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I forgot this space existed

So to those still following me on GS I'll give you some updates.

Well things have been up and down, but the cool things is I'm finishing up college soon so that's cool. I have a lot of my DA projects updated over on deviant art. Other then boredom is still abound and still single... so I'm doing a lot of nerd things...:P

Anyone else if much more interesting news then mine XD

Art of Designing

The new project I got today was is a challenging yet interesting one. We have to tell a story with only text visual. That means we have to use design principles to create a visually appealing picture of only text that tells a story.

Well my life is boring a bit. Haven't talked to anyone on GS for awhile so my apologies for that. I manage to get my hands on CS3 this week and soon i'm hoping to buy a laptop for school. So hows the GSers been?

Company logo and more.

Well I've been working on my logo, but I think I have a concept I really like, i'll put it up when I'm done with it, but until then heres a sig to hold you over.

Its not bad I must say. Krieg is one of my better ones.

No i'm not dead

Just busy and same old same old. Trying to get a job.... still.... sigh.

Got done playing the darkness and overlord, my reviews for each are at Omni's site or soon will be.

/Short blog over

And then there was 2

Well my first year in college is coming to a close next week. Next Monday and Wednesday are my last 2 days of freshman year. Next year I finally get some computer time and don't have to focus so much on the drawing aspect. (While I still will be drawing out thumbs) It exciting I guess.

Over the summer I plan on getting a job, which is proving way more difficult then it should be because I haven't received a call back yet. Then I also want to finish getting my Driver's License, so far I have my permit and have been practicing, which is proven to be a little rough.

My last thing on my to-do list is to spend more time with my friend Rachael who I don't get to see very often sense I graduated from High School.

Other then that, long time no see, how are my spotter friends. I've grown pretty tired of Off Topic now. Its lost its nostalgia and Roll Call is eh sense it grows way to freaking fast. I'm a busy man I can't keep up.

Holy Crap..... again!

 Well as it turns out this week was a interesting week. Besides me being my lazy old self I spent Monday getting my driver's permit...... for the second time. My first attempt I passed, but was lazy and never went in for the drivers test. Regardless I hope to go all the way this time and stop taking the cursed bus.

 I am excited to start building my credit report too so I can get the better loans for junk I need. I just hope I don't mess it up and blow it on my first try. I dought that will happen considering I'm a smart spender.

Tuesday I believe I got my next issue of game informer and i'm happy to say there where some up comming games that excite the hell out of me. The biggest being square-enix's Last Rement (looks like a rip off of lost oddesy). But from the screens i've seen it looks like it could be a game of the year in the making. However, seeing as its square and lately they tend to boutch up everything they do I'm not getting over excited.

I'll keep this short and sweet because well i'm out of random crap..... so banana to you!

A long.... yet fun week indeed.

Well for my last 5 weeks in class we have it easy. I only 2 days week instead of 4 and so far man it has its ups and downs. We started Storyboards this week and we have a lot of work to do at home which is a major down, but in the end I think I like it.

Its been long week for me, mainly one of boredum. I want to get a job, but its takening forever. I also plan on getting my lisence.... but I'm being lazy, maybe next week I'll get up and get things done.

Marry weekend fellow foruminites.