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The ShootumUP26 Review Syllabus

Hello everyone! As you can all see I am back and swinging on the good ol Our soapbox team is back up and I could not be anymore happy to hear such news. Expect me to post a lot more editorials, well mostly editorials, and some goofy updates to fill you in on my eventful life. For now I will fill you in a little bit of my life. I have literally just been going to concerts and playing video games, honestly that is it. BIG NEWS, in my life is that I am preparing myself for college! I have begun applying to schools and I hope to be attending Bowling Green University next fall as a Falcon! I am entering their Journalism program and I hope I can expand my literary knowledge and AP writing skills and write on the topic of Video Games as a free-lancer or a staff writer for Gamespot itself! That is honestly my only dream to be apart of the staff.

But now back to my blog! This is on how I review games, seeing as I am now going to be reviewing more games as well, its time I set the foundation for how I review. I have realized how important scores are to people and it is quite sad. They believe any game that gets a 6.5/10 is atrocious when really that is above average? Here is my syllabus and my standards for how I review games because honestly it is nothing how many people do.

1-3 Scores: Abysmal/Terrible/Why would you make this?

Sometimes games just go wrong, either the developer messed up or the Publisher pushed to hard to have a game be created and that lead to a medicore title. But sometimes games are just so bad you wonder why they even made it, that is what my scored games 1-3 represent. Almost laughable, these games are the worst of the worst. I would not even wipe my backside with the discs they are on. Lackluster gameplay, no story, linear and all around half-assed.

3-5: Bad/Lackluster/Very Unpolished:

Now lets get this out of the way, games rated 3-5 are bad, but that does not mean they are not playable. These are games I would still play and possible enjoy slightly, but as a game, it is just not up to the average par. Games like Duke Nukem Forever, I gave it a 4.5/10. I actually enjoyed it, amazing huh? But lets be honest, that game was terrible as a whole. Its how the gameplay adds up, the story, its ambitions before its released and its hype. The aesthetics of the game need to be good and frankly, these games do not reach the bar.

6-7: Good/Worth a Look/Fun

A game to be in this category is good, these games are your Wow this looks good! I will get it off Gamefly! kind of games. They are worth the look and ultimately pretty good games. They display decent gameplay, sometimes a good to phenomenal story and have the core mechanics of a good game. These games are average to slightly above average and generally symbolize a good game. Any game in this rating zone (in my opinion) should be honored.

8-9: Great/Fantastic/Worth Every Penny/DO NOT MISS DEEZ FRAGGIN GAMES!
To some 8 ratings are really not that good and 9 is the best, for me that is not the case. I think any game that reaches this rating is amazing, it is not easy for a game to hit my 8-9 mark at all. These games have near perfect gameplay, fantastic stories and solid core mechanics that games need to be successful. Many games get put in this category for professional reviewers which in my opinion makes these magazines and sites unprofessional as they hand them out like plastic trophies at a Rec Center baseball league. I treat games in this rating category as Gold Medalists and ultimately give these games heavy praise. Most of my favorite games are in this Category.

10: Perfect...there is nothing else to say.

Tens are rare, they are the rarest of all ratings I give. To earn a 10 you do not simply have to be good or great and just breeze in for a ten, no, you need to be flawless. Games that earn tens from me have flawless gameplay and I mean very very very very little to no hiccups, decent to great graphics, a good story to a phenomenal one and it needs to be overall created with flair and imagination. I have only had two games fall in this category ever and even then that is a lot of games. I DO NOT GIVE THESE OUT OFTEN AT ALL.


There you have it! Now remember these guidelines when reading my reviews ;)


Buy it or Don't: DLC


Thanks to for the photo

Browsing Gamespot there has been one topic that I have consistently seen in comments, blog posts and even in webisode specials produced by Gamespot themselves. This topic is Downloadable Content and quite frankly I am amazed at how heated the discussions have gotten. Downloadable Content or DLC, as most gamers refer to it, is an add-on or extra meat added to any given game. Sounds awesome on paper, but then throw in the fact most DLC cost quite a lot of money for sometimes so little content. But what DLC breaks down too is this, do not buy it if you do not want it.

