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ShogoHiryu Blog

Whoa Nelly!

So it's been over a month since my last post, and I haven't been very active lately either......sorry all. I guess I've been totally absorbed in my Xbox 360. I'n the meantime I've played through GOW CO-OP again and GRAW 1 and 2. I've also picked up Forza 2 and Halo 2. Man I"ve been spending a lot of time with the box......not so bad though. Ok, hope to have another video upo at some point, but for now, catch you later.


Not your NES Contra!

Downloaded Geo Wars, Double Dragon and Contra. Double Dragon is SUPER HARD. Thank goodness for countless continues. Geo Wars I've played before, cool game. Contra I thought I knew, but it turns out.....not so much. Playing the demo I caught on pretty quick that this was a bit different, but wow....that is not the Contra I remember. Guess thats the arcade version. Anyway, having played through the NES version a bunch and getting kind of good at it I felt this would be worth a go. So after playing this for a while, and getting used to the Xbox controller, I was finally able to **BRAGGING WARNING** Beat it in 12 minutes or less and unlock a few achievements along the way, although I didn't really time myself so I dunno how difficult it actually is to do....But it did feel good. Ok, just felt I need to post that. Catch you later.

Through Lost Planet in One Sitting

So I started Lost Planet on Hard......Was going about a mission a day. So I started over again on Normal (Really Wanted that Worm Hunter Achievement)......played through the game in one sitting. Started about 4am on Sat, ended about 1-1:30pm Sat. Great Game!

Xbox 360 Elite!

So I finally jumped into the Xbox world with an ELITE! Yeah Baby! So far I gotta saw it's awesome! More on this later perhaps.

Been a little while

So it's been a little while since I've posted anything, but a lot has happened in terms of videogames. In the time since my last post, I've managed to play through:

Yoshi's Island DS (Not sure If I've Mentioned this before.)

Zelda: Twilight Princess

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

God of War II

I haven't unlocked every single bit of each game, but I feel like I've def played enough of them for a while. I'm a bit of a marathon game player, so when I start a game I usually play all the way through the story / campaign, spending long hours on end (sometimes 8+ hours in a single session of playing) till it's done. Anyway, I hope to have a little video montage (Inspired by WhiteCloud954's) to go along with this post soon. Later.

Finally Finished Final Fantasy XII

So I finally put FFXII to rest on the shelf. Here's a bit of ramble about my experiance with the game. It's a wee bit long (I don't know when to shut up) so feel free to skip around.


Finally A New Game!

I picked up FFXII from a local gamestop the other. Pretty much had to get the collecter's edition since thats the only one they'd sell me. Not sure if that's cause I didn't pre-order. Anyway the game is awesome, and I kinda wound up playing it a lot this weekend. Also, I'm watching the Firefly seires on dvd that I borrowed from a friend. Figured it'd be best to finish the series before checking out the movie. Pretty cool show to say the least. Last but but not least of things to mention on this blog I'm thinking of setting up a Gamefly account. Anyone got any thoughts on that? Ok later.

Wow it's been a while!

Been a while since I've posted anything. Figured I'd put something up here just in case someone stumbles upon my page. So yeah, things have been pretty much just going. Not really going great, not going bad, but just kinda going. I've been playing a TON of WOW lately, finally got my horse. In fact WOW is pretty much the only game I've been playing recently, but in an attempt to do more game related things, I think I'm going to attempt making a mod. I might try doing a Warcraft 3 mod. If anyone have any suggestions or comments please let me know as this will be my first attempt at making a vidoegame mod. Thnx. Catch You Later. -Chris
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