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My CHristmas

was great

i got...

Raving Rabbids2

mario galaxy

Wii Zapper

lego star wars the complete saga

and lots of money/giftcards

it was great

I was dissapointed with Rabbids becouse it only took me 2 hours to finish the entire game

Mario Galaxy is verry awsm i am 2 mega stars away from beating the game

i got half way through "links crossbow training" and then i was like "Skrew this im playin mario".

i havent started playing legostarwars yett but i plan to soon.

well that was my christmas

I HaVE SLAIN THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Am SO MEga proud of myself

I beat Guitar HEROlll!!!!!!!! YES!!

I also played through the dragon force song and it wasquite a worthy oponent but i still killed it

in other not so happy news i am ghoing to be th fith wheel forever....:(

becouse my friend always have sombody to... be with

but im just buddies with every one and not loved...(sort of like feste from 12th night(reading it for my English class)

yea it really stinks

so i guess ile just look out for my one and only someone...


Ninjas or Pirates????

The Battle between the Ninjas or Pirates has lasted for centuries

It even is going on as we speach

so i wouldlike every ones point of view on the matter

who should come out on top!!!!!!!!!

DAnG IT :(

I bought guatar hero III but after aa few minutes of playing it my Wii like Broke. So I called the NINTINDO HELP HOTLINE and they set me up for a repear. So I have a barly played guitar hero III and a broken Wii. its boredom time

AUTOBOTs..........MOVE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to see transformers , it was really good

My grandparents finally left this morning so its been reel not crazyy:P


but the mesages ask if you can hang out on tues day so tell me soon

I got my skate board fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA here comes the fun