Many gamers argue that Hey! We want the full game! Why couldn't you just add all this DLC content on with the original release version of the game?. Of course I paraphrased that from a compilation of comments and blog posts I have seen, but still, this is a common and similar idea to the opinions I see. DLC is not supposed to be on the full game, thats the point. DLC is meant to enhance and lengthen your time with a game, not make you feel gypped. Many developers work hard trying to give you more, and sometimes many DLC take a lot of time to create, showing that some dedication is involved.

I spent multiple hours playing Fallout 3 when it first came out. I found myself mesmerized by the vast landscapes and hooked on the fantastic gameplay that included the famous V.A.T.S. system. When the game ended and I watched the credits roll, a sense of disappointment and thrill overcame me. I was finally done, I had done it. But deep down I was craving more, I wanted more story, more characters, more weapons, new environments and most importantly; more stuff to kill. My wishes were granted, via a genie nicknamed DLC. Bethesda released five of these DLCs, each with its own flare, challenges and extra goodies for me to enjoy. Of course some were better than the others, but still, I had the chance to download more and enjoy more of this game I already had 125 hours devoted too. I downloaded every single one and spent a hefty price on each. I was a satisfied customer and I got my fill. I was grateful that Bethesda took the time to create more content. I did not have to buy the DLC, but I did anyway.

Now, you reading this may assume I love DLC and think its a flawless system, but its not. Not all DLC are perfect and many are very sloppy and horribly produced. Sometimes a company wants to make a quick buck and milk the cow dry. Sometimes developers milk the cow so dry it dies all together. Luckily for some games, they have enough milk in them to stay afloat. DLC can also be released to save a horrible game. Seriously, whose idea was it too release DLC for Duke Nukem Forever? Also pricing of some of these DLCs are outrageous. In todays gaming world multiplayer is all the rage and is enjoyed by millions of new coming gamers across the world. With online multiplayer, many Devs release maps and map packs giving you more to enjoy online. I remember playing counter strike and Halo, we got free map-packs, a little gift from the devs for we gamers so we could stay hooked on their title. Nowadays games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are charging anywhere from $10-$20 american dollars for map packs. Its not to say that the maps aren't good, its just that its amazing that they would charge so much for such little things. I am a victim of this. I adored Call of Duty Black Ops it was the only COD game I truly enjoyed and I purchased every single map pack and even the solo Zombie pack. I felt happy, but my wallet did not.

DLC is here to stay, they are not leaving anytime soon. In a world now where technology and connectivity, companies can consistently pump out new updates, improvements and content, DLC will continue to thrive and be put out to the public. Do not get mad that they charge you, its a capitalistic society we live in, you need to make money to create things, they cannot be handed to you. If you want to expand your time with a game, buy the DLC they offer. If you do not want to spend the money, then don't, just be happy with what you played. How do you feel about DLC? Agree with me? Disagree with me? Kind of agree with me? Or just think I am an incompetent fool with no intelligence? Leave your comments below or talk to me on the Twitterzone @mattilasucks , I love feedback


El Updateo

Hey guys! Long time no blog eh? I have honestly missed the old blog. But I am back for a quick little post to inform my still faithful followers on what I have been up to. Honestly I haave been up to a lot. Working at a Bagel store which is fun and pays my expenses, soccer which is kicking my arse, partying which is always good but I will get to that in a minute, gaming which I always do and preparing for school which is sadly right around the corner. Which honestly scares me because it is my senior year of high school. It amazes me how fast the times are going by. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman and scared out of my mind about all the responsibiities that were about to head my way. But I got over it and now I am Senior and one that is the typical "Dazed and Confused" hazing, punk kind of Senior's. Its my last year, why not be a jerk to freshman?

But to the work part of my life, its going pretty well. Nothing much I can say about that. I slice bagels which is tedious and sometimes annoying, but it is such a simple job that I really should not complain. I honestly feel like the main protaginist of Office Space, I would rather do labor like I did just last night actually. I tore up linoleoum floors, knocked out walls and used my hands and felt sweat. It felt great as a little side job, I went home satisified and tired like a real man. Do I want to do that for the rest of my life? No. But as a side job through high school and college yes.

To the soccer part of my life, I could care less. It is my senior year and not good enough to play in college. I am good, yes, but to the caliber of American colleges I just do not compete. But none the less I will still give my all for my team on the Varsity squad. I owe my school that.

