez DX10: 45-70 fps

Call of Duty 4: 60 even

Test Drive Unlimited: 75-110 fps

Assassin's Creed DX10: 31-70 fps

Crysis DX10: Well it's Crysis. I ran the included benchmark at Very High, no configs and got 24 average and 35 as the high.

With a custom config of my own, DX10 VH 23-56.

Please note, all "Tests" were run at 1280 by 1024 Rez (my monitors max) with all settings as high as they go, no AA except for Assassin's Creed (Multisampling=3), Test Drive Unlimited (4X), and COD4 (4x).


I love my comp!

We Need YOU!

Hey, guys!

I was asked by my mod leaded to spread the word.

We are an up and coming mod team for the hit PC game, Crysis. We have already attracted a lot of attention and have been mentioned as a mod to watch for on such sites as Crymod and Crysis-online. Our leaded, Taowolf51, is well known for his custom config, and has even been referenced in the American PC Gamer Magazine!

We are the Wolfpack. Our mod is The Creation.

You can look us up at through these different links: ... 44#p352944

Want to help?

We are currently a few coders short. LUA, XML, whatever you can do.

Please let me know in this thread, and apply at our team's forums found through this URL:

Many thanks in advance!


Well, I have done the do. I ordered my new computer from Vigor Gaming this moring.

Here's what I got:

AMD X4 9850 Phenom black Edition @2.5 per core

9800gtx Xtreme Plus Edition @750 mhz

2 gigs of ram

160gb hard drive

Some 790x MOBO (phenom compatible)

Can't wait till it gets here.

Just to put this in perspective, I am currently playing/watching slideshows :P on a Pentium D Dual core 2.66 with a x1950pro 256.

This is a major step up for me.

Can you say, "Welcome to the world of next gen gaming!" ?


Awesome story, my friends and fellow gamespotters!

At college today, I noticed a used book sale on my way to Spanish. I made a bee-line and started perusing the well-thumbed tomes. As with many used book sales, more than half of the selection was romance. I guess this is a good thing if you like that type of book, but I am willing to bet a great deal that all of these were donated by the same person... Anyway, I am poking around, and out of the corner of my eye I see a Hellknight. Fear not, readers, this was not the real, towering beast, rather, it was on the cover of Doom3! I snatched my find up and quickly pried open the jewel case. Inside, were three discs and the little paper with the keyboard key. Cautiously and fearing the worst, I popped out one of the discs, and scanned the back. Deep gashes? Toothpaste? Some unknown substance? NO! Pristine. Untarnished. All three discs had similar traits. I proceeded to the cash taker and inquired in voice that barely hid my excitement "How much for this one?"

"One dollar."


Happy dance!

Doom 3 for a dollar!


You'll find me, friends, purging hell.

!!!!! :p

First off, big shout out to all my buddies including:



The Mad Viper



Hope you guys are well.

Second, I was just accepted/taken on as a dialogue writer for a major mod for Crysis. Find out more at

Half Way through the semester...


I am pretty sure I just aced my final for Computer Literacy. (It's an eight week course.) A wholly unnecessary class. Not to toodle my own horn, but...yeah...been working with computers for quite some time now. I got all the class work/home work done in the forst 2 weeks.


Games wise, I want Far Cry 2. Really want it. On top of that, I think I will be buying a new computer soon. I've been scoping Cyberpower, and so far, they have the best prices for the parts I want.

For 935, I acn get

AMD 9600 Phenom quad core

Nvidia 8800gt 512

2 gig of DDR2 ram

160gb hard drive

cooler master case

extra case fans


800 watt power supply

neon lighting (not sure waht for, but it's only 12 bucks :P )

I can't wait.

Schrondinger out.

1 week with me nano...

So, I have had my third generation iPod nano for about a week now. So far I only have a few things to say against it.

One (and this is nothing original): the back is scratch-tastic. I had to plunk down another 27$ to get a new case. It was necessary---for the first three days, I was afraid to use the thing for fear that i would break it.

Two: Well, actually, the first thing was it. :)

Now, on to the things that make it so great!

First, I feel obligated by the vision of pure beauty in my pocket ( :| ) to put in another plug as to how aesthetically pleasing this little device is. The screen is perfect, bright, and rivals screens 10 times its size in picture clarity. On top of that, the nano is of miniscule proportion, effectively bunching bliss into small packaging. Yay!

I especially like the ease with which I can interact with the UI. This is my first ipod, but not my first mp3 player, and let me just say that finding your tunes or a specific setting is a cinch.

The games that came packaged with the nano are entertaing as well, but when I have some time, I am definitely going to load up Peggle. :D

Well, that's about it.

Games wise, I tried out the demo for The Club, was not at all interested in what I saw and quickly uninstalled it. I am really at a loss here. I have no I dea how I am gonna get my gaming fix in the coming weeks. I can keep playing UT3 (no problem, let me assure you) but I really wany something new. I enjoyed the mechanics of The Club, but the delivery was meh, and I think that it would have been an awesome free-roamer, rather than a glorified version of Dead Man Walking in Max Payne.

Hmm, I really think I just want Just Cause 2...

Schrondinger out.

First Post!

Well, I got the new (old now, i guess :P ) Ipod Nano 3rd generation. I figured that this was a great reason to get into the blogosphere here on gamespot.

The screen, as you may have heard by now, is second to none. This is my first ipod, but I can base my opinion on using friend's and relative's. It is 2 inches across and takes up more than half of the surface area of the face. So cool!

In all honesty, though, I didn't buy the ipod for the 'tunes. I already have a fabulous mp3 player. I actually bought this little fella for the movie capability. Hope that wasn't a spoiler for y'all. Indeed, the new nano plays movies.

And, friends, you haven't taken a squat unless you've taken a squat watching a movie on your ipod. :twisted:

Schrondinger out.