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Spring break ROCKS!!!!!!

Spring break is the bomb. I can sleep in. watch cartoons and do whatever ... ALL DAY LONG! But not to day cause its raining.(d*m it). but I can still sit inside and be online so its all koo. How is every one elses spring breaks going?

Hey You!!!!

Mega64 Rocks. I f you havent seen any of there videos then go to you tube and search Mega64 or A3.

- Sharingon67


I finally got my banner up and I think it is the bomd tell me if you like it or not. dont be to harsh. Iff you want to tell me hoy to make it better then feel free.


Whoa am I tired!

The other day when i was watching Prince Of Tenis i got all fired up to go play some tenis. So i did. this guy had me running like acrazy dog with diareaha. so now ime so worn out all my strength is being put into this posting. (just kiddin) tell me what you thinkn of tennis or whatever else is on your mind.

Ps . also leave comment on my last blog. i NEED your help.


Yes its true.......... Im a Puma.

Just kiddin . Im testing your skills so you can become the best steet fighter. HIIIII YAaaaaaaaaaa. Ya 8) Ive figured out that gamespot is the bomb. Iff you agre leave a comment that says it is. NOW. (or later i dont kur)

Yah yah woooo

I dont no wat to say, so I have been dancing around my house. My freinds birthday is soon so I dont no what to getb him Any Ideas????? so life is pretty normal for now not much funny stuff to say. tell me wat you think. Ya8)