Partying now, it has got out of hand for someone who is only 17 at the moment. By out of hand I mean that I am loving this summer partying haha. It is the highlight of my summer, not always drinking to get drunk, but to have fun with drinking games. Our group of friends is so different form the norm its comical. My group of friends and myself all maintain 3.8 or above school averages, play sports, hold jobs and do not have criminal records. For the school partyers we are quite the odd group. But I love my friends to death and we like to have fun, not a problem if you ask me.

But to that whole 17 thing, its amazing to know I have almost been here 5 years now, I will be 18 in a month and everything is feeling weird. I am almost to adulthood and it scares, but it is a good scare. I realize, kind of, what I want to do with my life. Government work or journalism. Also i want to backpack and hike in the national parks, I promised myself I would eventually and I will. Its my dream. Luckily I am close to the Appaclihian (I am aware I spelled that wrong, I am to lazy for spellcheck) Mountians which are 4 hours away. AND SPEAKING OF THE SOUTH!

I have begun planning my trip to Virginia next summer for a little "Congrats Grad!" kind of trip for me and my friends who will always have been through their first year of college. But the main reason I am going down there is to see my friend @tntkng. My very frist follower on gamespot and ultimately my best friend through a pen pal kind of system. I love the guy and enough so to drive all the way down to finally shake is damn hand. Prepare Mike, it will most likely be one of the best times of our younger lives. I look foward to it.

But to my gaming! I have been playing a lot of Sims 3, Skyrim and now this game I just picked up for $40:


Most annoying Box-art ever.

YES! One of the best Games of the Year last year and I got it for only $40. OF course if you any of you remember talking to me recently my Batman file was corrupted earlier this year so I threw in the towel and left the game for dead. But I said "NO!" my favorite super hero must be played. So I went hard and got the Supreme package deal with all the DLC's for free, well sort of. It was the best pick up I had in awhile and I cannot wait to play it when I get back from Florida, which I leave for Friday.

But there you go guys! A little update, take care and live on.


E3's Top 6 of Show (In my Opinion, Of Course) Part 1.

LOOK WHO IS BACK! He is handsome, funny, a gamer nerd and a party animal who always loses his pants at parties. His name is Ryan and he quite happy to be back on his weekly gaming blog. Due to my exit from school for the summer I am now going to be blogging exceedingly more than I have been. With work, partying, out with my buds and romancing the women I have become pretty slacky when it comes to blogging. But with my new found freedom and 1000% increase in cash-flow I am now on my gaming "grind" as the kids say.

It is honestly a great time to be back considering that E3 just happened! Every gamers favorite time of the year, especially mine as I have been drooling over these games all week long! Today I am going to go over my top 5 for this year! These 4 games and one DLC (oh no I just spoiled what one of the games is...if you even have a clue about modern gaming you know what DLC I am talking about) have taken my gaming heart and wallet as I plan to pre-order and put money away for these specific titles. How about we dive into it ladies and gentlemen?


The Tomb Raider franchise has been a big influence on my gaming life. Lara was my first adventure game protagonist to grace my new PS1 console, she affected my 9 year old hormones like no other and most importantly she showed me just how cool it could be to be a big breasted adventurous princess of sorts. And lucky for my gaming pleasures (and hormonal ones as well) Lara is back again and this time in a survival type fashion. From all of the videos I have viewed and all of the articles I have read, the game play is looking simply fantastic. This new Tomb Raider plans to do things never seen in games before.

Cinematic camera angles affect the gameplay in ways that I cannot even explain. It gives me a sense of urgency and awe when I play and also makes me feel like I am playing something bigger than just a linear video game. The scale and detail into this game is amazing and is honestly one of the better looking games of all of E3. With the purchase of my new 35" Inch Plasma screen I am getting later this year, the combination will be fantastic and ultimately insure me wetting my under garments somehow.

The gameplay itself is just amazing, from action and survival to complete realism; Tomb Raider makes you feel like there is a natural urgency of survival and a thirst for the explosion of gunpowder. The survival aspect of this game is, in itself, a whole new aspect for me as a gamer. You will have to hunt animals for food, build fires when it is raining and/or nightfall is coming and bandage injuries and actually face the consequence of there affect on your body. The gameplay looks frantic, real and almost saddening as it seems the new beautiful Lara is always in pain and scared, but that just adds to the realism and inexperience of this young Lara.

