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This is for people who own a PSP...

Does downloading songs to my PSP from my PC cost anything?? Because, I was thinking, why would I want an IPod when I can get a PSP which can also play music, and so much more. Dont forget the question:wink:

DS /Xbox360

I was just thinking. "What am I gonna ask for christmas?" And then two choices came up: DS, Xbox360. First I tought. Hey a handheld or a system, so I said the xbox 360 of coarse. But today my friend let me use his DS. Its so awesome, he let me play the metroid game And now I want the DS instead. I guess you should play it before judging, huh?  What do you guys think??

I guess...

My favorite Anime ... Naruto of course, I guess thats bye bye for DBZ huh? Too Bad