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I just had the Crunkest Pep-Rally today at school!!!

1st when the school settled down, the band played as the seniors did the Senior Walk, while the sexy ass cheerleaders did they thang.

Then the Step Team came out and got the school crunk, it was this one girl on there i know stepping her ass off.

After that the cheerleaders set up the mats for them to cheer on. while they were setting up, me & my friends started chanting "07" then the rest of the Juniors started chanting. Then the Senior started chanting "06", then the sophomores "08" then freshman "09". the administrators couldnt keep us in control, but they finally, our principal got on the bullhorn and told us to chill because the cheerleaders were ready. Again the sexy ass cheerleaders did they thang. As part of their cheer, they asked "Do the Freshman run this mutha" and the freshman cheered and stuff, they did the same for the rest of the school, of course the seniors were the loudest. 

After that the football team came out as the assistant principal gave them recognition. Then the band took center stage and played and got crunk along w/ the whole school.

Then the bell rang but the band continued to play and everybody got down from the bleachers and started getting crunk in the middle of the gym. It was like a big party. I know a lot of people missed the bus.

My brother is coming back from Arizona to Atlanta on Saturday.

He lives in Arizona with his girlfriend & son. His girlfriend is in the army & her army base is in Arizona. The last time i saw them was July 2004 & my nephew was 8 months. Now my brother & my nephew are coming back home tomorrow, but his girlfriend is coming in April, then getting shipped to Iraq for year. That sux, she can't see her son for a year.

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