Tomb Raider may or may not be good, but as of now I have my chips on the table that it will be a Good or potentially Great action adventure title.


Medal of Honor, again, has been a franchise that has affected my gaming life in so many ways. It was my first favorite gaming series as its titles took place during a wartime period in history I was specifically in love with when I was kid and still today; the WWII period of American history. Its authentic feel, great storylines and advanced graphics for its time made it something of FPS bliss for my 11 year old gaming fingers. The most recent MOH that displayed modern type warfare, was decent, but overall a big disappointment for me. I had high hopes for it and was convinced that it would DESTROY the years Call of Duty, it is almost hilarious how wrong I was. That COD title it was up against being Black Ops and still to date Black Ops is my favorite COD game and one of my favorite shooters ever as I purchased all DLC and even some Xbox Avy's, yes I know, the Irony in that.

But with this new MOH title, I have hope, but not too much as I do not want to high of hopes seeing as Black Ops II is coming out the same year, again, yes irony yet again.

I have hope for this new title simply because of the Frostbite 2 engine and the fixes, EA has made from the first modern MOH title. As I have noticed there is no more, "STOP FIRING AT ME" kind of talk when accidental friendly fire happens and also the graphics have been exceedingly improved, due in BIG PART to the Frostbite 2 Engine that made Battlefield 3 the graphic gem it has become. The game is simply stunning and left me giggling with joy as rockets blew apart a building that shady realistic graphics made me feel like I really was apart a of a Seal Team assault on a middle eastern faction (sorry my middle eastern followers, no racism intended). Honestly I am quite excited to see this game in its full glory on my new television later this year.

MOH Warfighter's gameplay itself is exceedingly better than the first modern MOH's simply because of the authentic weapons, feel of the soldier's tone and demeanor and the new "Breach Mode' which is one of the coolest game features I have ever seen. You can breach rooms many different ways whether it be an explosive, simply kicking the door down or shooting down the door. Once the door is breached a slow motion shootout happens ( a gaming cliche to say the least) and tabs show up showing how many enemies are in the room and displays how exactly you terminated their puny lives, whether it be a double tap, simple headshot or a noob style chest shot. Not only is that Breach Mode sweet, the frantic "bullet flying" action in it makes the gameplay frantic and exhilarating to play.

I have hope that Warfighter will be great, but I will not aim to high...I definitely do not want another upset.


If there is any Sony exclusive game franchise I like, it is LBP. I have spent countless hours playing LBP and LBP2, creating level's, perfecting story mode levels and simply laughing my behind off at its witty humor and solid yet simplistic gameplay that has captivated millions including myself. LBP is one of the game franchises' that just makes one simply proud to own a Playstation as it is a complete shame Xbox only owners cannot experience it. My love for LBP will continue and flourish with their new Karting game.

At first I was thinking to myself "A Kart game? You *bleeping* serious right now?" But as soon as a trailer came out and E3 demo's and features were shown, my feelings shifted COMPLETELY as now I am desperately waiting for its arrival. The cute and sharp graphics have returned, the irresistibly adorable sackboy, the witty humor and creation tools are all back and done so by the team behind ModNation Racers, the best Kart game to come out in years. That itself, has secured my high hopes for its success.

Creating my own characters, karts, tracks and even weapons have me completely excited and hopeful that it is just as great as it looks. Being goofy with my little brother and racing around, to seriously trying to woop Donkey against my gamer peers, this new Kart game will captivate my PS3 time indefinitely.


What are your favorites? Your Opinion on my favorites so far? Your opinions on my return? Whatever works, just let me know! It's good to be back, I hope to talk to you all soon.


Picked up Some Great Products!

Hello my fellow blogging nerd friends, what is going on? Other than me being an ass and leaving for so long and not telling you guys what has been up with me; how have you been!? Working at a Bagel Shop, school, part-time college (i am still only 17 and attending high school) and partying my way to a bad liver, have, of recent, drained me and left me tired and not playing as much video games as I used to. BUT THAT IS ALL CHANGING! I picked up some good gaming supplies and plan to indulge in my favorite past time, playing video games. Along with video games I picked up some music and an amazing pair of kicks. But first off the video games are the most important part, one of these games is easily going to break the 1,000 hour mark for me (again kind of);

Sims 3 (PC....yes PC)

So many faces, so many hours of making sure they poop and shower.

