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I have found a Wii. I Have not posted this becousse Ive been playing it nonstop since I got it. Wiis Are SO AWSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Freaken hek (for lak of better words)

this mornig I checked my email and ther was a message from my dad. It said that he was going to be in iraq  for three more months than the army had originaly said he would be there.THAT SUX.  I dont know why the army just suddenly exstinded all of the soildeirs. I HATE HE F****** ARMY.

PS. on the up side of things he is going to get a raise for staying longer

thanks for reading


Yep THis week is Almost over

THis week has been crazy.

1st: My mom is angryyy becouse my grades are dieng so she said if I could gett all A's then I get 50 bucks (pray for a miricle)

2nd: thers a new girl at my sckool who hang out with one of my freinds. Its annoying becouse she thinks Im an emo kid, which I am the exact opposite of.

3rd: Why are all the girls at my sckool always so sad. Its weird.

4th: this fat kid at my school  is making me SO ANGRYY. IT MAKES ME WANT TO CHOKE THE LIFE OUT OF HIM!!!!

5th: Some of the people I hqnd around are acten sort of funny around me. Like girls I barly know just coming up and talking to me.

6th: My band Is AWSM We made the top contest score and got put in the paper. And then we were asked to play a half time show for some sort of foot ball thing. Whichb whould also be real coo.

But Its all Good...


Happy......Merry Easter

Just want to say Happy Easter before I gerge myself with kandy and chocolate and then pass out. (If your jewish hope you have a good passover) yea. Have a good day


Stolen shoes, and other stuff that happens to me.

Ther is this girl at sckool who keeps stealing my how WEIRD IS THAT,

Also Even though my freind wont Admit it He needs help on trying to get A girl to like him (even though shes waay out of his leage) shaun,cauf couf

I m aalso trying to decide if I like this one girl or not. Life is akward

Thank you for reading this please leave a comment.


Its alright

Just the other day I went to see TMNT. I know what some of you are thinking but it was actualy a GREAT movie. Any one who saw the cartoon when they were younger NEEDS to see this movie. I give it a 4 1/2 out of five.

Also YAAAAAAAAAAAA my dad is home.

Also NOT YAAA People keep bringing up the time I got dump VERY brutaly and now Im feeling it all over again. *sigh*

Life is crazy but you got to just keep going...................