The sims is my second favorite video games franchise of all time (if you can not guess the first then do not track my on here anymore) and needless to say, I NEEDED this game. Yes, needed, and why you may ask? Because I simply must have a fix of the Sims. There is just something about its simplicity and "real to life" (literally) gameplay that is so addictive and entertaining to me. Seldom do i ever purchase computer games, but there is no other way to fully appreciate a Sims game than when it is on a PC. Honestly the best $30 I will ever spend on one of my paychecks.

This other game is not exactly the greatest game in the world, but its action and relation to a story I really enjoy makes it worth the $10 I purchased it for.

Dantes Inferno (Xbox 360)

Kick-*** dudes do not wear shirts...duh?

Okay so you must be thinking, "why doesnt he just get god of war 3?" or "wow you really do not know good games when you see them". My response to those possibly questions you have is....I do not care. I wanted this game because of its hack and slash properties, interesting story and atmosphere and of course, it is made by Visceral! C'mon the creators of Dead space could not have done that bad :P.

Now to my music! You all know I am an odd future freak, I have been since 2008 with Tyler the Creator album "Bastard" I have been an OF listener since the begining and will till life. This album was pre-ordered 7 days in advance and for good reason...well because I am a freak.

OF Tape Vol. 2


There are only two words to describe the OF tape vol. 2 and that is, "f***** good". It is easily Odd Futures best complilation and one that will not fade away from the music scene anytime soon. As surprising as it sounds, OF is growing up; punching women and rape to now ballads, money and still drugs, they are showing signs of aging and that is a good thing. From the still eerie but fantastic "Analog 2" to Hodgey and Tylers absolutely flawless "P" VOl 2. delivers and delivers in a way that is not even explainable.

Album Rating: A.

And now to my shoes, they are nice shoes...and I love them.

NO I AM NOT A HIPSTER maybe I am a hipster...who cares.

Well take care fellas (not a drake reference)! Hope you are all enjoying life. If you wish to contact me tweet me or message me!

-Ryan 8)

My Top Ten Games of 2011 Part. 1

2011 was a very turbulent and exciting year, from numerous game announcements to some of the most expansive games we have ever seen, 2011 did indeed satisfy my gaming sweet tooth with spectacular games. There were many games I enjoyed this year, but these 10 stood out in the pack, winning my heart as the best games of the year.

10- Portal 2 (Best Puzzle Game of 2011)

Even though puzzle games have never really been my cup of tea, Portal has always been the exception. Stay Alive on my PC made me actaully think in a game and use my brain (which sadly I do not use a lot..I tease I tease) and with the announcement of Portal 2 I could not help but get it. When April rolled around, so did my car (roll up that is) to my local Gamestop and buy Portal 2 for a mere $40 on sale. Its new additions to the original formula, hilarious commentary and excellent level design instantly had me captivated in puzzle filled bliss. Portal 2 is easily the best puzzle game I have ever played and absolutely stands tall amongst the best games of the year.

9- Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (Best Online Multiplayer)

As much negativity as Call of Duty receives, it is still a thriving and very much alive franchise. And why most ask? Simply because COD is an absolute joy to play. From extremely short and intense campaigns to addictive and always fun multiplayer matches Call of Duty delivers. MW3 is no exception, it came and it kicked ***, literally as (SPOILER) you kicked that bastard Makarov down a window and killed him. The conclusion to one of my favorite shooter story lines has come to an end, I am satisfied yet saddened by the fact it is all over. Along with a fantastic campaign, its mutliplayer is what really blew me away. Everything about the multiplayer is better and playing with buddies has not been any better. MW3 devilers, do not listen to all of us bickering video game critics who hate it for its mainstream "cash-cow" mystique, it is a fantastic game and one you must play.

8- LittleBigPlanet 2 (Best Platformer)

LBP2 does the unthinkable, it makes a visually attractive game actually play well and takes user created content and puts it to the extreme. Never before has a gamer had the power to actually create his own game within a game within a game within a game...(I think you get where I am going with this). Not only that but Media Molecule actually makes an amazing story mode along with the brilliant user content based online play. I have spent numerous hours playing user created games like basketball, an actual mario remake, shooters, COD like AC-130 missions, zelda knock offs, an actual RPG...yes an RPG and blitz football Sack Boy **** Your imagination is the limit with LBP2 and that is exactly what makes it so brilliant.

7- L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire is not simply a game, it is also a cinematic breakthrough. Never before have we seen such motion capturing (well Avatar defeinitly beats it) in anything. Real actors actually...well acting throughout the game gave you a real sense that you were apart of this world. Though it was slightly brought down with repetitive missions and silly chase sequences, LA Noire still delivered and did so with cinematic gusto. LA Noire entertains you and absorbs your whole imaginiation.


Yes Friends I am indeed back! The blogging shall now begin as I have just purchased my own desktop for my bedroom! So lets get the ball rolling and I shall continue with this on Thursday ;)


The Ultimate Update., what is going on Gamespot world!? You may, to this point, think I am dead. Well that is not the case! Life has absorbed every second of my time, by that I mean school, parties and of course video game playing. I am sorry I have barely been posting, my will to blog was lost when life started throwing obstacles at me like; job searching, school work, the high school parties, friends, doing family chores and just so so much. I really wish I could Blog more, but sometimes life just gets in the way and I cannot help but forget about little hobbies I once had. I do truly miss you guys, hell I miss the way everything used to be on this site. Every body commenting on each others posts and Unions flourishing with silly antics and conversation. Now Gamespot has become deceased to me. But besides that fact I just wanted to throw a giant update into your faces of what music I have been listening to, food I have been eatingand of course what Video Games I have been recently playing! So lets skip right on to it.

Well nevermind my mother is booting me off...soooo yeah. *middle finger is in the air*


Rapture: A Bioshock Novel Review

John Shirley delivers in this perfect representation of the Bioshock world into novel form.

It is well known that I am the Bioshock freak, I am such an intense fan that next year a quote from the video game will be tattooed onto my stomach region. Both titles in the Bioshock series have affected my life in many ways; from an entertainment aspect and also from a moral aspect. The art of altruism was introduced to me and ever since my beliefs have been placed within myself, the man, and not so much religion. Two years back i was told there was going to be a Bioshock novel and instantly my anticipation was starting its foundation. I went onto the famous to look to see if it was real, seeing as they have previews and pre-orders for all entertainment like products, and indeed Rapture: A Bioshock Novel was a product you could pre-order. I instantly gathered up some money, put it away in my safety box (which happens to be the Butterfly hand box that came with the special editon of Bioshock 2) and eageraly awaited its arrival. Later last year my waiting had ended as John Shirley released this masterpiece of video game storytelling.

The novel instantly hits you with how Rapture came to be, a slight backround of Andrew Ryan and constant references to characters you cross and hear of in the video game. Every person that I heard speak when I picked up audio-logs in Rapture on my TV screen were mentioned in the novel, which made me smile with nerdy excitement.

The third-person writing and structure of the novel, is awesome and is indeed a good write, so in essence youre not buying this novel just for the name. Shirley really did his research and Im guessing played the game as every detail and name was used perfectly. The backround of finding out how Frank Fontaine came to be Frank Fontaine had my jaw dropped with curiousity and learning the backround of how every I saw on the TV screen was created via this hardcover novel. Its a world of wonder and "Oh so thats whys that is like that" as you constantly are bringing up that statement and always wondering even more. Seeing how each character found their way to Rapture is also amazing. But the real intrigue comes from the middle to the end of the novel.

From the civil war to Jack Ryan landing and fighting his way to his pre-determind destiny, the story of big daddy's, little sisters, how splicers became, the economy and how much Rapture thrived, and the creation of Jack Ryan as well. This novel answers the questions you accumlated while playing that were never answered. As a fan I felt like I was in a whole nother world where I felt like I was apart of this underwater utopia.

If you love or even like Bioshock and wish to know more, this novel is reading perfection, I plan to pick this novel up again and read it soon. Its just that good of a book..

Rating: A+